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PokéCommunity Online Games Board

Welcome to the Online Games Board

Welcome to the Online Games board. Warm up those controllers, get those headsets ready, because you are all in for a wild ride. This new board is here to facilitate your online gaming needs with other PokeCommunity members. In this board, you can set up a gaming thread, talk to others about setting up matches, talk about what happened in the matches and more.

Please remember that all the PokéCommunity Rules apply here in the Video Gaming forum.

Please take the time to read over these rules, as they are very important and failure to read them will result in your thread being closed. And remember, all PC rules apply!

Forum-Specific Rules

No pokemon battle request – There is already a lovely section for this here. If any are posted, but they follow that boards rules, I will just move it over.

Have fun – Enjoy the events. They're meant to be fun, so don't take them too seriously. Please don't be overly competitive or talk down to the other players, or you may be barred from participating in future events for a set amount of time.

No post count – This board doesn’t add to your post count because I feel a lot of the posts won’t be sufficient enough to add to your total.

You can bump threads older than a month – You can revive threads that are a month old, if the game is still a valid online, multiplayer game. If you are unsure, feel free to pm Captain Fabio.

When Making A Thread

One thread per console – This is important to keep confusion away. Taking Battlefield 3 into account, this is on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. One global thread must not be made, but three individual threads for that console. This is to help combat confusion that could arise when people are requesting to set up a game and these threads will be clear in what console members will be on.

Prefixes must be used - Use the prefixes when creating a thread. If you don’t know what that is, it is the drop down menu to the left of where you enter the threads title, shown below. This has to be used as it makes it easier for members to see which thread is for what console.

Threads need to be approved – Due to the nature of the board, threads will need to be approved before members can post in them. This is because, I need to check they are correct and fine to go live for other members. If you don’t see your thread and it has been 24 hours since you posted it, contact Aura Bl with the thread title.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Aura Blackquill.

CSS credit goes to Hiroshi Sotomura.

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