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    (Hello everyone. This idea has been swimming through my head for the recent past, and well, a little hesitant about releasing it... Butt **** it, I've gone too far.)

    Jessie, James, & Meowth, thanks to their efforts against Team Galactic and Hunter J, finally get a promotion and ages-due respect within Team Rocket. As a result, They are reassigned to the faraway city of Steelport as part of an elite detachment to take over the city and get rid of an international crime syndicate competing with the Rockets. The trio's luck will be pushed to the test as their assignment makes them deal with the insanity and chaos that is Steelport, not even taking into account the other newcomers to the city: The famous and lethal 3rd Street Saints.

    Rockets Row

    (Rated M for language, violence, drug references, sexual references, blatant disregard for the law, glorification of gangsters, nausea, nonexistent gun control, auto-tune voiced pimps, Bert Reynolds, Urinary Incontinence, septic avengers, super hackers, laser tanks, heart failure, mascots, genetic experiments, the Steelport Sewer Sharpedo, and slightly dry skin.)

    Prologue: Prepare for Trouble

    Undisclosed Date
    Route 202, Sinnoh
    10:49 AM

    Jessie, James & Meowth collapsed on the side of Route 202. The trio had forgotten when they had last ate, and now their hunger was getting the better of them. Their rumbling stomachs had even gone so far as to scare away a Hoothoot napping on the top of a sign. All through Sinnoh, the trio was down on their luck, having gone through who knows how many failures through the past few run ins with the "twerps". After all they went through, they were flat out miserable.

    "Make way for the tummy rumble express." Meowth said in hunger. Even though he had been offered a job at a ramen restaurant, he ultimately refused, not wanting to leave his long time partners in crime. The temptation to regret that came up, but he brushed it off. Jessie and James never left him hanging, why should he?

    The two of them were trailing the Scratch Cat Pokemon, dragging themselves along as they groaned in agreement. Jessie's Wobbuffet was close behind, not being a Pokemon that stayed in a Poke Ball for long. The trio spent the next few moments simply sitting on the ground. Low points like these were happening more often, and it seemed like they had reached a low point in their career.

    Meowth spoke again. "We need a groovy gift from the boss to stoke the old fire..." Jessie and James finished the sentence with him, "And delivered air mail express."

    The three looked up towards the sun in hopes that what they said would trigger some force to send something their way. Amazingly enough, a small shape popped into view at the center of their sight. It grew larger and larger, and the Rockets suddenly recognized the figure as it shouted a distinctive cry.

    "Delibird from home! With provisions in tow!" Team Rocket shouted in new-found relief as the Pokemon landed in front of them. They crowded up closer.

    "Is that a sack lunch?" Jessie, James, & Meowth excitedly said in unison, salivating at the hope the delivery was food. Jessie spoke again, "Spill the beans. I just love beans!"

    "It's chow time, hooray!" James chirped in. Unfortunately for the three, Delibird only had one thing for them and it wasn't something to eat. The Delivery Pokemon grabbed a black leather folder from its sack and showed it to the Rockets. Meowth took it and started reading.

    "Beans don't come in a folder..." Jessie thought out loud at the realization that Delibird wasn't here to give them rations. It took off for whence it came, it's job done.

    "No Dessert?!" Jessie and James shouted in the vain possibility that the messenger forgot something. Delibird ignored the shouts, continuing its journey back.

    "Hey, get a load of this. It's from headquarters." Meowth said as he began to recite the message in his paws. "Greetings Jessie, James, & Meowth. Please contact headquarters immediately." The Pokemon looked at the other two to see if they had any guesses about it.

    "It's for being us!" Jessie replied somewhat vainly.

    "That's something to talk about in itself!" James agreed.

    "Well Let's make a call!" Meowth said, Wobbufett chiming along in a bandwagon. Team Rocket dashed towards the nearest phone booth and made the necessary connections to their HQ. Normally it would be impossible to get a hold of them, the criminal syndicate operating as discreetly as it could, but Giovanni's secretary knew beforehand they were calling, shown by their call being picked up by her and not a lower receptionist, and very quickly to boot. As her face appeared on the screen, she went straight to business.

    "You got the message?" She asked.

    "WHAT? YOU KNEW?" Jessie, James, & Meowth shouted in shock. The trio had guessed beforehand that it was some Executive like Archer or Proton that had requested them; Giovanni did not hide his low opinion of the trio.

    "The truth is, I'm the one who sent you Delibird." The secretary responded.

    "THE BOSS?"

    "Mr. Giovanni has asked me to inform you that you have been handpicked for a special mission. This assignment will not be like your last ones and is very delicate and demanding."

    "An order from the top Arcanine?" James asked.

    "We'll fill you in on the details at HQ. I suggest that you drop what you are doing, and come, quickly."

    "Like lightning!" the conversation ended as the video screen turned off. The three rushed out of the booth and cried tears of joy as they hugged. For the first time in who knew how long, they had finally gotten recognition in Team Rocket. If Giovanni personally gave them orders, it meant that they had fallen into his good graces again, something that made them forget about their troubles.

    "The boss finally likes us! The boss finally likes us!" They shouted over and over again, until James stopped in thought.

    "Wait, why does he like us again?"

    Jessie sparked his memory. "Remember the report we filed right after we beat Hunter J and Team Galactic?"

    "That was slick!" Meowth said, recalling the events. Team Galactic was an organization that aimed to take over the world by summoning Dialga and Palika, two powerful Legendary Pokemon. They were assisted by J, a ruthless Pokemon Hunter who had even tried to nab Meowth to sell on the black market.

    "And now self-promotion does the trick!" James continued. The report massively exaggerated the trio's role in Team Galactic's downfall, but never the less, the three cheered into the sky as they set off for their new orders.


    Team Rocket Headquarters, Unknown

    Giovanni Terremoto sat behind his desk, Persian at his side, reading files about the latest big undertaking of Team Rocket and the members he had picked to conduct it. Even though a number of reasons had combined to make it unwise for Giovanni to personally oversee this operation, he still did not want to squander an opportunity such as this. His secretary was in front of him, having just delivered the folders.

    "I just finished informing the last members of the new detachment assigned to the operation. They are returning immediately." She reported.

    "Splendid job. Thank you."

    The secretary took a moment to gather thoughts. "I've heard... Stories about the place the agents are going to. Very dangerous and... Crazy."

    "Yes. While Team Rocket's goal may be to conquer the world with Pokemon, it is important that we broaden our horizons a little if we are to tilt the field in our side. The intelligence said that there is valuable scientific resources in there. The possibilities are endless when we obtain them and take control of the underworld's spoils there. I picked the best operatives from all over Team Rocket to partake in this. If it's unsafe, then I am making sure there is little chance for failure."

    "Of course."

    "You may go." Giovanni dismissed his secretary as she did a short bow and left his office. His Persian meowed quizzically as the Rocket's boss put down the folders concerning Jessie, James, Meowth, and their new assignment.


    Jessie, James, & Meowth stood before a video screen of Giovanni. The three were filled with anxiety at receiving orders from the head of the Rockets once again, and it showed. The boss decided to test them on the basics, wondering if they were really up to the task.

    "Now once again, what is Team Rocket's number one goal?"

    Jessie chimed in. "Sir, our goal is to capture powerful Pokemon."

    James continued. "Pokemon that are powerful and rare!"

    Meowth finished. "And use them to take over the world!"

    "Excellent. While we may have suffered some setback recently, we are currently starting an operation that will aid us greatly in our goal. Take a look." A hologram appeared of an industrial island city at night, as the four tallest skyscrapers flashed red, blue, and green skylights. The trio had never even heard of a city like this, and because of it, they were pretty sure it was very far away.

    "What's this?" Jessie asked.

    "The City of Steelport. This city has a major criminal scene, and we intend to infiltrate it, and take over Steelport for Team Rocket, and further us in our plan. I am sending the three of you to join a detachment of Team Rocket to the city. Your goals will also include taking down a rival inter-regional crime syndicate based in Steelport that has been causing us trouble lately. You all will be joining the finest of our operatives in this task, considering our intel about your destination.

    Even though Steelport has no Pokemon we know of, we believe the assets Team Rocket will gain far outweighs the sacrifice of not capturing any. Even though normally you would keep your old Pokemon at HQ, because of the nature of the mission and Steelport's reputation, you three will be keeping yours along with the rest of the agent's and their Pokemon.

    Now go. The rest of the detachment is assembling in the hangars to depart for Steelport, where you will receive further details. I trust you won't fail."

    "No sir!" The trio shouted in reply. Giovanni turned the screen off to end the briefing. Jessie, James, & Meowth rushed as fast as possible towards the hangar.

    James shouted in joy at their new promotion. "I can't believe we're part of Team Rocket's elite!"

    Jessie agreed. "Me neither, a personal order from the boss, how sweet!"

    Meowth chimed in. "Haha, Bring it on Steelport! Team Rocket will beat your best!"
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