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    To Arceus With Puns

    Welcome to "To Arceus With Puns", an RP by me, Tomandgreen. The idea started in the PC Chatroom, when me, ZebraikKnight, and Awesome. all jokingly made a bunch of puns about pokemon. I realised that I could use our little pun game for the base of an RP, and the other two agreed. So here we are, ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime! Are you in? Then read on dear adventurer, read on.

    The Story

    It all started one day, not too long ago, on top of Mt. Coronet. A hard-working hiker named Danny was about to fulfill his quest. With the Azure Flute in hand, he played the sacred melody. A golden staircase suddenly appeared, glowing with shimmering light. Hiker Danny nervously started ascending the heavenly staircase, when something spoke. It didn't speak with sound, rather, it spoke telepathically. It was not happy.
    "Who dares disturb me from my peaceful slumber?" All of a sudden, Danny went blind.
    "Ahhh! What's wrong with my eyes???"
    "You have not earned the right to see God himself! My visions seem to suggest you have come here out of mere selfishness! How dare you humans pride yourself over ME! Your RULER! I must regain my hold over mankind! I curse ye, and all ye bretheren to a fate worse than death.... you shall suffer the wrath of the pun!"
    "Wwwww-hat? Help me! Heeeelllllpppp meeeeeeeeee..........."
    "Danny, danny, danny, I will let you get the easy way out. Good-bye and good ridance. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

    The Azure Flute was lost, Arceus was sealed away once again, and the human race was cursed, but not all hope was lost....

    The Rules

    All good RPs need rules, and so here they are, in all their bulleted glory:
    - No God-Moding, Bunnying, or Instant-Hits
    - You can not be invincible, everybody has their downfall sooner or later.
    - This RP is for teens, so some minor romance scenes are fine with me, but don't take it any farther than a kiss or a romantic embrace.
    - Please don't complain, whine, or be rude. That's for trolls and ogres.
    - Please, if you want to discuss our RP out of character, visit our ooc thread in the RP lounge.
    - Be active. If you sign up, I excpect you to participate in the RP at least once every 3 days.
    - If you need an extended leave, we can fit it into the RP. PM me if this is the case.
    - The gimic of this RP is the pun-curse. It also fuels the goal of to finding Arceus. As such, there is a required 2 puns per entry, plus an extra pun for every 25 words you type over 100.
    - I, being the GM, must verify all Gym Challenges, Captures, and general Important Stuff before you post it in your entry.
    - Legendary Pokemon will apear, but the catching or beating of them will be difficult and probably not allowed by me.
    - Have fun. That's what this is mainly about, right? :)

    The Application

    The minimum character limit is 300, and of course there is no max. Please be as detailed, creative, and unique as possible. Also, your character must be found in-game where the RP is set at the time of application. If the character has no name in the game, you make make a well-fitting name to be known by.

    [B ]Name of Character:[/B]
    [B ]Gender:[/B]
    [B ]Trainer Class:[/B]
    [B ]Pokemon at Hand:[/B]
    [B ]Personality:[/B]
    [B ]Reason for joining our quest:[/B]
    [B ]Additional Info:[/B]

    The Players

    Tomandgreen as Youngster Joey
    Kate the Rattata Lvl. 6 (Female)

    ZebraikKnight as Aide Benjamin
    None are known at the moment!

    Awesome. as PokeMart Clerk Jonathan
    None are known at the moment!

    What Has Happened...

    Joey has come from Johto with a parcel from Prof. Elm to Prof. Oak, but Oak has disappeared! At the Lab, an Aide named Ben has offered to accompany Joey, but he has a different idea in mind: Steal the parcel, return it to Oak, and gain some Brownie Points. As they make their way out to route 1, they find Jon, a PokeMart Employee stationed to give out free-bies. The only problem? Nobody has talked to him in months. He is so bored, he decides to join the crew in an attempt to lighten up his life. What will happen next?

    Name of Character: Joey
    Gender: Male
    Trainer Class: Youngster
    Pokemon at Hand: Kate the Rattata, Lvl. 6
    Personality: Joey is very naive, thus, he makes lot's of mistakes in battle and is always learning new skills. He is joyful, excited, and loves to brag about his "Top Percentage" Rattata. He would never hurt his pokemon friends, and as such, the idea of TR is appalling to him. He has a sense of humor, which is lucky, as when you are cursed with puns, that is a must. He is never without his PokeGear.
    Reason for joining our quest: Prof. Elm, the famed researcher who discovered the baby forms of many pokemon, and about pokemon eggs, had recently made a brand new discovery: Certain sounds can trigger certain behaviors in pokemon, and could possibly even make them evolve! The details of his discovery were sourounded in secrecy, and a package detailing the specifics was handed to Joey, for Prof. Oak, another famous researcher. Joey took up the mission, but when he finally got to the Pallet Lab, he found it empty.... well, mostly empty. There was one Aide, who was just as confused as Joey himself. They decided to band together, and head to Viridian to see if anybody over there knew Oak's where-abouts.
    Additional Info: Joey has short, brown hair, likes wearing shorts, and is very athletic. He is 12 years old, and he is fairly attractive. He is moderately intelligent, and does not like to use slang like Yo, or Wazzup. He has a major crush on DJ Mary, and secretly hopes that Prof. Oak is in Goldenrod recording his Talkshow, just so he can meet her. He is bad at fishing, OK at biking, and great at running. He prefers Normal-Types over the other, more complicated ones, and his only fear is fear itself... and Gyarados. When Joey was little, he was almost eaten whole by one!
    Not as cool as myself, but almost there.
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