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    Welcome to the IC thread for “The Deliverance of a Region” RP . If you are new please visit the OOC/SU thread, where you can find SU forms, the rules and a bit of background detail on the setting of this RP.

    Trinuania Region Amateur Pokémon League

    Welcome young sir/madame to your guide for beginner trainers in the Trinuania region. This year’s Pokémon league will officially open on the 1st of September in the city of Adamsferry. We hope to see all the contestants entering the league this year there for the opening event, but before you can begin your journey you must enter your registration to the Pokémon league.

    On your Journey you will have to collect eight stamps on your licence in order to finally compete in the Pokémon league. Each stamp is gained by beating a gym leader in one of the cities of Trinuania and they should be collected in order. All competitors should have their stamps before the beginning of June, if they wish to continue in the competition. The tournament will run through most of June.

    Going on an adventure tends to be quite expensive which is why many trainer decide to put off their adventures until after they have managed to save a sufficient amount of money, many trainers even continue to work while on their journey to help towards living costs. When battling trainers should decide the amount at stake before the battle, only fight trainers that use guaranteed trainer account system as it is the only way to ensure that you will receive your reward after the battle. Businesses are always interested in sponsoring young trainers, you will more than likely be offered a sponsorship deal if you do well in your gym battles. Sponsorship in the Pokémon league is unique to the Trinuania region.

    There is a group within the Trinuania region that goes by the name of Deliverance, they incite civil unrest amongst trainers and are involved in many crimes throughout the region, and their motives remain unknown. All trainers are advised to stay away from Deliverance and their supporters and upon finding any information contact the local law enforcement authority. We urge trainers not to attempt vigilante style policing against members of Deliverance as they are extremely dangerous. Other criminal gangs operate in the region they should also be avoided.

    Cities and Gyms

    Owenswood is the first milestone on your journey, it is the regions smallest city. It is surrounded by open farm land and woodland and sits in the bottom of a valley, with a river running through it. The pace of life in Owenswood is fairly slow compared with the rest of the region, making it an excellent place to get to grips with a new Pokémon. Owenswood is the hub of the regions Pokémon breeding program, with several ranches and multiple reserves in the area and there are many shops selling essential items for new trainers at discounted prices.

    The second stop on your tour of the region will be the bustling city of Pittsford. Settled between the coast and the mountains it is a medium sized coastal city, filled with cafés, shopping centres, restaurants and parks. This is an ideal city for trainers to stop off on their journey and earn some extra money. The mountain, forests and coasts nearby provide excellent opportunity for trainers to add to their teams and the first stamp is available from the cities gym. To receive your first stamp you must beat the hard working Leo Hilton and his sturdy rock Pokémon.

    The next call on your adventure is the large city of Elmworth. The sprawling city is the centre of the regions financial sector, most of the top banks here their regional departmental offices here. The city consists mainly of skyscrapers, amongst this urban jungle lies a place of relative solitude, a garden of peace and relaxation, the Elmworth gym. Emily Daniels and her grass Pokémon run the gym and look after the gardens.

    Then back to Adamsferry the centre of the transport network for the Trinuania region. Where you will fight Naomi Grant, a water type specialist. While in Adamsferry why not take the time to go on a day trip to the safari island, where trainers can catch Pokémon from a wide range of habitats. From here you will catch a ferry to Havenstead.

    Havenstead is the entertainment capital of Trinuania, it has casinos, night clubs and bars, open all night. These however are not what most trainers visit Havenstead for, they visit to beat Michael Jennings and gain their fourth stamp. The challenge set a Jennings gym is unlike any other in the Pokémon world and trainers from all regions travel to fight him every year.

    Middlechester is your next port of call, it has two districts Old Middlechester and New Middlechester. The heart of all industry in the region sits in Old Middlechester, with many factories making a wide range of goods. New Middlechester is a city in the making, half complete it is currently on its way to becoming a thriving metropolis. Under construction in the city is a new stadium which is currently due for completion two years from now. Jacob Savage runs the local gym and his steel Pokémon will present a challenge to even the strongest of trainers.

    Next to Hartville where you will fight Rebecca Holder the electric type specialist. Hartville is the home of most the research facilities in the region and produces many technological innovations each year.

    Your second to last gym battle is in Rosemore city the regions capital. Here you will battle George Austin a user of the ghost type. This historic city has many museums and library’s to visit, recommended for trainer is the “Musée d'histoire Pokémon”, which contains one of the best collections of Pokémon fossils in the world.

    Finally on to Fortburg the media city, this is the place where you will battle Lee Miller and Josette Stevens for your last stamp, prepare yourself for a harsh battle. If you are luck your battle may even be aired on the upcoming trainer show.

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