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    I really like Dragon Types although i think they are a tad overpowered....

    My favorite is either Salamence or Hydreigon because of their pure strength

    I enjoy using Dragon types and i'd like to know what Dragons other people use so i can try them out :D

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    Didn't I already explain this to you...? You really need to start paying attention to where you post things. Look in Pokemon General. There's a subforum called Pokemon Voting Polls for threads that ask "what's your favorite _____" such as this, and that is where it shall go. I shouldn't have to tell you again.

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    Bug :: Probably Volcarona. It's strong and it's probably the prettiest bug type out there XD;
    Dark :: Absol, one of my favorites in general :D
    Dragon :: Definitely Altaria >w<;; It's sooooooooo fluffy! :DD <333
    Electric :: Minum, Plusle and the blue and yellow one (I can't remember its' name OAO;;;)
    Fighting :: Lucario, it's the prettiest fighting type and it's pretty strong too :DDD
    Fire :: Ponyta, Ninetales, Vulpix, Arcanine, Reshiram, because they're strong (except for Vulpix) and cute <333333
    and Altaria, of course! <33333333
    Ghost: Shandera, its' purple flames are so kewl <3
    Grass: Churine, Liligant, Cherrim, Erufuun, Jumpluff <333 Cuties :DD
    Ground :: Dugtrio... That's the only ground type I could remember now ;A;
    Ice :: Glaceon and Lapras :D
    Normal :: Most of them cause they're cute :DD
    Poison :: Roselia, cause roses are kewl :D
    Psychic :: Mew, Gardevoir, Espeon :: They're so pretty :D
    Rock :: Can't remember any rock types
    Steel :: Can't remember any steel either
    Water :: Vaporeon and Milotic! :DDDDDDDDD
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      My favorite Pokemon? Well, I have two, actually. It's these guys.

      At first, it was their looks that drew me in--they look very robotic and well, I absolute adore robots. But when I began to work with them, I fell head over heels simply because of their power. They're heavy hitters and got me more wins than any other Pokemon I've ever trained. Leveling them up was a breeze, they have a useful Ability (Iron Fist) and they have some great resistances. On top of that, my Golurk was the first Pokemon I actually EV trained to level 100; all that time we spent together and I just fell for him. These two are my favorites and they always will be--to me, they are power and grace combined. Love 'em both like you wouldn't believe.

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        Normal: Ursaring- Well first off, I think it's really cool and I love Teddiursa as well. Also, it is a pretty powerful pokemon.
        Fighting: Hitmontop- I really started to like this pokemon after Pokemon Coloseum. I caught it and pured it and I realized how strong it is. It has amazing defense and hp.

        Grass: Grovyle- To me this pokemon looks absolutely awesome. Way better than Sceptile. And he is incredibly fast.
        Poison: Nidoking- This pokemon has been the pokemon I've always loved. He was my first ever 3rd evolved form pokemon and he's stuck with me ever since. <3
        Bug: Scyther- Scyther is just a really cool pokemon. Also, when I was a kid I played some picture game called pokemon snap! Where you took pictures of pokemon, and he was always a challenge to take a picture of.
        Fire: Arcanine- Arcanine was always a beast looking pokemon to me, and he was my first ex card. Arcanine ex was an amazing pokemon.
        Water: Milotic- I honestly don't know why I like Milotic so much. I guess because it is a challenge to get in R/S and it's a very graceful pokemon.
        Dragon: Dragonite- My all time favorite Pokemon! First off, it's hard to evolve him from a Dratini. It takes soo much time and effort. But, when you finally get Dragonite he looks amazing and is really powerful.
        Electric: Jolteon- The main reason I like Jolteon is just because of his battle cry. That like jolt-jolt-JOLTEON! Just sounds so cool to me.
        Dark: Tyranitar- I put Tyranitar into dark because I had a good one for ground and he is classified as dark. Anyways, I started really liking him in XD when I evolved that larvitar up to him and he did amazing!
        Ghost: Haunter- I really only like him for his looks. He looks better than Gengar to me. Oh, and I liked how he messed with Ash back in the series.
        Psychic: Gardevior- The only reason I like Gardevior so much is because it carried me through R/S. It was a really strong pokemon, especially with psychic.
        Rock: Aerodactyl- I just like it for it's looks. I know I had it, but I don't remember if it's good or not.
        Ground: Flygon- Leveled it up to 100 on Ruby. He was my pride and joy. All around amazing pokemon.
        Ice: Glalie- I always thought Glalie looked cool, and I won all the pokemon contests with it. That's why I love it (:.
        Steel: Metagross- When I first saw it, I thought it was an awesome pokemon. And it pretty much whiped me out all by itself. So, I trained really hard to get one myself. Got a lot of respect for this pokemon.
        Flying: Altaria- I've always loved this pokemon mostly because of Swablu. It's such a cute pokemon (:. Also, Altaria gave me a good math in the elite 4 I think?
        Legendary: Shaymin- Shaymin is my favorite legendary. It looks so cute and innocent, but it's really a BAMF!
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        My all time favorite Pokemon is Jellicent. I love both of the designs for both genders, but the female stole the thunder, for me. The massive amount of HP, the great Special defense, I love it. Plus they look like royalty with their little crowns. idk how I even got to fall in love with it. I honestly used to HATE the female's design. I thought it looked so stupid. But one of my friends from another site and I used to use it as an insult. "Omg ur so ugly like a female Jellicent", and after that, I began to like it as a joke, and then I genuinely fell in love with it. My love for Jellicent also made me fall in love with every other pink Pokemon in the game. Legit. Now I'm in love with pink. Anyway.

        List of favorite Pokemon of each type:

        Normal: Happiny. Oh God, so cute, so little, cute cry, and the anime Happiny on Brock's team sold it. Strength + super adorable baby Pokemon = uber kawaii desu. (...ew)

        Fire: Simisear. Talk about a playah. Got that face that says, "I'm so pretty", the hands that say, "Kiss my rings", and that little fur shaped like a bolero for extra fancy. Yes indeed.

        Fighting: Mienshao. Mr. Miyagi meets Pokemon. Regenerator, Hi Jump Kick, Drain Punch, Swords Dance, U-turn, etc. Awesome. Just awesome.

        Water: Gyarados. Gyarados used to be my favorite Pokemon of all time until just recently. It's still up there, JUST below Jellicent. Ferocious, pretty, and epic.

        Flying: Archeops. Talk about beast mode. Grandad to all bird Pokemon, and it can still kick their butts with two wings tied behind it's back (especially since it runs better than it flies).

        Grass: Whimsicott. So overly cute, and it's Prankster ability makes it even more adorable and trollable. It has awesome moves to abuse Prankster, and is cute enough to abuse my heart. <3

        Poison: Trubbish. Look at those buck teeth. Adorable. :B

        Electric: Eelektross. He's such a bro. Is he a dragon? Is he an eel? Is he a snake? He doesn't care. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cuz he's owning errybody up in here.

        Ground: Hrmm. Torterra. Being an island with feet is pretty awesome. Need some shade? Lay on top of a Torterra.

        Psychic: Munna. Look at all those flowers and stuff. It's so cute. Always so happy to see people sleepy so it can chew up their dreams.

        Rock: NOSEPASS. ;A; He's so gosh darn cute. Always hold his head, point towards the north so I never get lost. Thank you Nosepass. <3

        Ice: Vannilish. It's such a cute single scoop Pokemon. <3 It's little icicle hands waving at me all the time and it's happy, happy smile. <3

        Bug: Volcarona. That fur, is just so amazing. <3 Its typing I love, its design I love, its existence makes me happy. I love it. <3

        Dragon: Palkia. I never understood how it looks like something that's rated PG-13. Like, at all. I think it's pretty, it's beastly, it can Focus Punch your granny like a bro, and IT CONTROLS SPACE. LIKE, DANG.

        Ghost: Mismagius. Talk about a pretty Pokemon. Plus it's being all fancy with its little sun hat for a garden party. <3

        Dark: Weavile. Weavile is so sneaky, it's ridiculous. He's the trolling ninja of the Pokemon world.

        Steel: Metagross. Such a bro, such a playah, and so cute. <3 Yes, cute. CUTE. Plus, it's smarter than a supercomputer. WHAT UP NOW?
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          Please keep the following in mind when reading through my list:

          - Not all of my decisions are based on the same factor
          - I haven't used all of these Pokémon in battle
          - Not all of these are facts, some are opinions
          - Some Pokémon don't have as many points as others — I just simply like them
          - There are many points I left out, the ones listed are just the most important

          Normal - Stoutland:

          - A very original design and very striking
          - One of the strongest variations of a first route Pokémon

          Fighting - Lucario:

          - Very badass design
          - Has one of the largest and most diverse movepools
          - One of the best Pokémon I've ever used

          Flying - Pidgeot:

          - I've used one more than I have any other Pokémon
          - Looks really cool, mainly because of its long hair

          Poison - Weezing:

          - Its design is very odd, and yet I really like it
          - An excellent user of posion type moves

          Ground - Marowak:

          - One of the most serious-looking Pokémon there is
          - Absolutely amazing user of ground-type moves
          - Bonemerang (and that's not a joke)
          - Given a really interesting back-story in the first generation games

          Rock - Tyranitar:

          - Pure beast
          - One of the best type combinations
          - Can learn tons of great moves
          - Extremely powerful

          Bug - Pinsir:

          - A very cool and unique design
          - Super tough
          - Pretty much a fighting type

          Ghost - Gengar:

          - Its smirk
          - Amazing stats and moves

          Steel - Metagross:

          - A very epic and unique design
          - Has my favourite cry
          - Has superb strength

          Fire - Charizard:

          - It's the most popular among fire types for a reason
          - The only variation of a starter that can fly
          - The episode when Ash's Charizard took on Blaine's Magmar (again, not joking)

          Water - Suicune (You: What? It's not Oshawott?!):

          - My favourite Pokémon overall
          - My favourite type
          - My favourite legendary
          - Extremely beautiful; a very detailed and breathtaking design
          - The mascot of one of my most valued childhood games
          - Courageous and powerful

          Grass - Torterra:

          - One of the most unique Pokémon designs ever (it has a tree on its back)!
          - A unique (and immensely helpful) type combination
          - Epic cry

          Electric - Jolteon:

          - My favourite Eeveelution
          - Its piercing eyes and sharp body look awesome
          - Very quick and potent

          Psychic - Gardevoir:

          - One of the most beautiful Pokémon ever
          - Can be absolutely amazing in battle with only one type

          Ice - Walrein:

          - A simple, yet cool design
          - Can learn great moves, beneficial to both of its types

          Dragon - Salamence:

          - Looks more epic than every other dragon Pokémon
          - Extremely powerful

          Dark - Honchkrow:

          - It has a hat
          - It looks somewhat friendly despite being a dark type
          - Can use just about any dark type move to get the job done
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            Originally Posted by TwiDragon View Post
            Ok, lets give reasons.

            Bug - Ninjask - I don't really like bug pokemon, but this one is kind of cool
            Dark - Honchrow - He is one of the few pokemon that naturally looks like a boss.
            Dragon - Hydregion - I've always wanted to see a pokemon that just loves choas
            Electric - Magnaton - Mostly nostalgia, I had a really good mangton Pokemon card I loved using.
            Fight - Scraggy - Fights well, its funny seeing it in the anime, and is the hispter pokemon
            Fire - Ninetails - I like "dark" and beautiful Pokemon, and Ninetails fits,
            Flying - Togekiss - It doesn't look like a bird, and its a 3rd stage evolve form that is adorable
            Ghost - Chandelure - Because this thing is powerful, and I love gijinkas of this thing
            Grass - Liligant - I love the gijinkas, I think it looks adorable, and I hate a lot of other grass types
            Ground - Flygon - Same reason for Magnton, nostalgia
            Ice - Beartic - Because I loved using it in my game, and I loved it having the nickname Desmond
            Normal - Meloetta - I love her apperence
            Posion - Roserade - I like the gijinkas of her, the apperence is nice, and like grass and bug; I don't like much of them
            Psy - Gardevior - Nice artwork, sprite work, pretty useful in teams, first psychic type I ever used in game
            Rock - Probopass - Because I can name it Mario
            Steel - Mawile - Nice gijinkas, love the artwork, and it is underatted.
            Water - Milotic - I loved sea serpents, and the shiny Milotic I have all the way back from Ruby is still my prized Pokemon

            Sorry for not reading rules, here is reasonings.
            TwiDragon.. Where have I heard that before? Dunno. Anyway, I have always loved Dragonite! I love dragons, type and just the entire concept. I mean, it can fly, looks awesome, very strong, and overall amazing.
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              My overall favorite would have to be Haunter/Gengar

              I love ghost types and tehy're my favorites, specially becasue I tend to use them a lot of the games
              But since I can't trade, I tend to use Haunter more ...

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                either rayquaza or garchomp becuse theyre both BADASS! and don't even try and say that theyre not.
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                  Proberly Pidgeot
                  I find pidgeot to be beautiful, elegant and powerful. I don't know. I also love my Pidgeot I caught in soul silver, first caught pokemon. haha
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                    C'mon, do I really need to explain dis one?

                    I just love the patterns on it back...Plus they're cute.

                    Cottony fluffy birdy...It's probably not the strongest of Dragon, but I still gotz da major heart for this.

                    Mostly, because it an eevee...But also, I like da noise it make on the Pokemon game.

                    I'm dead ass serious about this one. I like Corsela...I trained one on R/S/E game...Tho, it wasn't very strong...I still liked her. :p

                    And last, but not least...One of my fave Pokemon are...Whimsicott. Look at how puff on it back moves when it jump. LOL
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                      Umbreon. Umbreon has been my favorite Pokemon ever since I played Crystal and I could never figure out how to get one. I was 8 at the time and Crystal had just came out.
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                        my all time favorite would have to be Salamence.
                        It is very powerful,and its pre evolved form bagon is so cute!
                        Bagon has dreamt of flying since it was a little egg.
                        Now as Salamence it DOES fly. :D
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                          - Respectively Fire, Water & Grass : Charizard, Blastoise & Venusaur (I am & will always be a starters man :D)

                          - Normal: Tauros (I was just thoroughly amazed with this bovine the moment I saw Ash's Tauros stampede & shake the arena initiating its Fissure during the Orange League championship, I was literally in awe :O)

                          - Flying: Pidgeot (many reasons: gentle & loyal nature; the 'pigeon' prefix, given that I took up the hobby of raising thoroughbred pigeons from middle to high school = some of my most cherished memories ; also, to me, he's always been like the only natural-looking bird in the Pokemon world; & last but not least, & to my 1st to 3rd gen-limited knowledge, the only bird I know with 2 evolutions)

                          - Bug: Butterfree (the accuracy of its 3 powder attacks mixed with psychic abilities = win)

                          - Fighting: Primeape (unlike the other humanoid fighters this one's the incarnation of a natural-born champ that battles by its own rules)

                          - Electric: Jolteon (I like Raichu but I prefer an electrical dog a whole lot more :D)

                          - Ground: Dugtrio (uni-type with beyond devastating Ground attacks, enough said)

                          - Poison: Crobat (probably the dirtiest poisonous fighter with a lot of tricks under its sleeve: poisoning, confusing, scaring, trapping the enemy...; also I'm very fond of its magnificent speed & the rest of his relatively blanced stats)

                          - Psychic: Alakazam (aside from its light speed stats & destructive special attacks, his mystic looks & twisted spoons simply perfect the Psychic type persona)

                          - Rock: Aerodactyl (not only do I love prehistoric creatures but I also find the link between fossilized DNA-born pokes & rocky nature a pretty elegant idea; also pterodactyls were my favourite dinosaurs as a child)

                          - Ice: Lapras (pretty tough; in Yellow, the only one in Lorelei's team that always survived my Pikachu's 1st strike of Thunder; not to mention the perfect swimmer)

                          - Dragon: Dragonite (it can fly, masters fire/ice/water/electric moves, plus has the deceiving gentle looks that cover its fierce nature; only Dragon type I've ever liked)

                          - Ghost: Gengar (the pranky attitude, devilish red eyes, ; also I somehow find all extra-Kanto Ghost pokes pretty lame compared to the original Gastly/Haunter/Gengar trio, design & persona-wise)

                          - Dark: Houndoom (partly Fire which is my favourite type of all; also the one thing I love more than dogs are hellhounds :D)

                          - Steel: Scizor (the ninja aspect, combined with its dual-type making it resistant/neutral to most types)

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                            I'm not going to have legendaries in mine cause I like a lot lol

                            Normal - Azurill (probably the only baby pokémon I have a slight obsession with lol)
                            Fire - Ninetales (favourite pokémon of all time)
                            Water - Vaporeon (has been since I saw it in Pokémon Stadium)
                            Grass - Sceptile (two words: LEAF BLADE!! haha)
                            Electric - Manectric (like Swellow, Emerald opened my eyes to it)
                            Bug - Venomoth (one of my best ever pokémon plus it's a moth!!)
                            Fighting - Hitmonlee (kicks are my favourite attacks in real life; Hitmonlee reflects that)
                            Ice - Dewgong (very sleek and elegant, lot of good moves as well)
                            Flying - Swellow (since using it on Emerald I quickly discovered how awesome it is)
                            Dark - Umbreon (been really attached to it since Silver)
                            Psychic - Kadabra (been a staple part for a lot of my teams)
                            Ghost - Haunter (like Kadabra and Dragonair, I just prefer 2nd stage evos, plus its personality is great haha)
                            Poison - Arbok (I LOVE snakes, and it represents a cobra - heaven)
                            Rock - Kabutops (always been drawn to it, maybe it's the Scyther-like design lol)
                            Ground - Nidoqueen (Girl power haha plus I love the Nido family)
                            Steel - Skarmory (always thought it was pretty cool, plus Winona has one lol)
                            Dragon - Dragonair (elegant yet powerful)
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                            My overall favorite changes from time to time, and I hate it. -.- But right now, it's Glameow. I like its slight resemblance to the Russian Blue, which is my favorite cat breed; it has a somewhat bluish-gray coat and what-looks-like-an-RB-smile to me. Of all the cat Pokemon, Glameow is the one that I adored the longest (not that I admired all feline Pokes, though). It's simply adorable as well as cute. <3

                            As for each type that I have a favorite of, well, here's my list:

                            Normal: As stated above, it's Glameow. Reason's there as well. Next to it is Eevee because I find it adorable.
                            Fire: Hmm... I'd say Flareon. It's an Eeveelution, it's fluffy, and I just like it.
                            Ice: Glaceon. Yes, another Eeveelution, but what can I say? I'm a fan. :3 This Ice-type is beautiful.
                            Grass: Leafeon. It's really the sole Grass-type that I took notice of before Lilligant came along. Oh wait, I also like Roserade. Hooray for flowers! :3
                            Water: Nope, not Vaporeon; rather, it's... well, I actually don't know, but I like Dewott/Samurott better 'cause among the evolution of the Water-type starters, they're the ones that appealed to me. They're cool~
                            Electric: I dunno if it's Jolteon or Luxray/Luxio. Jolteon because it's cool and the more dog-like among its family. Luxray/Luxio for the reason that I'm simply fond of them.
                            Dark: This isn't going to be surprising; it's Umbreon. It's kinda sinister but in a cool way. I think black became my favorite color because of this guy. xD
                            Ghost: I think it's Chandelure: it's part Fire! :3
                            Psychic: Espeon~ Another kitty and Eeveelution; it's also pretty.
                            Dragon: Reshiram. I never really bothered with the Legends or Dragon-types, but this one caught my interest because it's part Fire and I like its design. :3
                            Bug: Butterfree or Beautifly. I like butterflies. :)
                            Fighting: Riolu/Lucario or Mienshao. The former duo due to them being cute and cool, respectively, and they're like dogs. The latter... well, it reminds me of Meiling from Cardcaptor Sakura for a reason that I do not know. :o
                            Flying: Staraptor. It looks awesome and like it owns the other birds... except Braviary, which I also like because it's cool. :D
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                              Bug - Butterfree, they look absolutely adorable and the butterfree from a Petty Nuzlocke challenge really got portrayed with a grand and enjoyable character.
                              Dark - Umbreon, of the eeveelutions, Umbreon's my favourite, as well as my all-round favourite dark-type.
                              Dragon - Flygon, They manage cool and adorable just fine. Especially their red eye-shields make their designs likeable.
                              Electric - Ampharos, cute...as...hell, and my favourite of gen II.
                              Fighting - Lucario, stumbled upon him on accident one day, loved the design so much that he preluded my comeback to the pokémon fandom after I lost it just around the start of the third gen, also my favourite of gen IV.
                              Fire - Cyndaquil, always picked that one as my starter for silver. They look very adorable, and their usually timid character makes that only better.
                              Flying - Lugia, because even legendaries can be so cute they make your head explode.
                              Ghost - Gengar, It's the cheeky grin it always has that gets me the most I think.
                              Grass - Being the kangaroo-lover I usually am, there's no way I can resist a 'rooshroom like Breloom. Breloom's also my favourite gen III pokémon, and perhaps my all-round favourite pokémon as well, but that is very much debatable.
                              Ground - Sandshrew, much like most of the others here. Too adorable not to mention.
                              Ice - Delibird, santa penguin, lovely.
                              Normal - Kangaskhan, no explanation necessary for this, if yes, see Breloom. Along with Slowbro, my favourite for gen I.
                              Poison - Croagunk, so much cooler than Toxicroak.
                              Psychic - Wobbufet, most hilarious character on team rocket's side, bar Meowth.
                              Rock - Rhydon, awesome pokémon. May not really have much with rock-types, but I still like its design.
                              Steel - Skarmory, Always has been a must-have for my team. Just amazing in combat, and a cool design.
                              Water - Slowbro, already having been mentioned, is one of my favourite pokémon from gen I.
                              Old May 16th, 2012 (2:42 PM).
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                              Okay, here we go...

                              Bug - Butterfree. Never really used it until HeartGold, but now it's the main Pokemon on my team.
                              Dark - Umbreon. It's always been my favorite Eeveelution, and is also probably in my top-5 favorite of all time.
                              Dragon - Rayquaza. I never really use the Dragon type, but Rayquaza is my favorite legendary, so this was a no brainer.
                              Electric - Magnezone. Another type I rarely use, but I love the Electric/Steel typing of Magnezone.
                              Fighting - Heracross. Not neccessarily considered for being a Fighting-type (but rather Bug), but since Butterfree is my favorite bug type, I had to put Heracross here.
                              Fire - Ninetales. Vulpix almost always showed up exclusively in the paired version I didn't have, but once I got one in Sapphire, it became a mainstay on my team.
                              Flying - Pidgeot. The main Pokemon on my Fire Red for the longest time, the Pidgeot family has always been my favorite of the early game birds.
                              Ghost - Froslass. One of the few Pokemon I loved before I even used it, as I really liked the design and Ice/Ghost typing.
                              Grass - Breloom. The first Shiny that I ever caught, so it holds a special place in my heart.
                              Ground - Gliscor. It recently worked it's way into my favorites, after never really using Gligar in the past. Now it's one of the staples on my team.
                              Ice - Glalie. Rather than Froslass taking up both the Ice and Ghost spots, I put it's counterpart Glalie here. Also the first Lv. 100 Pokemon I ever had traded to me.
                              Normal - Blissey. Having a high HP tank with Softboiled and Toxic has always been one of my favorite strategies.
                              Poison - Gengar. Also my second favorite Ghost Pokemon, and I always try to have one in my party at one point or another.
                              Psychic - Unown. My favorite Pokemon that I will never use (for obvious reasons).
                              Rock - Aggron. This was going to be my choice for Steel, but then I realized I don't really like any other Rock Pokemon.
                              Steel - Empoleon. I never seem to remember that Empoleon is part Steel type, but it's one of the few starters I've kept on my team throughout my journey.
                              Water - Starmie. Another Pokemon I like for it's interesting typing (which is only seen in one other line). Always loved that it could learn Thunder/Thunderbolt.

                              Old May 22nd, 2012 (12:51 PM).
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                              Bug: Volcarona? I dunno
                              Dark: Mightyena Puppppy~ I love that cute little collie face.
                              Dragon: Axew omg so much win
                              Electric: Pichu Just. Pichu. Shut up I'm not weird
                              Fighting: Lucario I hate most fighting types so it's pretty much the only one I can stand.
                              Fire: Cyndaquil Again, just because it's cute <3
                              Normal: Pidove It's evos are fugly but this one is cute.
                              Ghost: Gengar Just something about it...
                              Grass: GROVYLE OMGOMG HELL YES GROVYLE
                              Ground: Swampert I dunno all of the others suck
                              Ice: Lapras I can't think of one right now.
                              Flying: Chatot Cute and fun to watch . It can speak so that's another bonus.
                              Poison: Crobat Something about it too...
                              Psychic: Mime Jr. I know one that I like but can't think of it so I'm gonna go with one that I like.
                              Rock: Omanyte He's good enough.
                              Steel: Metagross Because all 'dem are fugly and Lucario is already taken.
                              Water: Oshawott Oh yesssss cute win win omg omg
                              did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
                              o i forgot 5

                              Old May 23rd, 2012 (7:54 AM).
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                                Oh boy, I was never asked a question like this.

                                Normal: Zangoose--By far the coolest looking Normal type pokemon out there (with a rivalry)
                                Bug: Volcarona--The first Fire/Bug combo out there.
                                Fighting: Hariyama--The pokemon looks like a sumo wrestler.
                                Flying: Braviary--Will be by far the most awesome flying type (it looks like an eagle, how cool is that)
                                Poison: Drapion--A Poison/Dark type that can take down psychic types.
                                Water: Ludicolo--Love the way it dances :D
                                Fire: Infernape--gotta love the fire monkey
                                Grass: Shiftry--I really like the design on this one
                                Rock: Lunatone--I like the way it looks like a moon
                                Steel: Aggron--awesome defenses and cool cry
                                Ground: Garchomp--one of the fastest pseudo-legendary pokemon (i think)
                                Dragon: Hydreigon--has an excellent sp. attack
                                Electric: Eleketross--the only Electric type that has levitate
                                Psychic: I don't have a favorite psychic
                                Ice: Spheal--it's so cute
                                Ghost: Dusknoir--its the pokemon grim reaper (now thats scary)
                                Dark: Honchkrow--love the gangster theme for it
                                Old June 2nd, 2012 (3:19 PM).
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                                  Easily Pidgeot. BEST POKEMON EVER.

                                  I'm a big deal bruh. Ya heard?
                                  Pokemon Yellow Version Walkthrough
                                  Pokemon Platinum Version Walkthrough
                                  Pokemon Black Version Walkthrough
                                  Old June 2nd, 2012 (5:19 PM).
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                                    Absol. He's freaking awesome and lives up to be about 100. And the scythe-like tail looks cool, also he's dark type.
                                    Plus unlike most pokémon that are based on rats etc, he's based on Bai Ze of Chinese mythology or something like that.
                                    Anyway ya, Absol is my ultimate favourite...
                                    Old June 4th, 2012 (9:51 AM).
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                                      Seadra, had a plushie when I was small. He's gone now.

                                      Old June 17th, 2012 (7:04 AM).
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                                        Squirtle and his whole evolution series just because that was the first pokemon I ever got in the games and I spent a lot of time into training and such.

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