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Old September 20th, 2011 (2:22 PM). Edited October 7th, 2011 by Blue Rose.
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Welcome to Terra! Known as the center of the world, Terra is a bit of hot pot of many ideals and cultures of many regions that have migrated to it. It has a wide variety of attractions such as the yearly Pokemon League, the "twin mountains" Mt. Luna and Mt. Sola, Pokemon Contests all throughout its cities, and the beautiful Tinima Islands (home of the wonderful Tinima Resort, the Grande Terra Pokemon Contest, and the Tinima Pokemon Race). Pokemon of all types have been brought raised here over time, so now you can find almost any Pokemon in Terra.

But besides the abundance of beautiful lands and wide variety of Pokemon, a mysterious group known as Team Morph has been seen lurking around in the shadows, behind the scenes No one is really sure about their motives, other than that they claim to “want to eliminate the gap that separates humans and Pokemon” whatever that means. But other than capturing large amounts of Pokemon and transporting them on to ships, they haven’t done much…but rumors are circling around that those Pokemon are later experimented on…but those are just rumors…right?

Will you, a trainer of Terra, whether a newbie fresh from the Eggshell Pokemon School, or an advanced trainer starting a new journey in a different region, accept the bizarre goals and ideals of Team Morph or cling to the comfort of your way of life as it is now? The answer to that is up to you. Regardless, Terra welcomes you on a fantastic journey of adventure, friendship, and, of course, Pokemon!



Everybody loses, so don't have a cat over it if you do.

This isn’t a romance based rp, but romance is allowed. Knowing that, I am allowing homosexual and heterosexual relationships.

RPers can have an unlimited amount of trainers, but make sure you can handle them. RPers are allowed one gym leader and one elite four/champion each. Of course, I’m allowing an exception for me because I’m the GM and because one of my gym leaders is heavily plot based while the other is just for fun.

Legendaries are not allowed as capturable Pokemon, unless they are small ones such as Manaphy, Phione, Celebi, Shaymin, etc. (But no Victini, cause that's going to be involved in the plot...but you can catch it then if you want to.) That being said, I don’t want a billion of them. Let’s try to avoid them altogether. There are over 400 Pokemon; I know we can come up with alternatives.

Gym Leaders are allowed to roam around the region and don't have to stay in their gym's city. But, they must come to their Gym ASAP when a trainer is ready to challenge them. You can either have a bird Pokemon in party or you can use the local Pokecenter’s Dragonite Taxi Service (more info on that in the OCC/Sign up thread).

Newbie trainers who are graduates of the Eggshell Pokemon School have to start from scratch. They are given one Pokemon as their starter (doesn't have to be an actual starter like Bulbasaur, but keep it fairly weak and don't give your character something like a Tyranitar, please) and given one egg to hatch. If RPers want to have their egg as a total surprise for both them and their character, I can assign you one (just tell me). If you want to plan it for yourself, that's fine too. For the eggs, they don’t have to be baby Pokémon (such as Pichu, Smoochum, Happiny, etc.) but no Tyranitars. Seriously.

Not all trainers have to be Eggshell graduates, that is just fun for those who want to start off their adventure straight from scratch and feel special. And I wanted to use the concept of a town covered in Pokemon eggs. Herp derp.

A and Team Morph are the antagonist of this RP. They are much like Team Rocket, Team Magma/Aqua, Team Galactica, and Team Plasma. More information will be known and released about them as time goes on and their plans unfold.

Six Pokémon per trainer, at the most.

For Gym Leaders, you must at least have 3-6 Pokémon that are of your gym's type. Three for the partner gyms, six for the single gyms.

If a second part of a gym is not taken, that’s okay. That just means that the first half will be the only one giving out gym badges, but if somebody takes up that other half later on, those collecting gym badges will need to go back and battle that other half when the time comes around.

For the sake of fun and nobody getting lonely, I’d really like it if characters of the Terra region travelled in packs of 2 at the least, 4 at the most. Of course, antagonist characters are the exception to this.

Certain role spots are going to require some information from me. These are: the Ghost Gym Leader, the Psychic Gym Leader, the Dragon Gym Leader, the Ice Gym Leader, and the two Team Morph Executive spots.

Characters can have Pokemon from all regions, no restrictions as far as that goes.

There are battle/leveling up rules, make sure to follow them. They will be posted in the OCC/Sign Up/Discussion thread.

I expect you guys to do your homework when it comes to move selection. They can change as the rpg goes along, of course, and I’m not going to check any of the moves you choose, but I’m going to suspect something is up if an Onyx knows water gun or something ridiculous like that.

I want the gender ratio to be even in this rpg, especially when it comes to the limited spots (Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion, etc.).

I will allow reservations, but if you don't submit your character within a week, I will restart your reservation and will hand it to someone else.

This rp is rated 14+ for dark themes, mentions of Pokemon experimentation, human experimentation, mentions of death, and the fact that the seperation between Pokemon and humans are going to be severed, but it'll be treated lightly.

More rules will appear when needed. Keep an eye out for them, but I will make an announcement of it in the OCC thread.



~NOTE~: All reservations requests must be made via PM.

Gym Leader (Bug & Poison): Reserved for Blue Rose, Open
Gym Leader (Flying): Open
Gym Leader (Dark): Open
Gym Leader (Psychic & Ghost): Reserved for linksonick, Reserved for Xlugon Pyro
Gym Leader (Steel): Reserved for Yagerbomb
Gym Leader (Dragon & Ice): Reserved for Raikiri, Reserved for StarshipAwsome
Gym Leader (Rock & Ground): Open, Open
Gym Leader (Fighting & Normal): Reserved for Blue Rose, Open

Elite Four (Grass): Open
Elite Four (Fire): Reserved for Elite Killer
Elite Four (Water): Reserved for Raikiri
Elite Four (Electric): Open
Champion: Reserved for Yagerbomb


Team Morph Boss: Reserved for Blue Rose
Team Morph Female Executive: Open*
Team Morph Male Executive: Reserved for Raikiri


Eggshell Graduate #1: Reserved for Blue Rose (Female)
Eggshell Graduate #2: Open, Female
Eggshell Graduate #3: Reserved for Yagerbomb
Eggshell Graduate #4: Reserved for Jay2322

* : Means you must be prepared for background information regarding the position and stuff that your character is going to be involved with. Before I can accept any character, I must tell you some stuff regarding your position as Gym Leader/TM Executive as your character will be involved in the plot.




None yet. Will post them here once I've finished making my own and accepted others.


G.M.'S. N.O.T.E.S.

PLEASE. DO. NOT. POST. HERE. Post in the OOC/SU Thread which is here.

In order to start, we need the positions of Female Team Morph Executive, Flying Gym Leader, Dark Gym Leader, Rock or Ground Gym Leader, Grass Elite Four, and Electric Elite Four taken.
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Old September 22nd, 2011 (6:30 PM). Edited September 23rd, 2011 by Blue Rose.
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EDIT: Gonna use this post later to start the rp. Until the Sign up/OOC thread is created, please PM me your reservations.
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