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Old September 19th, 2011 (7:43 PM). Edited September 22nd, 2011 by Skymin.
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    I do have a banner for this Rp, but... I'm noobin hard on this forum (which is weird cause its so big) Anyways, when I make those difficult 15 or so posts I'll edit this.


    The city of Terebith is under attack by forces of darkness. These forces hail from a land to the north, a land of ice and snow. Orcs, goblins, trolls, giants, undead all march upon the City of Tides to enslave its people, bring it under their control. You, hero/ine, will be thrust a preliminary attack by those forces, during the Festival of Lights. You will be selected by a council of war, as part of a small band of heroes, to infiltrate the land of ice and snow and destroy the King of the Ice Giants (Rashikus, pronounced Ra-shee-cus) who has united the dark forces under his magical crown of influence. However someone is manipulating him from the shadows, only time will tell who it is.
    Your quest will take you over mountain ranges, through dark caves, haunted mansions, abandoned and active battlefields. You may find love, loss and a friendship all at the end of a blade.

    Ok so this will be a GUIDED RP which means you can't do anything that you want. You must follow SOME guidelines. You will generally be free to do as you please, as long as you do these things:

    -Become part of the party of heroes destined to fight against Rashikus (Somehow get an invite to see the council of war, and volunteer)
    -Make your way through the land to kill Rashikus.

    Wow, that was hard. I'm having cold sweats.

    I will be controlling Rashikus and the man in the shadows.

    ~No God-Modding
    ~4 Line minimum for posting. I want this to be awesome, not wimpy.
    ~2 character limit
    ~Follow my guidelines for races
    ~Rating is 16+
    ~If you have a question, pm me about it
    ~Standard PC RP rules apply

    The City of Terabith (setting)

    The city of Terabith is like Venice except without it sinking constantly. It borders the sea and a mountain range, however nestled against the coastline it has very fertile soil. Terabith has enjoyed a large amount of prosperity in recent years, what was once a city of Dragons has increased to include all races. As immigration increased, the differences between standards of living increased as well, and a caste system developed. Terabith is called the City of Tides, because part of the city is underwater with houses and tunnels. connecting them to the above water parts of the city. Coincidentally, where someone lives in Terabith is a indication of what caste they are. Working class is underwater, admits filth and crime. Merchant class resides at water level, and the nobles reside in their mansions, towering over the populace.


    All races besides Humans can only use one type of magic, which is predetermined before birth. Magic is taught to select few of every race, except for Avions who all know magic (except for the males). But obviously no matter race you are, you will know magic.

    Fire allows the caster to repair their weapons, use fire in battle, provide light in dark places and a immunity to extreme amount of heat. Pheonix's are able to heal injuries with fire. Graah are able to breath fire and coat their entire body with it when threatened.
    Water allows the caster to blend into their surroundings, use water in battle, walk on water, an immunity to cold, and use ice (sparingly) Herons are able to use bodies of water as divining instruments. Dragons can breath underwater.
    Earth allows the caster to control sand/rock/dirt/mud, mold it into weapons (with blades), burrow underground for a short periods of time. Humans can use earth magic to grow plants. Dragons and Graah can become stone for periods of time.
    Air allows the caster to use air in battle, float for short periods of time and silent ones footsteps. Air is the most powerful magic in battle, beating all other types of magic in pure strength. Avions can use air to heal injuries.
    Lighting allows the user to use lightning in battle, teleport short distances 5 times a day, and allows the user to operate firearms. Dragons can cover themselves in lighting.
    White tailed Lithes can use light magic to heal injuries, create illusions with light, grow plants, and use light as pure energy in battle. Light is the weakest offensively (impossible to kill someone with JUST light magic). Defensively it is the strongest next to air.
    Red tailed Lithes use this magic for invisibility, illusions using darkness, battle (weak during the day, strong at night, as powerful as air) and to enchant weapons with different elements. Dark magic allows the user to fool with the dreams of an individual as well.


    Graah are the horned race, they are characteristically a brunt and anti social people, whose peticular physical rituals confuse and astound other races. As a whole, they are working class, with very few nobles. Higher class Graah stud and plant rings around their ivory tusk/horns. Graah males are at least 7 feet in height and can weigh up to 400 pounds in pure muscle, females are slim tight figures reach up to 6 feet in height. Graah can carry up to 5 times their own body weight, and their own skin is like plate mail. Females have horns, males have tusks. Graah have an extraordinarily sense of smell, but are color blind.

    Magic available: Fire or earth


    Avion are the winged race, they look like humans but with wings. They are characteristically noble/merchant, absolutely no working class. They are a female dominated society, the males are only viewed as breeding stock. As such their demographic is 85% female 15% male. Almost all Avions can fly, with the exception to the peacock Avion. Their wings are a testament to their class in society.

    Hawk, Falcon, and Raven wings are for merchant class.
    (Magic available, water, air and lightning)

    Heron, Phoenix, Swan and Peacock wings are for noble classes.

    Heron/Swan can use water air and lighting
    Phoenix can use ONLY fire
    Peacock can only use air or lightning. (Peacocks that can use air magic can fly)

    Note: If you want to be a male Avion, You will have no magic, as females do not teach males magic.


    Dragons are a mystical race. They look like ordinary humans, but on some part of their body they have scales. Their scales are proportionate to the dragon's life span (17 years of age = 17 scales) The colour of the dragon's scales is a indication of what magic it has. (Fire=red, water=blue, Lighting=green,Air= white, Earth=Orange)
    Dragons are the leaders of the city of Terabith. Their natural wisdom and connection with nature has earned them high favour with the populace. They are prominent in all castes with in the city.

    Dragons are able to use all 5 types of magic.


    Lithet are humans with 1, 2 or 3 fox tails, which are either red or white. They also have fox ears instead of human ears. Lithet are jokers, they are carefree and curious. They are also the fastest race, while sprinting a Lithet can reach up to 40 miles an hour. Lithet can grow up to five feet in height. Unlike the other races, they can use only light or dark magic. Within the city of Terabith, they are of all classes, flitting about in the slums, selling merchandise or walking among the palisades in the upper city, Lithet are seen everywhere. In combat Lithet are the weakest, they must use their minds to overcome opponents. Lithet can also turn into red or white foxes depending on the color of tail and ears they have.

    Available magic: Light (white tails) dark (red tails)


    Humans are working or merchant class. What makes humans unique is that they can use two types of magic. Humans as a whole are not that spectacular, besides their affluence for magic. In the city of Terabith, they are uncommon, only seen rarely amongst the enormous populations of other races.

    Available Magic: Earth Air Water Fire

    Sign Up Form:
    Race: (+ Wing type for Avions)
    Backstory: Optional but appreciated

    Boss Form
    (If you want to make a boss, make sure to pm me this form, then I will approve or deny it, then spawn the boss in our next post)
    Type: Just a general classification
    Size and stuff: How tall is it? what colour is it? Etc etc.
    Description Abilities? Anything you don't feel fits into size and stuff should go here
    Magic: N/A if it has no magic
    Weapon(s): Claws? Sword? Teeth?
    Place in Rashikus's army: N/A if it doesn't apply
    Key Terms

    Serpent Grass: Slither,Snakes Nest goes by many names, a drug used by the working classes. Smoked. Relaxant.

    Emperor Taichys (pronouced Tie-kis): Dragon, rumored to be over 400 years old. Ruler of Terabith, uses air magic, only goes in public when concealed by a curtain.

    Kookla: Slang for brother, used by Graah and Humans.

    Teracon: Insult used by Avion on non Avions. Roughly translated means, bug or worm

    Blood pact: When magic is strengthened by two users of the same element touching some fashion.


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      I like the idea. What do you mean by "to enchant weapons with different elements"? If It goes anywhere I would like to be part of this, so here is my SU:

      Veth Aerugos

      Race: Lithet
      Gender: Male
      Age: 17
      Caste: Working
      Magic: Dark

      Description: Veth is a young lithet with two red tails. He is kind andcares deeply for family and friends. He is also very loyal and honest. However, he is quite short tempered and impatient, and can easily be distracted. Veth is content with his life in the working class, and likes his job as a blacksmith. He knows plenty of Graahs, other Lithes, and even personally knows a few humans in the shop. The owner is a kind but strict Graah, and is watchful of Veth as he is young and can be playful. Veth wishes he could replace his father, but he has yet to develop the talents his father possessed.

      Weapon: Knives

      Veth has worked in the underwater blacksmith shop since his father passed away when Veth was 12. Veth's father, Zell Aerugos was a strong warrior even recognized by the counsel of war, had died in a battle that he had not gotten a chance to desribe to his family. When Zell was alive, the Aerugos's lives in a fine, small house at sea level, but soon the family ran out of money without anyone working, and they were pushed underwater. Although Veth and Zell didn't have a very strong father-son bond, Veth misses and hopes to live up to him. He doesn't have the power of his father, so Veth felt he had no choice but to work for money for his family. He lives with his mother and younger sister in a small apartment not far from the blacksmith. Although he is content with his life, Veth wished it could be the life of a hero like his father.
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