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Journy to the Distortion World [SU/OOC]

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Old September 5th, 2011 (5:00 AM).
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Journey to the Distortion World
Sign Up and OOC
Rated T
The Pokemon world couldn’t survive without its counter part, the Distortion World. The alternate universe in which time stands still and the laws of physics are broken. Without the Distortion World, the Pokemon universe would slowly fall into darkness before it is totally destroyed. There hadn’t been a disturbance between the two parallel universes in years. No one would have ever thought Giratina would cause another problem again. But all of that changed a few days ago.

You were just a normal teenager having what seemed to be a normal day. You were doing your daily routine when suddenly; a black and purple cyclone emerged atop Mt. Coronet. You and your community gather to discuss the shadow storm and to everyone’s surprise, people are missing, including someone who is very close to you.

Each city and town in Sinnoh has decided to send out their best Pokemon trainers to retrieve the missing people. But you can’t wait that long, for you worry about the person you were close with too much.

You decide to go on a teen chat room about the cyclone and that’s were you, along with 7 others, come to the decision of meeting in Veilstone City and venturing into the dark abyss in search for the loved one you lost. The secret way into the Distortion World lies in Turnback Cave. This will be the test of your life, are you ready.

-Follow PC’s RPing Rules
-This RP is rated T for language, violence, blood and romance

Sign Up
Age (14-17):
Hometown (Must be in Sinnoh):
Appearance (Pictures allowed):

Person of interest (The person you’re going after):

Pokemon (Allowed 2-3, Weaker Pokemon)
Pokemon 1
Nickname (Optional):
Moves (4):

Pokemon 2
Nickname (Optional):
Moves (4):

Pokemon 3
Nickname (Optional):
Moves (4):

My Sign Up
Name: Kyle
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Hometown: Celestic Town
Personality: Kyle is next to fearless, or so it seems. Everyone around him seems to think he has no fear. Realistically, he does have a fear of fear itself. Even though his fear haunts him, he beats it down in order to do what he pleases. He is very protective of the ones he loves and will do anything in order to protect, save or help them. He does however, have a tendency to get angry quiet easily. If some one makes him angry, he’ll lose control and become a whole different person. Even with his good heart, he has a certain disregard for the rules. He will break they rules if he needs to, but only if it was helping the greater good.
History: Kyle was born and raised in Celestic Town. He grew up with the stories about Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. His parents were the guards of the ruins that lied within the town. They swore there lives protecting those relics. But when a remaining group of Team Plasma operatives tried to steal the relics, his parents attempted to stop them but was killed in the process. Kyle then went to live with his grandparents in the same town. While living with his grandparents, he met his crush Zoë. Her dirty blonde hair with blonde streaks and tan skin swept Kyle off of his feet. The two were friends and Zoë had o idea about Kyle’s feelings. Everything seemed normal until the day the dark cyclone appeared over Mt Coronet. Kyle was doing his daily farm work when it appeared. A town meeting was called and the community met to discuss its meaning. The town was missing some people, Kyle knew all of them. But when he noticed Zoë wasn’t there, it was time for Kyle to take action. The town was sending in there best trainers to retrieve the missing people. Kyle wasn’t selected so he went home and opened up a teen chat room, there he met 7 kids who wanted to go into the darkness as well. So Kyle told them that they should all meet him in Veilstone City. He packed his bag, grabbed his three Pokemon and ventured to Veilstone to meet his rescue team.

Person of interest: Zoë
Relationship: Crush

Pokemon 1
Species: Torchic
Moves (4): Ember, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Peck

Pokemon 2
Species: Natu
Moves (4): Peck, Future Sight, Teleport, Confuse Ray

Pokemon 3
Species: Misdreavus
Moves (4): Perish Song, Shadow Ball, Power Gem, Ominous Wind
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