The Shattered Era [T] (OOC/SU)

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The Shattered Era [T] (OOC/SU)

GMed by Greiger and Co-GMed by the fabulous Sir Bastian


Five hundred years have passed since humans have walked the earth. Pokemon rose up as the leaders of the world and at first they sought to create their own unique world. They turned away from the machines that human kind had embraced and created their own communities. By uniting together towns and cities were created in the new world and the pokemon rejoiced. As the years passed human kind was forgotten and their cities remained forgotten in the deepest parts of the world.

It was three hundred years after what had been referred to as ‘The Union’ when a lone Zigzagoon got lost in a forest. After wandering around he eventually found the ruins of a human city. Eager to have shelter the Zigzagoon went inside and spent three days exploring the area. Inside the ruins he found special rooms that had managed to preserve what had been outlawed for centuries, machines. The chambers had kept all of the machines inside in perfect condition and the pokemon’s curiosity got the better of him and he eagerly spent the days learning how to use each and every machine.

The Zigzagoon managed to find his way of the forest thanks to a compass and eagerly showed the inventions to the other townsfolk. The news eventually reached the ears of the Council of Five, a council made up of old, wise pokemon that made sure that the land abided by their laws. Greatly concerned by the discovery the Council sent a group of knights to destroy the ruins and the machines to discourage the citizens from learning about the technology. The Zigzagoon fled with the few machines he could save. One of these was a locater that was able to point him to similar enclaves strewn throughout the land. Using his wits the Zigzagoon found more machines and remnants from human culture that could help the world as well as destroy it. He soon worked up the courage to spread a message across the land. He wanted to learn how to use the machines to help the world thrive. He wanted others to come and aid him and bring change to the world. Despite the Council’s attempts to stop him he gained followers and created a new order, The Mechanists.

Ever since that day the feud between both sides has continued to build for the past two hundred years. The Mechanists now live in the enclaves that they have found throughout the land while the majority of pokemon live in the cities under the protection of the Knights of the Oran, a group of powerful pokemon completely loyal to the Council.

*Note: Every pokemon who lives in the Council lands knows about the Council and the Mechanists. It can be as little knowledge that the two groups exist to knowing detailed information about them. Most pokemon do know who the Council members are so please bear that in mind when you write your history.


The Mechanists have longed for freedom from the Council and wish to declare themselves a separate country. They’ve even drafted and finalized a Constitution for their new country. That dream is far from reality as anytime their people step out of the enclaves they are killed or taken by the Knights. The leadership of the Declarum Forces is now ready to step up and continue the next step in a plan that has been ten years in the making. To fulfill their plan they have gathered many soldiers in the Birch Enclave to see if they have what it takes to change history for the better.

The Council wants to see The Mechanists destroyed since the Council has come to the conclusion that the technology has corrupted their minds. The Knights have current orders to hunt down any suspected Mechanist and to arrest them on sight. The Knights are allowed to kill them if they try to flee. Thanks to the interrogation of a captured Mechanist the Council has learned of one enclave’s location and has ordered a group of knights to come to Markus to receive their orders.

History is written by the victor. Will The Mechanists gain their freedom, or will the Council silence their rebellion? Only you can decide that.

Players can choose to play as one of two factions.

The Knights of the Oran:

The Knights are the Council’s weapon of choice. Trained ever since birth the Knights are considered some of the most powerful pokemon on the planet. The can take on multiple opponents and not even break a sweat. Because they are employed by the Council they act as the police presence throughout the land and will not to hesitate to attack or arrest those that the Council declares as a threat to their cities. The Knights are highly religious due to the Council’s laws dictating that each and every pokemon must worship Arceus and any Legendary they choose. All Knights must pray to Arceus as well as a Legendary including: Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Ho-oh, Moltres, Zapados, Articuno, and Lugia.

The Knights have a strong prejudice against machinery and anything related to human technology and will opt to destroy rather than use it, even if it has a beneficial use. While females are accepted to be trained as knights they are considered weaker than males and will never attain high positions of power. There have never been any female Council members and no females are in charge of businesses in the Council’s cities. Those living in the Council’s lands wear no clothes of any kind since the Council believes that pokemon must live as they came into the world (The only exception is if a pokemon’s look naturally includes clothes and the Knights who are allowed to wear armor.). The most respected Council member is the Orator who is the only pokemon on the council to abolish laws.

The Knights have a code of honor that they follow:

1. The Council is the law and authority or the land and all orders from them must be obeyed to the fullest degree
2. Any pokemon caught or suspected of breaking any laws that the Council has placed will be swiftly arrested
3. A good knight never questions any order that the Council gives
4. A Knight must show compassion, bravery, honesty, empathy, chivalry, and mercy to all but their enemies
5. A Knight may use no weapon other than those that Arceus has gifted them with
6. All Knights must wear the Gem of Knighthood, a green gem that is often worn around the neck.
7. The Orator is the highest voice in the Council. Knights must always follow his orders even if those orders conflict with the Council’s.
8. (Recently added) A Knight must cover himself in armor to be protected from his opponents in battle. (The armor can be of any color and any weight but the armor must include the symbol of the knighthood on the front, an oran berry.)

Breaking any of the code could prove hazardous to a knight. Why would a knight show disobedience to the Council unless he himself is a risk to the Council…

The Declarum Forces:

The Mechanists are an order two hundred years in the making. Their founder, Leonar Zolan, led his followers to the enclaves he had found and showed them all the things that humanity had left behind. Dedicated pokemon eventually learned the human’s language and taught their fellow Mechanists how to build replicas of the machines they already had. The Mechanists have created a lifestyle similar to the ones human’s had. They acknowledge that females can be equal to men. They allow freedom of religion, meaning that not everyone has to worship Arceus and they allow the worship of all legendaries. They allow freedom of speech and other basic freedoms to the masses.

The Mechanists have studied the art of medicine and have created items such as super potions and antidotes. The enclaves they live in are far apart from each other but each is equipped with a radio so that all enclaves can remain in contact with each other. The Mechanists have also been able to build and launch a small satellite into space to have a constant watch over the Council’s cities.

Mechanists also have a few remnants from human culture that have remained intact. There are books written by Professor Oak, Birch, and others. There is a wide selection of music that survived as well and although only pokemon with enough dedication to actually learn the human language are the only ones that can understand the lyrics, most just enjoy dancing to the tune. There are various machines for astronomy, construction, farming, etc. that are used to help the enclave pokemon. The Mechanists have even replicated TMs and HMs as well as items needed for certain pokemon to evolve such as the Dubious Disc and Metal Coat. Those that do evolve with items are considered a source of corruption itself by the Council and will be slain if they enter a Council City. The enclaves are similar to a small city but are made entirely of metal. Each is able to fit about a thousand pokemon and has various activities such as theaters, schools, medical centers, etc.

Players allied with the Mechanists will be part of the Declarum Forces, a group of Mechanists trained in the art of using human weaponry and armor. Mechanists can wear any type of clothing they wish. Players can either be an Entrenched Mechanists or a Newborn Mechanist. Entrenched Mechanists are pokemon that have been born in the enclaves. They have never been in a Council city and only know of the life in the enclaves and are familiar with the area around their enclave. They are also able to read the human language (it’s up to the players to decide if their character can understand it as well.). A Newborn Mechanist is one that has fled from the Council’s cities and has been accepted into the enclaves. They are new to technology and only know how to use a few gadgets and weapons.

The Declarum Forces act as the police force of the enclaves as well as the soldiers that fight against the Knights of the Oran.

Tech that Declarum Forces can have:

• Magnetic compass
• Watches
• Portable radios
• Lighters
• Binoculars
• Flares
• Medicine (Declarum Forces have access to all types of medicine.)

Only one human weapon has been found but the Declarum Forces have created their own weapons and even have replicated a few human weapons from blueprints. Since the knights are pretty powerful opponents the Mechanists use these weapons to not only cover their weaknesses but also to give themselves a advantage in combat:

• Boom Stick – A small gun-like contraption that will shoot out high concentrations of air that create a ‘boom’ sound. Holding down the trigger for longer periods of time will send out more powerful gusts of air and holding it down for maximum power can cause some lighter weighted pokemon to be thrown back due to the sheer force of air. The boom stick’s main use is to daze an opponent’s senses long enough to run away. (Due to the Tremont incident fifty years ago all booms sticks now have a warning label printed on them: When handling the boom stick do not press or hold the opening of the boom stick anywhere near the face or ears. Triggering the boom stick under these conditions can result in: blindness, loss of hearing, loss of speech, loss of appetite, loss of bladder control, confusion, dizziness, short-term memory loss, black outs, slurred speech, chest pain, migraines, headaches, nausea, falling into a comatose state, death. If you or anyone else is stupid enough to not heed these warnings and display these symptoms please contact medical personal immediately.)

• Flamethrower – Based on human design the flamethrower is composed of a long metal tube connected to a metal tank that the user wears on their back. The tube spits out flame for as long as the user holds down the trigger and will stop only upon release of the trigger or until the gasoline in the holding tank is depleted. Those who do use flamethrowers often have to wear a full bodysuit with helmet to protect themselves against the intensity of the heat. Only fire-types are able to handle flamethrowers without fear of overheating. It’s effective against grass and steel types.

• Water Gun – A human child’s toy that has been reengineered into a weapon. Water is poured into the tank on the gun and when pumped will shoot out water at the target. The more times it is pumped the longer the distance the water is squirted out. Extremely effective against rock and fire types.

• Sleeping Pellets – Small sphere shaped pellets that when thrown will emit sleeping gas when it comes into contact with any hard surface.

• Poison Pellets – Bears the same design and activation as sleeping pellets but will emit toxic gases instead. Will not affect poison types.

• Shock Gun - A gun that will shoot out electrical bolts at the target and is powered by a hand sized battery. Each gun has the capacity of shooting out 100 ‘shots’. The longer the trigger is held the higher the voltage of the shot but it also uses up more of the battery than a regular ‘shot’. Electric types have the advantage of recharging their battery with electricity. It’s effective against flying and water types. It’s ineffective against rock types.

• Tear Gas Pellets – Bears the same design and activation as sleeping pellets but will emit gas that will burn the eyes, nose, and throat of any caught in the gas reducing accuracy and may inflict temporary blindness.

• .357 Magnum Pistol – The only weapon that uses actual bullets and the first weapon the Mechanists discovered, the .357 Magnum is only usable by veteran soldiers (i.e. those in the forces for more than 10 years.). The Magnum is only used in extreme circumstances and only has 7 bullets in each cartridge. Due to the absence of key machines needed to manufacture bullets bullet production is extremely slow and when you add in the time to ship bullets to a destination outside of the enclaves it will take a good two weeks before ammo is received (a.k.a. you use up all your bullets, don’t come crying to me.) .Is extremely ineffective against steel and rock types.
The Mechanists are able to modify their weapons to better suit their body structure. Want to use a gun but you don’t have fingers? Just modify it to suit your body type! They’re techies, they know their weapons inside and out.


For the Knights:

Knight of the Oran – A regular Knight raised from birth. Their main duty is to follow the orders of the Council . They serve under the Knight-Commanders.

Demolisher – Demolishers are civilians that have eagerly offered their services to the Council to combat the Mechanists. While they are not as battle hardy as the Knights they prove themselves in their field of expertise, the total destruction of any mechanical object they come across. From the few machines that have been confiscated they have learned how to safely destroy the machines without being electrocuted or having the machine blow up. The Demolishers have also been taught how to disarm their opponents in battle and how to destroy their weapons. Since they are allied with the Knights they too are required to follow the Knight’s honor code.

Knight-Commander – A Knight that has risen to an elite status. They have proved themselves on the battlefield through brute power and strategy and have been given the task of leading their fellow Knights in battle. (Positions open.)

Mechanist Spy – A Knight that has been ordered to find an enclave and infiltrate the Mechanist’s ranks, more specifically the Declarum Forces’ ranks. Their main goal is to gain access to any information that can aid their fellow Knights in taking down the rest of the enclaves and to sabotage the Mechanist’s war efforts. (Position open.)

For the Mechanists:

Field Technician – A Mechanist that understands all weapons inside and out. A field tech is able to not only modify his weapons for increased damage but is also able to modify newly acquired weapons to fit any body type. The field technician is also able to fix malfunctioning weapons in no time at all.

Medic – A medic understands the art and science of making potions and super potions. While out of the enclaves medics are trained to find ingredients for their medicines and carry equipment with them to create said medicines. Medic’s are not usually trained for head to head combat and prefer to stay on the sidelines.

Declarum Forces soldier – A typical pokemon that has been trained in using a weapon or two to fight off the Knights. By themselves they are as weak as the lowest ranked knight, but thanks to their machines they are able to hold their own in battle.

Infiltrator – A pokemon that has been trained in the art of stealth and deceiving. The Infiltrator’s main job is to infiltrate the Knight’s ranks, find out about any sensitive information, and inform the enclaves. Compared to the Knight’s Mechanist Spy the Infiltrator has the advantage of a cell phone, one of the Mechanists rarer pieces of technology, to instantly relay important information back to the enclaves, although the Infiltrator must be careful not to be seen with it. (Position reserved. I expect the SU to be written on the same level as the Mechanist Spy.)


(I know it's not the greatest picture in the world but I'm no artist so here ya go!)

Important Pokemon

Those allied with the Council:

Fergo Duwalt – Age: 50. Species: Gengar. As the current Orator for the council Fergo is the wisest pokemon in the lands. It’s actually very rare for a pokemon living in the council lands to live past the age of forty-five but Fergo has refused to die. He is tough when he needs to be, but compassionate as well. His main goal is the removal of The Mechanist movement.

Joshua Riley – Age: 34. Species: Breloom. A Council member that strives to keep the upper and lower classes in their proper places. He looks upon poverty as Arceus’ punishment for sins that the pokemon has committed and has passed legislation that makes it harder for poverty stricken pokemon to receive aid.

Eugene Mallow – Age: 35. Species: Marowak. Eugene is the Council member that tends to remain silent. He hardly bickers with the rest of the Council over legislation and will only speak to cast his vote. He has looked at his position as one bestowed by Arceus and tends to have an inflated ego causing him to rarely acknowledge another pokemon’s existence.

Urit Kisler – Age: 41. Species: Swampert. Urit is the guy you meet who will not stop talking. He enjoys rumor and speculation and may seem to be naïve to others, but Urit has had a reputation of using any information he has to spread dissent among others if the opportunity arrives. While friendly toward his fellow Councilors he looks upon the Knights as pokemon that can perform mundane tasks for him.

Matthew Wilger – Age: 23. Species: Alakazam. Matthew is the youngest pokemon in history to be elected to the Council. Witty and charming Matthew has a different view of the world than his fellow Council members. When the fifth member of the Council died three years ago Matthew began a campaign of creating equality for women and allowing the citizens more freedoms such as not having a curfew at night. The council was surprised at the huge turnout of females that voted and even more astonished when Matthew won over his two opponents (since the female vote counts only half as much as a male’s). Despite Matthew’s best efforts, any legislation he puts forth is immediately dismissed by the rest of the Council, but nonetheless Matthew continues to try and change his world.

Maverick Renos – Age: 29. Species: Grovyle. The leader of the Knights of the Oran. Maverick is the Knight that will approach the Council to be given his orders and to distribute the orders among his Knights. Maverick is an honor bound knight, but has developed a strong friendship with Matthew. Matthew has unknowingly placed doubts into Maverick’s mind as to whether allowing more freedom for the populace is indeed wrong.

Caedmon Yeonart – Age: 30. Species: Lucario. Caedmon is the second in command to Maverick. Caedmon takes his honor seriously. He will always stay true to his word and makes sure that the Knights protect the weak. He is completely loyal to the Council and will show no mercy toward those that openly disobey them. For more information see Sir Bastion's SU.

Those allied with the Mechanists:

Damon Malruth – Age: 25. Species: Linoone. The leader of the Declarum Forces whose bloodline can be traced back to Leonar Zolan. As is tradition for his family he took up the mantle of leader five years ago. For more information on Damon see my SU!

Urta Runes – Age: 40. Species: Blaziken. Urta is a female not to be trifled with. She has been known to break apart a pokemon so badly that they have to spend weeks in the hospital. She is one of the toughest trainers around for the Declarum Forces and will not hesitate to use force to break in new cadets. She supervises training sessions and other Declarum Forces activities. She is a tough nut and even thinking about not following her orders can result in a broken jaw or a busted kidney.

Riley Richard – Age: 26. Species: Tyrogue. Riley is the current leader of The Mechanists. He is easy-going, but serious when performing his job. He seeks to gain freedom for his people by any peaceful means.

Charlie – Age: 10. Species: Porygon. Like most Porygon Charlie only takes on a first name, and like most Porygon he is very shy around other pokemon. Charlie is the technology expert for the Delarum Forces. He is extremely skilled at handling radio signals and is the one who will use the comm. system in the enclave to transmit important information to civilians. Charlie enjoys communicating with machines and can usually fix any problems with broken equipment in less than a day.

Important Places

Cerulean Enclave – The only enclave that houses a harbor. There are a limited number of boats available and only a few Mechanists know how to use them.

Swine – The only Council city that is made up entirely of retired Knights and Knights in training. The Knights train until the age of 15 when they are deployed to serve the Council. When Knights retire at the age of 35 they often will return to Swine to train the new cadets.

Markus – The city where the Council resides. This city is the most protected of the Council’s cities but due to the recent orders of the Council there are less Knights residing in the city.

Temple of Arceus – A temple that is dedicated chiefly to serving Arceus. The other Legendaries that are permitted to be worshipped also have statues here, albeit they are much smaller than Arceus’.

Oak Enclave – The only Enclave that has a direct connection with the satellite. Anytime a Mechanist uses a cell phone they are connected to the Oak Enclave, which is the Enclave that has the one and only cell phone tower cleverly hidden in the forest.


• I am the GM of this role play; that means my word is law. If you have any disputes with my decisions, please send me a PM.
• There will be no god modding allowed on any level. If you god mod I will inform you. If you continue to god mod in spite of my warnings then I will dismiss you from the roleplay.
• Bunnying will only be allowed if you have cleared it with another player. If you do clear it please send me a PM or VM to notify me so I don’t call out the other player. If you do bunny someone without permission I will notify you. If you continually bunny the other players in spite of my warnings then I will dismiss you from the roleplay.
• Players are expected to post at least once every week. If you have some external circumstance that will prevent you from doing this please PM me. I want to make sure that this RP flows smoothly for all players.
• This RP is rated Teen. That means that while there will be blood and gore you won’t be able to go into too much detail. For those seeking romance there will be nothing beyond kissing. Cussing will be allowed (after all what will a guy say if his leg breaks during battle? Fudge?), but don’t layer your posts with them!
• Don’t harass or be mean to other players. If I see that kind of behavior on the OOC thread then I will dictate a strike to the instigator. Three strikes and you’re out!
• Players can create characters on both sides of the conflict.

SU format

Name (Self-explanatory.):

Age (For Knights the age range can be from 15 to 35. For Mechanists the age range can be from 18 to 55):

Gender (Self-explanatory.):

Pokemon Species (What are you?):

Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists (For Mechanist players.):

Job Title:

Appearance (One paragraph required. Make sure to include your weapons/armor for this section.):

Personality (Two paragraphs.):

History (From childhood to where you are now.):

Moveset (Only four moves. Mechanists can use TM and HM moves.):

Accepted Players

Knights of the Oran

Sir Bastian - Caedmon Yeonart (Second-in-command of the Knights. Currently missing.)
TornZero - Alice (A Knight-Commander. Currently Missing.)
NightofRemorse - Jackie Miller (A Knight of the Oran.)

Declarum Forces

Greiger - Damon Malruth (Leader of the Declarum Forces.)
TornZero - Ken Bala (A field technician.)
Discordant Harmony - Chauncey Parks (A medic.)
Meganium90 - Peyton Mills (A medic.)

miltankRancher - Ludo Linfoi (A Knight-Commander.)
TiTaN.JuStIn - Tenebrosus ‘Tesus’ Folium (A Knight of the Oran.)
Game Over1375 - Famidus "The Demon" Verruck (A Knight-Commander.)
Game Over1375 - Alexander Maximillian (A field technician.)
DJYosh - Brenn Turow (A Declarum Forces soldier.)
d4rka8isz - Luna Dyseris (A medic.)
Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers - Ribibin Triss (A Knight of the Oran.)

No more reservations, just put up your RU instead.

SU List!


Name: Damon Malruth

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Pokemon Species: Linoone

Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists : Entrenched

Job Title: Declarum Forces Soldier


Damon stands at 1’08” and weighs 70 lbs. Unlike the average Linoone Damon has only one brown stripe on his back that starts at his tail and extends all the way down to his nose. Damon has blue eyes like most Linoone and uses filing tools to make sure his nails stay sharp for fighting purposes. Damon takes his appearance very seriously and would spend a whole day combing his fur if he could, instead he makes sure that whenever he is an enclave that his fur stays clean and is combed neatly. Damon wears a red scarf around his neck to distinguish himself from other Linoone and to mark himself as the leader of the Declarum Forces.

Damon’s weapons of choice are sleeping pellets and tear gas pellets (three each) which are inserted into Velcro bands that are strapped to each of his biceps. On his scarf he had a clip-on radio with a push to talk button. He also wears a magnetic compass around his neck in case of emergencies.


Damon is an easy-going and caring leader. He makes sure that his soldiers are always in fit shape and to let them know that they are all one big family. Due to seven years of leading the Declarum Forces Damon will often take Newborn Mechanists under his wing and will make sure that they understand just how different their society is from the one that the Council has established. Being born an Entrenched Mechanist, Damon has never stepped into a Council city. He views the Council as a group of tyrants that only want to make sure that they stay in power by any means necessary. Damon is very tolerant of the many things that the Council would consider heinous, such as homosexuals and atheists. Due to the relaxed nature to the enclaves Damon dislikes to be given any kind of title and just enjoys the soldiers referring to him by his name. Damon makes sure that he stays clean and even in battle will try to find some way around muddy puddles less his fur loss its shine. His friendly personality often causes him to clash directly with Urta, but he has gained enough of the Blaziken’s respect to not get kicked in the gonads when they do argue.

In battle Damon will lead his troops from the very front and calls out encouragements to draw out their best performance. Due to his lack of strength Damon will use his speed in battle, outmaneuvering opponents and weakening them with his Tickle attack to give his troops the advantage. Damon does not enjoy attacking female opponents and will instead enthrall them with his Attract and leave his soldiers to deal with them. If at any time his opponents flee the battle Damon will show mercy, except in situations when the Knights have already discovered the location of an enclave. Instead Damon will have his forces capture them and keep them as prisoners. Damon has been in enough battles to know when to flee and will use his pellets to slow down the enemy and allow his allies to escape.


Damon was born to an Ambipom father, Arnold, and to his mother, Derlinda, a Linoone that was part of the Leonar Zolan bloodline. Since he was now part of the same bloodline he learned from a young age that once he reached the appropriate age he would lead the Declarum Forces. For the first ten years of his life Damon was allowed to act like a child. He attended school, made friends, and was allowed to have fun. Once he reached his tenth birthday his mother began to take him of the enclave and trained him in the wilderness. Every day from sun up to sun down Damon learned how to locate an enemy’s weak point, which berries he could eat safely, and how to use the sun and stars to find his way back to the enclave. Damon took these lessons to heart at the beginning, but by the time he had turned 13 he began to regret being born a Malruth. He wanted to see his friends again, to go to the theater, or just find someone to have fun with. In response to her son’s complaints Derlinda took Damon out to the wilderness and in the blink of an eye, disappeared.

Damon became frantic and attempted to find his way back on sight and scent alone. He was continuously turned around and almost bumped into a Knight’s scouting party. After five hours Damon finally followed his mother’s advice and used the sun and stars to find his way back to the enclave. The next day he resumed his training. By the time he had turned 15 Damon began to accompany his mother to military meetings and began to learn the names of all the important pokemon in the enclaves. The day came when Damon turned 18 and his mother relinquished her leadership in the Declarum Forces to him. Using his mother’s teachings to aid him, Damon began his legacy as the leader of the Declarum Forces… with a kick to the face by Urta Runes.

For the next five years every decision he made had Urta breathing down his neck. He was always criticized in front of his troops and even degraded on several occasions. None the less Damon worked hard to gain Urta’s respect and by the time he was 23 Damon’s record of battles won finally forced Urta to back off of the Linoone. Now 25, Damon has been called to the Birch Enclave, being told that the next mission he was to be given would give the nudge needed to change their world for the better.

Moveset: Slash, Headbutt, Attract, Tickle.

Sir Bastian as Caedmon Yeonart

TornZero as Ken Bala

Discordant Harmony as Chauncey Parks

TornZero as Alice

Meganium90 as Peyton Mills

NightofRemorse as Jackie Miller


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This RP looks quite interesting. May I reserve a spot for a Knight?
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"and Co-GMed by the fabulous Sir Bastian"

Geez, put up peoples' expectations a little more, why don'tcha XD I'm glad we've already got interest in this! Me and Greig are really hoping this'll kick off. Do be a bit lenient on me though, as it's my first time GM'ing or Co-GM'ing anything at all :x

Hope to see some great SU's from you guys, which I'm sure they will be!

P.S. Caedmon's SU is coming up as soon as I've made it! I feel I should put a little extra effort into this one.


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@Discordant Harmony You're reserved. As of right now there are no fossil pokemon in existence. While the Mechanists have found the machinery to restore fossil pokemon and have it up and running they have yet to find any fossils to restore.

Also, make sure to double check the map. None of the enclaves are named after Cinnabar, but all in all a good question to ask.


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Mind me reserving a spot for myself on the Mechanists' side?

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I wish to join. (lol)
Name: Tarra
Age 18
Pokemon Species: Mightyhina
Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists: Entrenched Machanist
Job Title: Declarum Forces soldier
Appearance: Tarra's fur is darker than most mightyhina's. Her body is large, (NOT fat) and muscular. Her long tail plumes out from her behind. Her armor is black, and quite shiney. She wears a helmet that covers her ears, and the visor is uneqely detailed. Metal gloves/ shoes cover up to her ankles. Her toes are sticking out, with the dagger-like claws. Tarra's torso is covered with normal body armor. She wears a bag slung over her shoulder. It does not get in the way when she runs. Her eyes are green/blue, and one is blind.
Personality: Tarra's mysterious fighting has to do with her past. Her past was filled with sorrow and bloodshed. This causes her personality today. She is brave, and strong. She always tussled with her two older brothers. That also is the cause of her being so competitive. Six of her friends died early in her childhood. That couses her to be over protective, sassy and (sometimes) mean. Six years of pain taught her to feel nothing. She is a good fighter, as well as a friend. She is kind, sweet, and loving. Her strong personality can be frightening, but she is a good ally.

Six years of hard training has made her as hard as stone. She seems to have no feelings, but she only cares for those she loves. In trouble? no problem. Her instinct is to help. She once dove of a bridge to save a pokemon.
Once her mother died, she was hard as stone. She was forever changed, forever stong. She had lots of hope, but no trust. Her hard heart did break when her older brother disappeared, she wept and started running. Her running helped to run off steam. She can run so fast. Her legs are thick with muscles. After a fight, she had one eye blinded. That too, sent her running.
History: Tarra wasd born in a small forest. She lived there untill her mother died. Her older brothers joined the army. She too, tried. But everytime they rejected her. Angry with her brothers, the army, and just about everything else, she ran. She trained. She even atarted to learn how to fight. Once she retuned to her father, he was so proud. He taught her all his skills.

Once her brothers left, she started to train. She trained for many days. After a while, she began to run. Her legs were a blur as she glided over the landscape. With long strides, she plowed through the forest. Dodging trees wasn't too hard, but once in a while, she was slapped by a branch. She came across the battle, and fought against the army. She was blinded in one eye that day, and never trusted anyone completely.
Moveset: Bite, Scratch, and Shadow ball
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@Discordant Harmony For the maps it might be your browser. When I first joined I was still using IE and sometimes images just wouldn't pop up. I switched to chrome and everything worked properly. IE tends to have more problems than other web browsers so just hop onto a different browser and see if that makes any difference.

@Black Hawk Here's three things you need to do.

1) Edit your post and space out everything accordingly so that I can have an easier time reading it.

2) Expand on your personality and history. Your appearance is fine from what I can tell, although it is hard to read over since everything is clumped together. I am expecting a much longer personality and history so please look over yours again and see if you can add anything to it. If you need help expanding you can always ask your fellow RPers for help or even me for ideas.

3) Take your time! This RP isn't going anywhere and as you noticed we don't have a limit on the amount of players we can have. There's no need to quickly write down whatever ideas you have at the time. You can spend a day or two working up a concept for a character you want to enjoy playing as. Right now your character needs to have more depth and be something you are proud of.

After you edit your SU tell me and I can give it another look over, so for right now I'll reserve you.

Edit: @Discordant Harmony Yeah, I can send you the link.

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Did that work?

Also, Hawk? I love that you've already made an SU, but you kind of need to add some full stops to make it... you know, a little readable xP Just hit enter here and there to make some more spaces between the lines, please!

EDIT: Damnit Greiger, you're too fast for me :(
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I'm sorry, but for some reason it will not space out.
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@Sir Bastian Well... I am GM so it makes sense that I am able to warp time and space around me so that I can write and post much faster then you. It's just how GM's work, we have mad skills :cool:.

@Black Hawk It may be that you need to refresh your browser to start editing. Just write down what you can right now. If it still won't space out for you by the time you have your SU ready to go just PM it to me and I can later post it in here. Remember, take your time we're not ready to start the RP until we get more players.


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This seems like a great RP! I can't wait to join!

Name (Self-explanatory.): Necro (pronounced like the word knee at the "ne" part)

Age (For Knights the age range can be from 15 to 35. For Mechanists the age range can be from 18 to 55): 23 years old

Gender (Self-explanatory.): genderless (if you are allowing usually genderless pokemon to have them then male)

Pokemon Species (What are you?): Spirtomb

Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists (For Mechanist players.): N/A

Job Title: Knight-Commander

Appearance (One paragraph required. Make sure to include your weapons/armor for this section.): Looks like a regular Spirtomb when without armor except a slightly darker purple. The armor "he" wears is dark gray and a little beat up and rusty with an oran berry on the front. The armor is tight so it stays on. It has long triangular shoulder-pads above where the arms should be. The armor also has a collar like part to hold onto the gem and the string around it. ("he" can tuck in his "head" with his armor to appear as an ordinary stone)

Personality (Two paragraphs.): "He" seems a little crazy to most pokemon so other knights tend to avoid "him". "He" is strict about being a Mechanist and will grow suspicious of anyone who mentions them in any way but "the enemy". "He" often bashes technology into walls and such until it is no longer functional if "he" finds some. "He" feels that abandoned cities are "his" homes and actually disired to live in one for awhile.

"He" enjoys torturing Mechanists and then in front of everyone swallowing them whole. "He" considers souls tasty and the souls of "his" enemies much more sweet. "He" tends to laugh and yell as he torturers "his" enemies. "He" enjoys violence and takes part of it whenever possible. "He" is an expert spy due to "his" ability to hide in stone form and in plain sight. "He" has no pity for Mechanists. Necro prays a little less than most knights.

History (From childhood to where you are now.): Necro has no idea how or when "he" was born. All "he" and others know is that "he" slept in stone form for about two weeks. One day "he" was found by Mechanists nearby an enclave. It was shown to carried inside the enclave and Necro then woke up. "He" began hitting the Mechanists with attacks and running around. The Mechanists threw him out of the enclave and Necro wandered through the forests and ate random pokemon. ("he" didn't know any better) Eventually, "he" came across the city of Aeroth and was taken up and raised by two knights. "He" was recommended to become a knight due to "his" good spy skills.

Necro was accepted and immediately ran off and worked with a group of knights attacking the Oak enclave. "He" began heading out with the other knights and being used as a surprise strategy. "He" didn't like this and one day instead of surprising them like "he" was supposed to Necro used Confuse Ray causing half of the opposing force to become confused and then ate that half whole. The knights were surprised as "he" ate them all up and actually stopped what they were doing in surprise when the remaining half ran away in terror. Necro was suggested by most of the knights and was elected in less than a half an hour.

Necro was very surprised himself that "he" managed to do either of those things. Necro started working in small groups and using "himself" like a bomb, which became "his" signature strategy. "He" respected his teammates very much and made everyone count in a strategy. "He" also works part-time by the cities making sure no Mechanist can come in. (If one trys to, which they often don't) "His" current mission is to infiltrate Aeroth City and check on how far they are progressing in technology.

Moveset (Only four moves. Mechanists can use TM and HM moves.): Dark Pulse, Ominous Wind, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak

It's hard keeping up with all the posts! About ten have already been posted since I started writing this! If you want me to edit anything just ask...
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