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    Chapter One: Only You Can Choose Your Destiny

    In this world, there are many mysteries that are intertwined. It’s just up to us to untangle them. As the narrator, I believe that I am obligated to tell you about this mystery. This mystery goes deeper into the heart of all things in this world. There is one region that is shrouded in many mysteries. The region’s name is called the Zento Region. It is prosperous in new technology. In fact, the Zento region is in the geographical center of the world. It is the crossroads for all of the cultures and wildlife in the world. Yes, all of the Pokémon in this region are a combination of the other regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. You could say that this region is the ‘Melting Pot’ of the Pokémon world.

    In the Zento Region, there is a little town called Brooden Town. In this town, there lives a boy. It is the eve of his 10th birthday and right now he is nestled in his bed. And right before every trainer begins their journey, they dream about where they are going or what they are going to do. It’s only natural for this to happen. However, there was one dream that seemed…..unnatural…….

    It was pitch black. There was no lights, no sounds, no…nothing. All there was was a boy about 10. He lay there in this darkness. It was so dark, you wouldn’t even know if he was laying on the ground or not, it was almost like he was just there.

    He opened his eyes and darted up straight up. He stood up and looked around.
    “Hello?” He asked. He looked down. He was wearing a green shirt with a yellow stripe going across the chest, jean shorts and sneakers. He felt his head. His brown hair was spiked and his red cap sat upon his head.

    “Hello?” The boy asked again. He looked around and fog began to roll in. Yet, there was still no noise. “Is somebody there?”
    Again, there was no response.

    The boy looked around again and began walking. The fog thickened so much that now you couldn’t even see his own hand. In fact, he couldn’t even see the pitch black darkness beyond it. Instead of black, he saw white.

    An image shimmered into place. It was a picture of him standing in front of a giant skyscraper. On the front of the building was a circle with a red rose, its stem wrapped around a Pokéball. The image faded away.
    Another image appeared this one of a boy, whose expression showed sheer terror. He wore a blue t-shirt and green pants and had black hair. The boy in the picture stood there, eyes bulging. The image faded away again.
    Then a third image appeared, this one of a hooded figure. You could not make out the face, for the hood was too low. A pale hand was lifted into the air and a single red rose was grasped in between the white fingers.
    The image, once again, faded. The fog thickened again and the boy gasped as he suddenly felt a presence.

    “Who are you?” A voice boomed.
    The boy jumped. “U-u-u” He stammered.
    “ANSWER ME!” The voice boomed I’m again.
    “I-I-I’m Colton.” He stumbled and fell backwards.
    “Colton.” The voice said, surprisingly calm. The voice itself was hard to figure out. It sounded neither male nor female. It was…somewhere in between. “So you have appeared.
    “Appeared?” The boy asked. “What do you mean? What were those pictures-wait, how do you know me?.”
    “I know you, but you don’t know me.” The voice said. Suddenly the fog disappeared and a single, glowing, white orb was hovering over Colton’s head.

    “What the….” Colton said in amazement. “Who are you?”
    “Only time can give you that answer.” The orb said. “Eventually, you may find me. Only you can choose your own destiny. If you choose the right destiny, you will find me. If not, you won’t. It’s as simple as that.”
    Colton sat there, stunned. “What do you mean?”
    “Like I said, time will give you that answer.” The orb shimmered and disappeared for a split second, and then it reappeared.
    “They found me.” The voice muttered.
    “Who found you?” Colton asked.
    “Listen, I don’t have much time, so here it goes. You are the chosen one, the one who will save this world from chaos and destruction. Only you can stop this.”
    “Stop chaos? I’m not exactly the best person for the job. I don’t even know how to swim.” Colton confessed.
    “So, swimming has nothing to do with saving the world. It’s only a matter of time before….things happen.” The orb said.
    “Things? What things? Answer me!” Colton shouted.
    “Sorry, there’s not much more I can tell you.” The orb said. “For now you must begin your journey. The destiny that you choose will decide the fate of the world.”
    “And how do I choose my destiny?” Colton asked.
    “Just follow your heart.” The orb shimmered away and the darkness turned into a bright light.

    Colton darted up, breathing heavy. The clock read 9:00 am. Colton sighed in relief and got out of bed.

    See, unnatural, isn’t it? That is how this mystery starts, this weird dream. Well, it’s more like a premonition. Well, you’re probably filled with many questions right now. I know that Colton is too. Like the orb said, only time will give you the answers. For now, let’s start the story, as our young friend has just awoken and will begin the voyage that will decide the fate of our world….

    Chapter Two: Beyond the Borders
    Coming soon
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