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    This is my first fan fiction. The story is a slightly alternated version of the storyline to the Pokemon fan game I am currently working on, Pokemon Crimson. Check it out here if you are interested:

    Note that some mild violent language is used in the story.

    Chapter 1, Prologue

    Dusk is an 18-year-old boy who has been a Pokemon trainer for three years now. He was abandoned when he was three by his father. When he was 15, Dusk decided to become a Pokemon trainer, and travel to meet new people and Pokemon. He started off his journey with his Umbreon, who had been given as an egg as a gift to playmate by his father right before he ran off. After traveling for a month or so with his Umbreon, now nicknamed Moonlight, he decided to travel with someone. He met a new friend, a girl named Luna, a 17-year-old who was out with the purpose of searching for a man he she claimed killed her parents to execute him. She is a very brave and merciless woman with unimaginable strength and lifts Golems with one hand when she is bored. Later on, they met up with Andrew, a male 16-year-old Pokemon trainer and who just started off his journey and holds a lazy and very timid personality. His Buizel, however, is very brave and strong, and has to cheer Andrew up when he feels suicidal for no reason…. Overall, however, he is a strong and committed Pokemon trainer. The three have traveled together as normal adventurers… That is, until recently.

    July 24, 2066

    “It’s been almost two months now since the incident…,” said Luna as she laid her fists onto a wall, causing and enormous whole.

    It was evening at a deserted Pokemon Center in a deserted town, which was originally called Desertedville, within the Crimson region. The area thrived until it was taken over and demolished to make room for a power plant under Silph Co. operations.

    Dusk replied, “It has, and I can still remember it.”

    Andrew was somewhat edgy, afraid of the deserted Pokemon center. His Buizel rested in the room, along with Dusk’s Umbreon and Luna’s Charmeleon.

    “It’s starting to come back to me.” Dusk continued, staring at his claws.

    May 22, 2066

    It was like any regular night. The three were sleeping in a tent near Cimberwood City, where Dusk had just won his 3rd gym badge that he was lucky enough to get before Silph Operations shut the gym down and opened it as an executive’s office. It had been a race to compete in challenges such as gyms ever since the Kanto company Silph Co. took over the region 20 years ago. It has recently started to seem like hell for most of the citizens who hadn’t fallen victim to the company’s propaganda techniques. The large company that is known for its various Pokemon products and has been around for years now had just recently developed into a massive political party of the entire Pokemon world ever since it dissolved the Devon Corp. in the 2 year war in Rustboro, leveling the city.

    Dusk had awakened during the night. He crossed over the sleeping Moonlight and walked out of his tent, taking in the rare view of the starry night. He tiptoed passed his friends and their Pokemon, who were also sleeping soundly. Although, he hadn’t yet realized that this would be the last time he would see Luna or Andrew for a week. Dusk inaudibly walked to a nearby tree on the massive scenic cliff side that overlooked the riotous neon metropolitan of Cimberwood. At that moment, Dusk felt something turn his stomach. Something felt wrong. Looking down, he saw several malevolent shadows of what looked to be people behind him.

    “Who’s there?” inquired Dusk, annoyed.

    Dusk began to turn slowly, expecting to see Andrew or Luna, but before he could catch a glimpse of anything, he caught a glimpse fire extinguisher. He blacked out. The only thing Dusk remembered was being dragged in a sack. He was still too weak to move and started to pass out again as he bled on the fabric of the large satchel. Before fainting once more, he heard voices to which he was unfamiliar with.

    “Are you sure that we got the right kid?”, said a mysterious man.

    “We better have. Mrs. Ebony would be pissed if she found out that this isn’t the right subject.”, another replied.

    “Why won’t any kid do? Why do we have to have this one?”

    “I don’t know, but you better keep your mouth shut. The director made direct orders to have this boy in particular captured. He would most likely kill you if you for some reason doubted his choice. Even Mrs. Ebony, and admin, hadn’t a clue to what he wants with this boy.”

    “Whatever. I just want to get back to the boat and get some rest, and report to Ebony before she says we were late again and throws us overboard to be devoured by the Sharpedo.”

    Dusk’s attention was snuffed out and he fainted again.


    Chapter 2, Captured

    “Where am I?” Dusk asked himself quietly.

    Dusk had found himself in a small, dark room full of boxes and shelves packed with random things. He slowly rose from the floor, with an ache in his head. Walking over to a box, he noticed a strange logo on it. The red logo was shaped like an ‘S’. It was a logo of Silph Co, he realized, and knew he had been taken. Across from his location was a small, circular shaped window. The other side of the window was complete darkness, but he occasionally seen something shine outside, almost like two evil eyes staring at him.

    “Damn, no way out,” Dusk said.

    At that moment, he heard voices. Then, on the wall directly behind him, a small square portion began to move. It was a door, and behind it stood a tall, hefty looking man with a mustache that touched both sides of the door. He had a large nose and wore a red cap with a ‘S’ on it.

    “Come with me,” the lumberjack said in a booming voice.

    The man turned around and began to walk.

    “What happens if I don‘t”, Dusk reluctantly exclaimed.

    The man giggled and continued walking.

    “Hey, I said…” Dusk’s comment was stopped cold by what he felt. He felt hot air singe his neck hairs. He was horrified by what he saw when he turned around. Dusk realized that he was staring at the hard, pecks of a large Tyranitar.

    “Oh, sh..” Dusk yelled turning around to run straight into a steel wall. Only then he found that he ran into the buff, iron leg of an Aggron. Dusk heard the man from behind the massive Pokemon with intimidating red eyes.

    “Must I explain anything else for you, because my guys would like to do the talking...” he sneered.

    Cornered, Dusk realized that he’d better do what the mustachioed man says, or risk becoming Tyrana-food, or an Aggra-stepmat.

    “Wh-where am I?” Dusk asked politely, trying to avoid being clobbered.

    “All I can tell you is that your are in a little base about 1,000 miles away from where we found you. In, the ocean…” The man replied. “and you are going to be part of a little experiment,” he continued as they walked.

    “But why me?” Dusk questioned.

    “I haven’t the slightest of clues, kid. I was just told to be your chauffer, and to come pick you up.”

    “And you had to hit me with a fire extinguisher?” “ And what kind of experiment are you talking about?” Dusk interrogated.

    The man and his muscular Pokemon stopped walking.

    “I can’t tell you yet, but we are going straight to the operating table to get started. The admin I run under has given me strict orders not to answer any of your questions and deliver you to the test lab.” He said.

    Dusk was escorted out of the boat with the man. They were at a boat dock in the middle of the ocean, and night had turned to day. Dusk was then amazed by what he saw. Towering in front of him were three towers that rose for what looked to be miles, even going into the clouds. There was not a rooftop visible between the three, but somewhere near the clouds looked to be a three-way skywalk. The massive building where mostly covered with windows and solar panels. Several flying Pokemon including Peliper and Swellow circled the towers. In the distance, he saw many boats claimed with the Silph logo that were manned with people trying to catch Garydose as they hoped into the air majestically.

    “Don’t get to amazed, you probably won’t be coming out of these towers for a while, that is if you survive,” The man said, opening the front slide doors with his keycard.

    Dusk was frightened by these words, but had no objection while he was around Tyranitar and Aggron. The ground floor that they entered was full of workers and their Machamps, and smelled like a car shop.

    “The first 20 floors are all used for mining oil and Pokemon fossils from the seafloor. We use the oil mined here to power the towers using our generators in upper tower 1. The man continued talking.

    “All of the oil? Why not give some to the people of the region?” Dusk inquired.

    “From watching you, we know that you don’t believe the propaganda we show on TV or any other crap we do to get you fools to believe us, and it’s not like you are getting out of here ever, so I guess it’s alright to tell you that we don’t care about the people.” The man said with laughter.

    Dusk and his captor walked to the elevator in the center of the room. The control panel was a touch screen with over 300 floors to chose from. Dusk took notice that the man entered floor “29”. It didn’t take long for the elevator to reach to 29th floor. The doors slammed open to reveal many scientist running around. Dusk was lead across the large room into a large door, colored different than the others. He entered and noticed a small operating table in a room behind a glass wall and door. There were a few scientist in the room.

    “Lay down and relax on the table, please,” as female scientist asked.

    “What are you going to do?” Dusk asked.

    “Just lay down, now, or I will have to force you,” said the mustache man as his Tyranitar and Aggron beat their fist into their hands, creating large booms.

    Reluctantly, Dusk laid on the table, where he was instantly strapped down.

    “Administer the anesthesia,” the scientist commanded.

    Dusk began to struggle as he started to pass out.

    “Don’t worry kid, this won’t hurt, maybe,” said another scientist.

    Dusk was almost out. He heard a few more voices before he fainted.

    “How long will it take?”

    “About 12 hours, you will just have to tell the director to wait until the morning to fly over to see the results “

    “Just do it right, I have to make sure that security will be tighter during tonight’s night shift."

    “Yes sir!”

    “Prepare the wild Zoroark, now……………….”

    Everything blacked out.

    Chapter 3 coming soon...
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      Your story is sooo similiar to mine. I might just, think of your version now as the future to my story. It's pretty awsome by the way.
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        Originally Posted by DarkIceForever View Post
        Your story is sooo similiar to mine. I might just, think of your version now as the future to my story. It's pretty awsome by the way.
        Really? I'd never have known. I just decided to write down my game's story in fan fic form. I'm reading yours now, looks pretty good. Keep checking back, I'll add more chapters soon.
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