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The Three Energies [T] (IC)

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Old October 24th, 2011 (3:13 PM).
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    Welcome to the Land of Kore!

    The Current Setting is in the medium-sized Primal Empire city of Lindos. There, two ambassadors from both sides, escorted by guards, arrive for talks about possible peace. The talks, needless to say, did not end well. The result of which was the murder of the ambassador of the Primal Kingdom, followed soon after by the murder of the ambassador of the First Republic. The guards were quickly ambushed, and the entire town was in an uproar.


    FirstRepublic: For whatever reason led you to this point in your life (you can include that in your post), you are, or I should say were, apart of the guards for the ambassador of the FirstRepublic. When he died, and dozens of troops attacked you, you scurried out and are now holed up in a warehouse, where you erected an Energy barrier that is keeping them out, for now. There are four of you now left (the four FirstRepublic RPers). You must try to work with the other three strangers with you and escape Lindos quickly. Time is not on your side as more soldiers pour into the city, various with Energy abilities, determined to capture you, dead or alive.

    Primal Empire: As was reported, peace talks between the FirstRepublic and the Primal Empire have collapsed. Both ambassadors are dead, and the remaining FirstRepublic warriors are holed up in a warehouse, protected by what appears to be a powerful Energy barrier, alluding to the fact that they are Energy users. No ordinary prey requires no ordinary hunters, and the High Command called forth four high-profile Energy wielders (the four Primal Empire RPers) to take control of the situation, and finish off the remaining guards. In any case,, you four have just met, and must adapt to the situation at hand, and help the Primal Empire soldiers in the capture and/or killing of these First Republic soldiers.


    I leaned against the wall of the very thin warehouse; the blasts of weaponry shot at the energy barrier can be heard. It won’t last long. I know it. The enemy knows it, and my new acquaintances know it. Here I am, surrounded by complete strangers as we are holed up in a dead end about to quite possibly face our doom. We are, all of us, strong wielders of Energy, but no energy wielder can take on an army. And from the sounds I’m hearing on the outside, we’re soon to expect one.

    I now look upon the faces of my associates, fellow sentinels who have been assigned in the protection of the ambassador of the First Republic, a task that we could not complete. I know as much about them as they do about me, I wager. In this situation, I would not expect them to not trust me, and not trust each other. But if we want to get out of this, we are going to have to try. There was no way any of us could do it on our own.

    There were four of us. Two I only knew by name when we were introduced hours before, the other I knew by reputation. The two whom I knew nothing about were close-by me. One was named Marcus Swift, and that was all I knew. I noticed that he traveled with a wolf as a companion. An interesting choice, but I was quick to withhold judgment. It must be special, trained perhaps. The other I knew only as Oz, and that was it. Any past he may or may not have been known for eluded me. Then there was the one I have heard of. She was known as Tessa of the Wastes, a bandit huntress some called her. Others had a more acknowledged term to use.


    And with a bounty of 70 pieces of honest to god gold, she was notorious around Kore. I wondered how her road had taken her from bandit slayer, or criminal, to guard. I suspect I would find out someday. That is, unless we don’t get through this. Another crash of artillery must have crashed into the energy barrier erected outside, as the entire warehouse shook once more. It wasn’t long now, and something needed to be done. I speak up now for the first time to the others.

    “That Energy barrier isn’t going to hold up forever. We need to come up with some plan to get out of here.” I said in my quiet voice. I never enjoyed speaking much, especially to unfamiliar people.

    I look around inside the warehouse, trying to see if there was anything we could use. I don’t find anything. I think now of possible solutions. It is possible that we could all shoot up the place, hoping to make a dent, and run like hell through that. That seemed to be the direction we might be taking, if nobody else thought of anything first. But I didn’t dare suggest that to the others. It was reckless, and as far as I knew, one of them might have a plan. There was the idea that one of us could be a distraction, while the others escaped, but would anyone be willing to do that? If I must, I would do it. But I would have rather heard from the others first. I look up at them now, waiting for something, anything, the slightest idea or response. Another shot was taken at the barrier as the warehouse shook. We didn’t have long now, not long at all.
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    Old October 27th, 2011 (1:34 AM).
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      As the warehouse shook with another artillery impact, I looked up at the roof of the building. While we had woven our energies into a more complex barrier, to withstand an easy counter bombardment, we couldn't reinforce the barrier without exhausting ourselves and thus eliminating any reality of us making it out of this bind alive.

      What a rather annoying turn of events. Passed through my head as I checked the revolving chambers of my pistols. And to think I only took this job to get away from the heat of being hunted. Things were getting a bit too crowded in Jorann, and now I'm stuck inside the Primal Kingdom. Talk about going from the frying pan into the fryer.

      I looked towards our inpromptu leader. I knew very little of the guy, just the fact that he was a very powerful swordsman and energy user, that much was certain from a simple glance at him.
      The powers higher up had made him the Captain of our little escort. For what reason? I doubted he even knew that himself.

      "Do we know anything about this place? I can blast the wall open.. but I'd rather not walk into the open arms of the Primals."
      A smirk crossed my lips as I let the bulletchambers buzz around in the mechanism. "Not that I don't mind taking a few down just for good measure, but I have bigger things to take care of as well."
      I wasn't much of a talker, none of us seemed to be, but I certainly wasn't ready to die yet, not before I had my revenge.

      Another artillery shell blasted into the reinforced wall of the warehouse. I was sure that all of us could feel the barrier weakening, time was running out and fast.
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      Old October 27th, 2011 (5:10 AM).
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        (OOC: I suppose I should post now... Oh, and whenever Marcus and Dancepaw are speaking Wolf, I'll have their speech surrounded by [brackets like this].)

        Marcus sat on the ground away from the others. He held his bow loosely in his hands. Dancepaw was pacing around him. The pair of them were not happy. How had they been drawn into this? They weren't even guards! Dancepaw growled vaguely, sniffing the air. Marcus barked an answer back at him. Wait, he remembered. They pair of them had sniffed out a trap, so the followed the ambassador. When everything got crazy, by the grace of some quick shapeshifting, Marcus and Dancepaw had gotten out of the palace with the others. Then he followed his pack instncts and come here with the other three. Much to his annoyance.

        ["Trapped here like prey. This is not good!"] Dancepaw said irritatedly. Marcus growled in agreement. The others were talking about how to get out of here. But Dancepaw's griping had given him an idea.

        ["Prey... Prey... What does prey do best?"] Marcus growled thoughtfully. Dancepaw stopped pacing and stared at him. Marcus could almost hear his companion's mind trying to work. Marcus blinked slowly and waited for him to catch up. Dancepaw's eyes brightened when he figured it out, but he was not happy.

        ["You want us to turn everyone into..."] Dancepaw said, his voice trailing off. Marcus stood up and looked around. He extended his mind out and drew in more nature energy. He was going to need it for this.

        ["Prey, of course. You and me too,"] Marcus growled out at him. Dancepaw sputtered and began to protest, but Marcus cut him off with a sharp look.

        ["What is more important to you, your pride or your life?"] Marcus barked. That shut his lupine companion up.

        "Ahem... I... I have an... What is the word... I have an idea. My power... It can make us... Things. Small things that can run away and hide good. Um... Things like that," Marcus said. He pointed at a rat that was crawling along the ground. He knew what he meant, but spoken language was hard for him. He hoped someone would understand what he was trying to say.
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        Old October 27th, 2011 (6:22 AM). Edited October 27th, 2011 by NightOfRemorse.
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          Ahadi carefully observed the three other Primal Kingdom soldiers in her company. Her eyes studied one fellow with wavy blonde hair and a wristband with a J on it - whatever that was supposed to mean. The other two men were indentical twins with very differing clothing styles from each other. Ahadi shifted her view to the warehouse and immediately realized she wasn't helping out. In hesitation, she said, "Come on out."

          From the green book bag she had slung on her shoulder, a thick black book floated out and opened itself.

          "Go to entry sixteen." The book followed directions and displayed the entry, which explained one of the many joys Ahadi had that she didn't care to explain to anyone in particular. Joy Energy must come from this, but of course, Ahadi had no way of knowing how. Wordlessly, she looked at the wall of the warehouse, and the thick book turned over and blasted the side of the warehouse with electrifying yellow beams. The shocks of the attack blew at Ahadi's face and short black hair. The small piece of architecture jiggled like jello, obviously close to succumbing to the outside attacks.

          Ahadi turned and observed the rest of the town, which she had been completely oblivious to before. She noticed the people of Lindos creating a crowd, who were watching - and some cheering - as they expected to see the deaths of yet more First Republic soldiers. The book quietly floated near Ahadi.

          "Continue using entry sixteen, if you may," she told it with an almost emotionless tone. The book continued to blast beams at the poor little shelter, a small piece of the wall finally stripping off the thing. Ahadi jogged to the open, vulnerable spot and peered in.
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          Old October 27th, 2011 (7:21 PM).
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          Anthony Hazen. That was the name of one of the four Energy wielders that arrived in Lindos. Anthony was a brute, as was quoted many times by his opponents. He was rash, impatient, and always looking to get in on the action. Andrey, his twin brother and one of the other four Energy wielders, was his exact opposite. In almost every way, in fact. They were always going at each other because of that. Yet right now, Anthony was in a good mood. He had recently signed up with the Primal Kingdom along with his brother because of pressure by the government in order to drop certain charges placed on them for their problematic behavior, most notably stealing energy from the Energy reserves in blank. He had yet to be in any real action yet, until they were assigned to take out guards of the now-dead ambassador to the First Republic, hiding now behind an energy barrier around a warehouse. He was hoping on the peace negotiations breaking down, and action happening, and boy, were his prayers answered.

          "Come on out." He heard the female next to him say. She was one of the other two guards sent with them, Ahadi Kane was her name. She used a book to conduct her energy attacks. It was strange to Anthony, and he didn't think much of it. But nonetheless, he thought that she might have been getting a dent into the barrier. Irritated and bored, Anthony decided to get involved as well. He took out his axe, which at this time was about the size of a hatchet, and fused in his Red Will Energy into it. The axe increased in size a bit, the Red Will Energy glowing around it. The size was now that of a normal axe, one handed still, but plenty of room for improvement as his anger would rise, which might soon happen if the barrier would keep staying up. Joining the girl, Anthony smashed at the energy barrier around the warehouse loudly screaming as he did. The impact of his axe seemed to momentarily fuse with the energy of the barrier, and then push off. The axe was doing damage. He struck at it more, sending hit after hit at the energy barrier. It was clearly getting weakened now. It wouldn't be long now until they broke in. Anthony screamed back at his brother, his twin.

          "Come on, Andrey! Don't just stand there like an as*! Come help with this barrier!" He screamed at his brother. He might have sounded angry, but that was just how he normally spoke to his brother.

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          Old October 28th, 2011 (2:25 PM).
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            Oz was quite scared, he had never found himself in such a tricky situation. He's fought for the First Republic for not too long a time, but he's still seen some pretty wierd things and been in a hell of a lot of tricky situations, but this time it didn't seem likely he would live through.

            He could tell they were getting closer, they were pounding the energy barrier. Those who if he's chosen another path could have been his allies, were slowly getting closer to killing him.

            "Ahem... I... I have an... What is the word... I have an idea. My power... It can make us... Things. Small things that can run away and hide good. Um... Things like that," Marcus said.

            Marcus, they had been allies for a while now, but he never really understood him. He knew he could use his power to change into a wolf, but that was about it.

            Oz grabbed and squeezed his chain as he often did when he got nervous. He was beginning to feel desperate. Not a bad thing in his case, a slight blue glow formed around his chain and said chain began to lengthen, it would only get longer as Oz got more desperate.

            Oz, those pigs in his homeland gave him that name, it stuck and thats what he'd introduced himself as, he wished he hadn't.

            The name itself was a reminder of his past. That horrible day when his parents died...

            OZs desperation grew and his chain and its glow grew with it. He didn't want to let his power out yet, it was very unpredictable and the first time he had used it he had killed alot of people by mistake. Granted they were pigs from the primal kingdom but still...

            Oz turned back to Marcus.

            He was gesturing towards some rats and Oz got an idea.

            "You're saying you can make us like them? Small and quick and able to hide with ease?" Oz asked.
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