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Remember, Remember

Deep inside these burning buildings, voices die to be heard

Chaos. That’s all I can remember is chaos. A building collapsed, my mother shouted for me.

Years we spent teaching a lesson

An Aggron lunged at a tank , horns going straight through the 4 inches of steel.

We our selves had never learned

The disease had come once before, before I had been born. It was back.

If strength was born from heart break

My own mightyena had my fathers head dangling from a bit of spine, and it was coming for me.

Many mountains I could move

My mother hit it over the head with a lead pipe just as another tank fires, obliterating the Aggron

If walls could speak I pray that they would tell me what to do

The blast made another building collapse. It fell on top of her.

If you see me please just walk on by, walk on by

Everything went black.

Forget my name and I’ll forget it too

I don’t know where I am any more.

Failed attempts at living simple lives, simple lives

I’m surrounded by pokemon though, healthy ones. They’re helping me.

Are what keep me coming back to you.

And now I know that I have to survive
~ Letter from a friend

The pokemon world has been stricken by a disease that only affects pokemon. It causes them to go mad, foaming at the mouth and attacking anything on site, very similar to rabies, except it travels through the air, and the worst part is, is that it doesn’t kill the infected. It was thought that there could be no true immunity, because if a pokemon that was healthy was so much as scratched by a pokemon with the disease, which is a mutated form of the pokevirus, that pokemon would get sick unless it was a legendary, which all went into hiding after the disease broke out, so it is unknown whether or not they can get sick. The scientists were wrong. A group of children, all with their pokemon have been being tracked by the authorities due to the fact that no matter what, their pokemon won’t get sick. Some of them have given in, but there are some who remain loyal and won’t let their pokemon be tested. You are one of these children, who have banded together in Hoenn to work together.

You are one of the children who have decided to flee from the authorities who want to test your pokemon. They want all the completely immune pokemon they can get in order to create a cure, but you have decided that they have gone too far, torturing the pokemon in the labs more than the ones that are sick. The authorities will stop at nothing to arrest you and get your pokemon. All the teams from the different countries have banded together, making the UTGE, United Teams for the Good for Evil, and they want the pokemon as well, planning to create a limited number of vaccines and selling the to the highest bidders. Your mission is to figure out what happened to the legendaries and avoid everyone out to get you.

1. Keep language to a minimum
2. All PC rules and regulations apply
3. When it comes to relations, no further than kissing
4. No bunnying whatsoever
5. Keep in mind that your pokemon are the only ones not sick, so you can’t catch any pokemon and all wild pokemon will attack
6. This is a violent RP, but keep the gore and stuff low
7. Pokemon speak too, ya know! Mark their speech with < ... >, but they can only speak to each other.
8. Don’t get caught by the authorities and survive

Name: middle and last are optional
Gender: Check your pants
Age: 12-17
Appearance: at least 2 lines or a picture.
Personality: a bullet point list is fine
History: At least a paragraph. What happened before coming to Hoenn if you lived in another country? How did you get to Hoenn? The disease has only been active for a few months, so what was life like before?
Relationships: all the characters know each other at this point, so who does your character like/hate? You could just leave this blank
Supplies: You can have a max of three things, from food to a potion

Pokemon: No legendaries, alternate color schemes are fine
Lvl.: max 35, so no evolution hax
Nick name:
Moveset: max of 6, 2 tm moves, 1 egg move and mark which is which

RP sample:

Name: Archur
Gender: male
Age: 15
Appearance: Normal height at 5’8” with thick black hair. He is skinny but not frail. He wears a black hoodie and blue jeans or shorts. He goes barefoot all the time due to a lack of shoes.
Personality: Loyal to say the least. He will never let anyone get left behind or let a wounded friend go untreated.
History: Nomti has lived in Hoenn all his life, but his father traveled a lot, so he met a lot of exotic pokemon, one of them being the one he has now. Nomti had many friends at school before the disease and was an overall happy and friendly kid. He loved pokemon and his pokemon loved him right back. He had only ever traveled across the country, beating only the first few gyms before heading back home. It was only month after he got home that the disease broke out. All of his fathers pokemon went insane and wound up killing each other. He has no idea what happened to either of his parents.
Relationships: N/A until later on
Supplies: Some poffins, some food, several potions

Pokemon: Dragonair
Lvl.: 35
Gender: Male
Nickname: Terus
Personality: Just as loyal as his trainer. Terus is the ultimate pokemon friend, at least in Archur's opinion. He will stop at nothing to complete the task at hand, whether it’s fending off sick pokemon or finding food.
Moveset: protect (tm), slam, twister, flamethrower (tm), extreme speed (egg), dragon tail

Is it better to live on your feet than die on your knees or to die on your feet than live on your knees?