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    Salutations! As you can see, I'm quite new here. However, I have been stalking this forum for a while and I think I want to go ahead with this role-play I've been planning. My philosophy is to post the introduction and sign ups in the main role-playing thread with an OOC thread for the sole purpose of random discussion. I will probably put up the OOC thread once the actual roleplay has begun or once I have gotten a good number of people to sign up. Please do enjoy!

    -A Lost Cause-

    In ancient times, people worked with pokemon. In ancient times, the legendary pokemon were worshiped as gods. In ancient times, the world may not have been peaceful, but it was moral.

    Today, such values seem to be a lost cause. Now people make pokemon work for them. Now the the tales of the legends are regarded as myths. Now the world is at peace, but not for long.

    It was twenty years ago that the disasters started. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and all colors of unusual events began occurring the world over. Some blamed it on bad luck. Scientists believed it to be the result of changing global temperatures or some kind of active planetary phase. But one crazy old man saw these events in a different light. Only a few days ago he sent out the following letter to trainers of all experience levels the world over.


    Dear Trainer,

    Greetings, My name is Dr. Hourglass. My colleagues and I have been investigating the strange occurrences that have been plaguing our planet, and we believe we have found something. My dear friend Dr. Crab was poring over old tales and legends when he found something interesting. All of the destructive events tearing up our cities were described as being the punishments of the Gods, delivered only when the world had lost faith. Now, as you know, no one today worships the ancient Gods, and so the prediction holds true. But no scientist would consider the possibility of Legendary Pokemon causing harm to the world; such creatures are not accepted as being real. Which is why I call out to you, dear trainers, for help.

    Three of my colleagues- Doctors Catseye, Horsehead, and Eagle -traveled out from our research base leaving myself and Dr. Crab to continue our studies. Their mission was to search for more information in the ancient temples of the Gods, and, if possible, to somehow find a way to provide sacrifice or worship to them according to the old methods. However, they have failed to re-establish contact and their GPS markers have gone off the map. This is where you come in.

    Dr. Crab and I need you to accomplish two things. First and foremost your goal is to find our missing companions, be them dead or alive, and report back your findings. Your second and most important goal is to complete the old team's mission and put an end to the global crisis which threatens to destroy all of humanity.

    I would like to have between five and ten trainers attempt this mission. If you are interested, send in an application form and mail it to 5439 Nebula Island, Sinnoh. I will decide from there if you are qualified to undertake the assignment. From there, the chosen trainers will be notified and are to report to my research base for a briefing before departure in the direction of the Deus Island Ruins- an ancient complex on a tropical island South of Sinnoh, the place where my colleagues were supposed to have been searching. I suggest that you bring sleeping bags, food, water, and other necessary supplies- this will likely be a long journey.

    One final word of advice; if the cause of the disasters is truly the wrath of ancient Gods, then the Gods themselves may be here on Earth, and they may be exploring their old worshiping places as well. I do not know if such things are true, or how the Gods would react to your presence, so it is imperative that you trek onward with caution. The ancient manuscripts say that the Legendary Pokemon could transform freely between a pokemon form and a human form. It also says that they could transform into a different, ordinary species of pokemon. It should be noted, however, that the Gods are supposed to retain their same coloring in any form, so be wary of that fact. I will provide you- the whole trainer team -with a book on the subject of the ancient Gods and the legends surrounding them.

    I absolutely look forward to meeting you, and may your endeavors always succeed.

    -Dr. Hourglass


    You were one of the many trainers to receive this letter, and by whatever circumstances of luck you decided to read it and to send out your own application form. The game shall begin with you arriving at the Nebula Island Research Lab (one of the islands near Canalave), and from there who knows what is to happen!


    1) All forum and Role-play Corner rules apply.

    2) Plot twists are welcome, but discuss them with me first.

    3) As game master, I am the one who decides how to portray the Legendary Pokemon and the stories written about them. Try not to go against what I say or make up your own portrayals.

    4) Write "plesiosaurs are the best dinosaurs ever" in your sign up to prove you read the rules.

    5) Just kidding. That previous rule is stupid and silly. You may disregard it.

    6) Have fun!

    -Sign Up Form-

    Name: First and last name, middle if you wish.

    Gender: Male or female. You may also play as a gay/lesbian character.

    Age: Thirteen or older seems reasonable.

    Appearance: This needs to be a detailed description of your character's physical appearance (height, body shape, skin color, etc.) as well as the clothing and hairstyle he or she will be wearing when the role-play begins. Anime hair colors (anything hilariously unnatural) are totally welcome XD.

    Personality: This should be a very detailed description of how your character acts around others as well as his or her general attitude.

    History: Another detailed section on where your character comes from and what his or her past was like. Try not to let it be too unusual/mary-sue-tastic, and keep in mind that the disasters have been occurring for twenty years.

    Pokemon: Just as in the games and anime, you may have up to six pokemon. Pokemon are characters just as much as your human character, so please fill out the following sheet for each one.

    -Name: Either a nickname or simply the name of the species. The nickname can be more than ten letters, so don't feel limited by possible game nicknames.

    -Species: Any non-legendary pokemon.

    -Gender: If applicable

    -Appearance: A moderately detailed description of what your pokemon looks like and what differences they may have from others of their species (torn ear, unusually-shaped marking, size difference, etc.). You may have one shiny pokemon, and only if the rest of your character's information is sound and well written.

    -Personality: Doesn't need to be as long as your character's personality description, but should be fairly detailed. Try not to be stereotypical.

    -History: You only need to describe how your trainer obtained this pokemon and roughly how powerful they are. I'm not going by levels or actual move pools, so just keep it reasonable. I don't want any powerhouse magikarps that know flamethrower, okay?

    If you have other information on your human character or any of your pokemon, place it at the end of your sign up under the title "other" or "misc" or whatever.

    I will try to get on and post every day or two, so hopefully I will notify you of your sign-up status pretty soon after you sign up. If you are accepted
    , then you do not need to do anything more until the game starts. If you are pending, then you probably have a few off details or I need a little bit more information. I will tell you what to fix and once you edit those items you should be accepted. If you are declined, then your sign up was unacceptable in many regards and you will either have to re-write your form completely or leave the role-play. Hopefully everyone who wants to will have a chance to participate. I will probably only accept between five and ten role-players (if that many sign up...) but I may expand that number if more people would like to join in.

    Well, that about wraps it up as far as the role-play introduction page goes. Here is my sign up for those of you who are interested (and I do recommend that anyone who gets accepted should read my sign up as well as the sign ups of other accepted role-players).

    Name: Gwendolen "Gwen" S. Tradesman

    Gender: Female

    Age: Sweet Sixteen

    Appearance: Gwen stands at a few inches under six feet tall, so she is only very slightly above average height. She would also appear to be of average weight and curvature, although, being a girl, Gwen will never admit to her exact measurements. Her hair is long enough to nearly reach her waist when it is let down and is of a bright red color with streaks tinted the tiniest bit more orange. As is to be expected of a person with red hair, Gwen has very pale skin and a bridge of freckles across her nose, although she takes special care to put on sunscreen and prevent herself from getting too many spots. Gwen's eyes are blue green, though they tend more toward the greener spectrum especially when she wears clothing which brings out that color.

    As for clothing, Gwen will start out her adventure wearing the usual outfit. She often wears dark jeans that are frayed at the base simply because they are a tad too long and she has stepped on them enough to rip them apart. On top she will typically wear an ordinary shirt, this one happening to be dark green, bearing an image of a mountain pond and fancy calligraphy that reads "The Image of Tranquility". Over that Gwen wears her signature light jacket; a black one with a light grey pokeball on the top left side and light grey rims. Gwen seems to always be wearing her simple black baseball cap with a light grey milotic embroidered on to it by a family friend, and she often has her hair strung back through the hat into a ponytail. For fashion she will leave a few curls hanging down loose around her face. To finish off the outfit, Gwen wears dark olive green hiking boots that barely stick out under her long, frayed jeans. On this special occasion, Gwen decided to put on a simple silver-chained necklace with a piece of celestite hanging from it which is carved into the shape of a drop.

    Personality: Gwen is a quiet person and would never be the one to start up a conversation. She tends to stand back in a group and listen rather than coming out and talking with others. However, if someone speaks to Gwen, she will continue the conversation in a lighthearted and friendly manner. Gwen is usually a good person to ask for advice because she thinks very logically and can often use her mind to solve a problem. Although she gets frustrated easily, Gwen usually hides her emotions and only on rare occasions does she actually break down. Most of the time Gwen is just the strong silent type who stands in the corner and takes care of her pokemon. Pokemon are, of course, the one thing Gwen is passionate about. She will help out a pokemon she finds injured on the road or a small child whose pet has run away. Gwen enjoys raising pokemon, but she wants to spend a lot of time with each one individually and so she doesn't want to own too many. When the rare occasion comes around that Gwen does become angry and frustrated, it is usually over an issue involving a pokemon whom she finds herself unable to help.

    History: Gwen was born and raised in Snowpoint City, Sinnoh. Since she is only sixteen years old, Gwen's entire life has taken place during the recent time of crisis. For snowpoint city, the events have been everything from sudden and extreme blizzards to floods and even rampages of the mountain pokemon. But all this seems normal to the little girl growing up in the snowbound town.

    Like so many children, Gwen took an interest in pokemon early on. Her father, who was often away on business trips to the Unova region, had a pet herdier named Scotch whom Gwen loved very much. When Gwen finally reached the age of ten she was more than ready to start her own pokemon adventure around Sinnoh, and she knew that one day she would return home to face the local gym leader: Candice. However, Gwen's parents were nervous about sending Gwen out into the world on her own, especially when there were so many natural disasters going on in all parts of the globe. It took a year of convincing before Gwen was finally allowed to set of.

    Gwen's first pokemon was none other than her father's herdier Scotch, who proved himself to be a powerful asset in many of the battles that would come. Gwen traveled around to a few of the many cities of the Sinnoh region and she even earned four gym badges before deciding that it was time to bring her team- now consisting of a grand total of five pokemon -back home after five long years away. Gwen's parents were very happy to see her when she got back.

    During this stretch of time at home Gwen decided to challenge Candice and by some stretch of luck she won, earning her fifth gym badge. Shortly afterward Gwen planned to leave Snowpoint and head out for Sunnyshore, but a strange letter has arrived. After five years of trekking through the earthquake and flood ridden pastures of Sinnoh, Gwen saw the mission to the Deus Island Ruins as a potentially life-changing adventure, and one that she would gladly take part in. Gwen was quick to respond and, once she found out that she had been accepted, she was quick to pack her bags and hop on a boat to the Nebula Island Research Base.


    -Name: Scotch

    -Species: Stoutland

    -Gender: Male

    -Appearance: Scotch is by all appearances an ordinary stoutland. Gwen keeps his long fur brushed and feeling silky. If anything, the blue fur that makes up most of Scotch is body is nearly perfect grey to the point at which one could hardly call it blue. It is not quite clear whether this is simply the result of old age or if Scotch is just naturally a duller color.

    -Personality: Scotch is a serious and loyal pokemon. He dutifully follows behind Gwen and rarely enters his pokeball. While the other pokemon on Gwen's team were growing and evolving, Scotch was the one to stand by and make sure that their fighting was optimal and that they were truly working their hardest.

    Although his species are native to Unova, Scotch was raised in Gwen's happy home in Snowpoint City. As Gwen's first pokemon, Scotch traveled all around Sinnoh dutifully with his happy and loving trainer. Although stoutland are not naturally the most powerful pokemon in the world, Scotch is the most powerful on Gwen's team and she loves him very much.


    -Name: Haruba

    -Species: Hippowdon


    -Appearance: Haruba is an ordinary female hippowdon in every way except for the sand which is normally supposed to be pouring out of the large pores on her back. Haruba is a very clean and proud pokemon, and she will not allow herself to be constantly dumping out sand. While Haruba's pores do appear to be filled, there is never sand coming out.

    -Personality: Haruba stands proud and tall with her head held high. She likes to think that she is the most powerful and beautiful pokemon on the team, and her self esteem is quite high. Haruba is very cleanly and will often paw at the ground to get mud off of her feet.

    Haruba was not originally Gwen's pokemon, but instead came from a trainer who was no longer able to keep her. Supposedly the other trainer was unable to afford Haruba's food because he had payed a lot to travel to Sinnoh from his own region, Almia. The trainer said it was worth it, however, because there are no gyms and very few trainers back in his home region. Haruba is named after the desert she was born in. She is one of the more powerful pokemon on the team, but she is not quite as strong as she thinks she is.


    -Name: Dragon

    -Species: Mothim


    -Appearance: Dragon's colors are much brighter and more pronounced than those of a usual mothim, perhaps because he is so young. An even more distinguishing feature is his obsession with coating himself in an array of objects much like a burmy would. That habit does not seem to have been lost in his evolution.

    -Personality: Dragon earned his name because of his hoarding tendencies. He gathers up more useless items than a whole cluster of ordinary burmy, and not just for covering himself. Sometimes Gwen will find Dragon's collections inside her backpack, and on a few occasions piles of leaves and garbage have flown out when she tried to release Dragon from his pokeball.

    Gwen had always seen burmies on the TV, and she had always thought that they were quite adorable. As such, when Gwen saw a burmy sucking up the sap of a sweet-scented tree she took the opportunity to capture him. Since that, Dragon has become infamous for his antics and although he is not a very powerful team member, he is no doubt the fastest.


    -Name: Silence

    -Species: Floatzel


    -Appearance: Silence is distinguished by the fact that he almost never opens his mouth. When he does it is obvious why; Silence doesn't have a tongue, or rather, there is a stub where his tongue should be. This is also a reason for Silences picky eating, which is clearly deduced when one takes a glance at his emaciated figure.

    -Personality: Silence is shy and quiet, which is no surprise given that he is mute. He is very friendly and will try to play with other pokemon or spend time with them, but sadly he is often scared away or shunned because of his unusual predicament. Silence tries to communicate with other pokemon, and with Gwen, using charade like motions.

    Gwen doesn't know why Silence's tongue is missing, though she believes it was done by a cruel trainer who found Silence to be too loud and annoying. In any case, Gwen found him sitting alone by a river near Hearthome and decided to try and capture the poor lonely pokemon. It didn't take long for her to realize why he had been left alone.


    -Name: Queen of Hearts "Hearts"

    -Species: Skuntank


    -Appearance: Hearts has very long fur, even for a skuntank, which is often tangled and matted and sometimes becomes quite bothersome for Gwen to brush. Hearts always carries an egg- her egg -on top of her tail for protection.

    -Personality: Hearts is very stuck up and will almost never interact with the other pokemon on Gwen's team. While Haruba is proud of herself, she is still friendly. Hearts, on the other hand, thinks she is the best on the team and expects everyone else to agree with this. The only time she acts nicely is when she is keeping her egg warm. She sneers or swipes at the other pokemon, especially Silence.

    Gwen caught Hearts as a stunky and raised her up from there. She is good at poisoning opponents and weakening them, although she is not very strong herself. Gwen, because she does not own any fire-type pokemon, was very curious about them and went to a huge fire-type convention in Veilstone. It was a little while after that when Gwen discovered that Hearts was pregnant. Gwen believes the father was one of the pokemon at the convention, though she is not certain. Now that the egg has come out, Gwen is still not sure whether it will hatch a stunky or the species of the father.


    Other: Gwen keeps a pokemon egg with her- Hearts' egg -although she doesn't know what will hatch from it (Note: I always thought it was stupid that baby pokemon would always be the same species as the mother. This baby may or may not be the species of the father).

    Aaaaaand, that's all folks. Please do enjoy your time in the role-play corner, even if you are not signed up for this particular role-play. XD
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      I haven't been on here in ages, so I suppose I'm in the same boat as you. In any case, I'll put my SU here, too

      Name: Dontae Redblade

      Gender: Male

      Age: 17

      Appearance: As a medium build, Dontae doesn't appear as anything too out of the ordinary. His muscle tone isn't that far from natural (which is especially odd when considering the natural disasters that take place). His skin is lightly tanned from the sun, but it's obvious that he is of Caucasian descent. However, he does have a series of scars that litter his back and thighs, but the only one that isn't hidden by his clothes is the one that's shaped like a crescent moon on the back of his neck. He stands at about 5'8" and his hair is a pitch black and spikes up slightly.
      For clothes, Dontae wears a black undershirt with a black and white-striped sweatshirt that almost tattered to obliteration. His blue jeans are also slightly ripped, and even his shoes have a level of caked and hardened mud that cannot be washed away by normal means. The only article that seems relatively new on his person is his backpack.

      Personality: Dontae's rather shy and to himself. He usually tries to avoid interactions with people, and sometimes makes excuses to turn around and run. In many cases he will opt for the choice that requires little interaction and more independent action. On the other hand, his attitude towards Pokemon is the complete opposite. He's a born fanatic with a secondary bubbly attitude that betrays his indifference many times over. His natural instinct is to tend to pokemon, and as such he's spent time volunteering at understaffed Pokemon Centers needing help.
      On the inside, though, Dontae is a very compassionate person. He's a very good listener, and his naturally silent side makes him a good candidate to confide things in. Secretly, he also desires the closeness of another person. It's a side of him that often conflicts with his natural tendencies, but it's just as much a part of him as Pokemon are part of his life.

      History: Growing up in Fortree City could have been considered one of the most dangerous things in these times of natural disaster. The firestorms caused by Hoenn's volcano sometimes found their way over and caused serious forest fires. Since most of the homes were near or part of the foliage, the city was in constant danger. It became customary for everyone living there to own a water-type Pokemon to aid in the fire extinguishing.
      For Dontae, Fortree City was taboo. As a kid, he loved exploring the nearby forests and finding all sorts of Pokemon in their natural habitat. However, it was a taxing and anxious experience for his parents. In fear of possible disasters, they often had to venture into the wilderness themselves, find Dontae, and return home before anything happened. It went all the way to the point where they caught an Absol to watch over him and make sure he was safe.
      One day, a big firestorm was coming, and the boy was naturally out exploring. As trained by his parents, though, the Absol ran Dontae to safety and the two found cover in a cave as they waited out the disaster. It lasted all night, but in the morning Dontae was on his way back to his home. That was the first and last time Dontae ever returned without his parents. When he made it home, he found his house to be empty. Concerned, the boy did as he naturally would and looked for answers. Asking around the town if they knew where his parents were, a group of people came back from the forest with his answer: the charred corpses of his parents. They had braved the storm to search for their son, and in return the forest snatched them away. It seemed on that day that everyone in town and the Pokemon in the forest could hear the cry of that eleven year old boy; mourning the death of his parents.
      Days after the incident, Dontae had already hid himself inside his shell. He let no one get close, and even if they managed he hardly said a word. When a week past by, he had already left the city. Heart heavy with grief and guilt, the boy set out to try and make amends. He started collecting survival supplies and began his own search for survivors in different towns. He developed skills in different areas, even countries outside Hoenn, and collected an assortment of Pokemon to help him on his way.
      Recently, when he found his letter asking for help on an expedition, Dontae was hesitant at first. The biggest problem was having to work with people, but it also meant that there was hope. If he could stop the natural disasters, help make all the chaos stop, he would finally sate the emptiness inside and make up for his past mistake.


      -Name: Aquis

      -Species: Azumaril

      -Gender: Female

      -Appearance: Azumaril's tail is slightly longer than most of her kind, but it isn't enough for most people to point out right away. The most notable thing about Aquis is the red ribbon she likes to wear on her left ear.

      -Personality: Aquis is rather like her master in the sense that she is cautious of people when they are first introduced. Even so, if Dontae says the person is alright she'll try and warm up to them. She is also very defensive when it comes to Dontae, and if he's in danger she'll be the first to retaliate.

      -History: As a Marill, Aquis was Dontae's first Pokemon. Since it was mandatory that everyone had a water Pokemon, his became his first. Over the years she had grown more powerful in the effort to rescue people and Pokemon alike. She's primarily used to provide water to people in need with Water Gun, but she also makes use of Rollout and Ice Beam to sort out trouble in her way. Her fourth move is Surf.

      -Name: Skitter

      -Species: Galvantula

      -Gender: Male

      -Appearance: Skitter's coat shines more than most owned Galvantula. Dontae made it a point to learn how to groom his Pokemon well, and it really shows. It's one of the details that cements his master's status as a maniac.

      -Personality: Skitter is a trickster at heart. Being naturally sneaky, he likes to give people a good scare by descending down upon people or casually press his legs against their backs and simulate himself crawling on them. It's more of a kind gesture, however, because in his own way he's trying to momentarily distract people from the severity of their world.

      -History: Dontae spent a long while in Unova, and one of the Pokemon he saved was a Joltik. It was a very big troublemaker back then too, but he winded up in a battle with Dontae that ultimately led to his capture. He's
      often used to shock people and Pokemon back to consciousness. Because of this, his electrical powers are worked out with Discharge and Volt Switch.

      -Name: Leo

      -Species: Absol

      -Gender: Male

      -Appearance: Leo is very old, and as such it walks with a slow pride when he doesn't have to rush into a rescue. His coat is also kept soft and sleek, but it's difficult tending to the scar that runs along side his body.

      -Personality: Leo is very calm and prideful in his older age. He keeps himself very relaxed and pleasant, but it offended he won't hesitate to bite (making hurt just enough to show his discontent). Even so, he's practically vulnerable whenever Dontae pets him on the head.

      -History: Leo was the Absol trained by Dontae's parents, and as such watched over Dontae as he grew up. He is the scout of the group; being the most careful in the face of disasters and able to find people and Pokemon in need. Although he's not as strong as he was, in his prime he could almost level a mountain with his Razor Wind. Even still, his technique with Night Slash is still perfect; landing a critical hit is more than easy for him on unsuspecting targets.

      -Name: Ruby

      -Species: Audino

      -Gender: Female

      -Appearance: The only thing that sets Ruby apart from the wild Audino are the two red bows tied to her feelers and the slightly happy expression on her face.

      -Personality: With all the doom and gloom from the disasters, it would be natural that the "feeling" Pokemon would be affected, too. As such, Ruby and many of her kind took the depressed route and gained the feelings of hopelessness. On the other hand, Ruby also found kinship with Dontae, and during his care and tending of her she's able to regain the smile that most Audino were known for.

      -History: After being dragged into battle and poisoned by her opponent (still to this day unknown to Dontae if it was a trainer's Pokemon or a wild one), Ruby was left for dead out in the open of Pinwheel Forest. The other Pokemon of her kind abandoned her in fear of more negative feelings, but the poison was a slow killer. Ruby watched for days as people and Pokemon ignored her on the road. By the time Dontae found her, she was almost completely withered away. With sympathy, Dontae carried Ruby to safety and worked tirelessly on her recovery. In time, Ruby made a full recovery and willingly joined her savior's team as a medic.

      -Name: Maple

      -Species: Whimsicott
      -Gender: Female

      -Appearance: Maple's cotton is kept puffy and soft, and her horns are routinely polished for a sleek shine. There is, however, a noticeable scar on the right side of her torso.

      -Personality: Maple is a very ditzy Pokemon. Although well knowing of the situations she's in, she still has a happy expression almost wherever she goes. Her positivity is rather infectious to Dontae, his team, and his patients.

      -History: Maple was the reason Dontae was in Pinwheel Forest the day he found Ruby. Being a big fan of Whimsicott he went out searching for a Cottonee to raise for his own. When the two found Ruby, Maple did her best to help cheer the poor Audino up. Because of this, the two Pokemon became best friends. Maple is most often the Pokemon Dontae keeps out of its pokeball to travel with.

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      Name: Edward Chapman.

      Gender: Male.

      Age: Sixteen.

      Appearance: Edward is a tall male with a slender frame. His hair is a golden-brown colour and is very curly. It is left in its natural, messy state on almost all occasions. His eyes are a bright shade of blue. His eyebrows are average length and thickness, and his nose is seen as the norm nose. His jaw is squared off leaving very little childishness visible in the boys face. He is often mistaken for being older than he is. Edward is often seen wearing a grey t-shirt with an image of Castelia city printed on to it in a black colour as well as a pair of brown chinos. His shoes are a grey colour and are high tops. He also wears a black hooded jacket, but it is rarely zipped. In colder conditions, Edward also wears a black hat and scarf.

      Personality: Edward is very confident in himself and is often seen as cocky. He thinks of himself as somewhat as a womanizer as well as a top class Pokémon trainer. Edward sees himself as slightly better than everyone else and occasionally judges people before he gets to know them. In a group, he enjoys being the center of attention, and he will put others down in order to gain this. Edward thinks that everyone respects and likes him because of the way he acts. His arrogance has often gotten him into trouble with the likes of Team Plasma. He is oblivious to the irritation he causes others by acting in such an obnoxious way. Despite his flaws, Edward is an incredibly loyal friend. He always keeps an eye out for those he holds dear. His Pokémon are like his family.

      History: Despite seeming to have an easy life, Edward grew up under very difficult circumstances. Both his parents passed away during an earthquake in Celestic town, Sinnoh. As a result, Edward moved to Nuvema town under the guardianship of his Aunt Susanne. His Aunt had two other children, both younger than Edward. As a result, Edward received the least attention from his Aunt. He then turned to misbehaving in order to get the spotlight. As the years went by, Edward made friends with a local boy and girl named Cheren and Bianca respectively. They always planned out their Pokémon Journey together, all wanted different conclusions of course, all of them wanted to be the Champion.

      When all three of them were fourteen, Professor Juniper gave each of them a Pokémon to start their journey with. Of which, Edward obtained Snivy, Cheren chose Tepig and Bianca got Oshawott. The trio then began their journey together and at first traveled together until they teamed up to take on Cilan, Chili and Cress. Edward defeated Cress's Panpour using his Snivy and therefore received a Trio Badge. Cheren was also successful, however Bianca was defeated and as a result the trio split up. On Edward's adventure of the Unova region he often came across Team Plasma and assisted in the shutdown of the organisation by taking on Zinzolin, and later the Shadow Triad to stop them from assisting Ghetsis and N. After this showdown, he competed in the Unova Pokémon League and was defeated in the Last 8.

      Following his Unova journey, Edward decided to travel Sinnoh. Here he was confronted by yet another rival organisation, this time known as Team Galactic. He built up a rivalry with the Galactic Commander, Saturn. Along with Lucas, Barry and Professor Rowun, Edward helped put a stop to yet another evil organisation. This time he battled Cyrus but was unable to cope and was defeated. However Lucas defeated Cyrus and the region was saved. Prior to the Cyrus battle, Lucas, Barry and Edward had a triple battle with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The trio were victorious but Edward rushed on and was defeated. Following the proceedings at Spear Pillar, Edward participated in the Sinnoh Pokémon League and finished in the top 4, defeating both Lucas and Barry en route.

      During the last few months, Edward has become a 'Shiny Hunter'. However he has been relatively unsuccessful other than his capture of a Shiny Joltik.


      Name: Serperior.
      Gender: Male.
      Appearance: Serperior's body is slightly longer than most of its species, however not noticeably on first glance. Like all of Edward's team, Serperior wears a Silk Scarf, more as a fashion accessory as to an actual enhancement of its abilities.
      Personality: Serperior is basically the opposite to Edward. He is a very timid creature and lacks courage. However, when needed, Serperior can overcome its fears and do what is right. In recent times, Serperior has become less shy and also more confident in its abilities.
      History: Serperior is the first Pokémon that Edward has ever had in his possession. It was obtained from Professor Juniper back when it was a Snivy. It has since grown a lot, physically and mentally and is closing in on reaching its full potential.

      Name: Druddigon.
      Gender: Male.
      Appearance: Druddigon's tail is shorter than the norm of its species. However its wings are longer and thinner. As a result Druddigon has the ability to fly very well. This Pokémon too, wears a Silk Scarf.
      Personality: Druddigon is the keeper of a very fiery personality. The Dragon is often subject to losing its temper. However, it is incredibly loyal to Edward. It has tried to calm down its temper on several occasions, but when he is enraged, he needs time alone to recover.
      History: Edward found Druddigon as an egg just noth of Nuvema town. Edward recognized the strange colour of the egg and decided to look after it. Eventually the egg hatched into a baby Druddigon. The Dragon was extremely powerful, and to this day is the powerhouse of the team.

      Name: Joltik.
      Gender: Female.
      Appearance: Joltik's fur is noticeably darker than that of your average Joltik. Its eyes are also a different colour, rather than blue, they are purple. It is also slightly smaller than your normal Joltik. It too, wears a Silk Scarf.
      Personality: Joltik, like its physique, is slightly extravagant. It enjoys the company of Edward and his fellow Pokémon. He likes to be mischievous and often plays pranks on his trainer.
      History: Edward came across Joltik by chance while travelling through Chargestone cave after returning from the Sinnoh region. Edward immediately noticed that there was something different about this Pokémon and captured it. This is the Pokémon that started off Edward's goal to be a 'Shiny Hunter'. Despite Joltik's miniscule physique, it's speed and special attack are extremely high.
      -under construction
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        here we go. New to RP on the forums as well, so yeah.

        Name: IssI Caramello

        Gender: Male.

        Age: Thirteen.


        Standing at a height of 145 cm, IssI is about average height, and about average weight. With an average body, white skin, nothing is out of the ordinary here...right? Wrong. IssI is a pro when it comes to moving quickly, stealthily and silently. Nothing can get in his way and remain there for too long. It is either eliminated, moves of its own accord or is avoided.

        Funnily enough, his ears are ever so slightly pointed, but that's probably just an illusion of the eye. Speaking of eyes, his eyes are a medium toned green and his hair is dark black with just that slight streak of red and green.

        He prefers his hair long for anonymous reasons he doesn't share, and keeps it away from his face. It has been known for IssI to be mistaken for a girl at times but he lets it slip.

        He's wearing a black shirt and black long pants, nice, comfy ones that allow for quick movement.

        For all his appearance, IssI is just one boy that you want to be friends with or stay neutral. Getting on his bad side might be the last decision you make... for he will feed you.... a cookie that may or may not taste delicious.


        IssI is timid, lacking of courage, and overall, shy. But, funnily enough, he will stand up for others, especially his Pokemon, but almost never for himself. Oh yeah, and IssI has Aspergers Syndrome, however, when he does come out of his shell, he talks with great enthusiasm about what he likes and believes in. That can present a problem sometimes though XD. He also displays a large amount of empathy.


        IssI was born and grew up in Pacifilog town, yeah, that place somewhere in Hoenn, but ended up moving to Castelia for two years in Unova. Eventually, two years ago, he moved back to Hoenn and was the breeder known as Isaac near Mauville. His name is still IssI though.


        -Name: Marshy

        -Species: Mudkip :D

        -Gender: Female

        -Appearance: Almost a normal Mudkip, apart from the fact that it has been AWESOMISED :D :D :D Also, if you look closely, one cheek is shorter than the other. And the tail is bigger. Also, Marshy is much cuter.

        -Personality: Tame, awesome, and pro. Marshy is IssI's main companion and travels almost everywhere with him. One place they don't travel together is.... Nowhere. :0. It's a retched place in between code. Dreaded place.

        -History: Marshy was IssI's first Pokemon and, as such, is much more awesome than Robert, his other Mudkip. Marshy is quite pro, as she has traveled almost everywhere. And survived. So she's pretty powerful.

        -Name: Petalia

        -Species: Corrupted and shiny Petilil?????

        -Gender: Female

        -Appearance: It's a shiny Petilil with streaks of shadow! What is it? A Corrupted and shiny Petilil! With notched ears! She truly is amazing.

        -Personality: You know how she's corrupted... well, that means she eats cake..... odd, I know. But she is really powerful, the powerhouse of the team. Also enjoys cookies, vanilla ice-cream and lamp-posts.

        -History: Petalia was a sweet lil' darling when IssI first found her. Since then, she's journeyed into the Dark Side, eaten all their cookies and returned. The Dark Side ain't happy. Sooooo yeah... she may or may not know Giratina's sig move, Dimensional Rift and IssI may or may not have encouraged that growth...... IssI found her abandoned outside Nuvema Town incidentally.

        -Name: Robert

        -Species: Mudkip :D

        -Gender: Male

        -Appearance: Not a normal Mudkip. You see where his head thingy-ma-bobby is? Well, that can grow wings and fly! Beside that he's normal.

        -Personality: Robert is pretty tame, occasionally looses his temper, so he's got an Adamant nature. But that's about it.

        -History: The offspring of Marshy and Pelliper. For some reason IssI got this corrupted kinda egg..... =/


        -Name: Fossilia Magicarpia

        -Species: Fossil Magicarp

        -Gender: Male

        -Appearance: A pile of bones. 'Nuf said.

        -Personality: Aggro. Attacks without warning. Kept on a leash until further notice

        While Clay was mining underground, he found Fossilia Magicarpia. Ever since, Clay made sure that there were none of em in his mine..... Not much else is known, except Clay's wrist is permanently broken....
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          Name: Gunnar Dane Geir

          Gender: Male

          Age: 17

          Appearance: Gunnar stands just over six feet tall with a compact, athletic, build. He has pale skin and wears his straight, silvery hair at shoulder length and puts it in a ponytail when doing anything that might cause it to get in the way. He has a straight nose and high-ish cheekbones. He’s usually got a reserved look on his face or a mischievous grin.

          On average Gunnar can be found in practical blue jeans, hiking boots cut to resemble sneakers, and either tank tops or sleeveless shirts, usually black or darker shades of blue and green in color, and when practical he likes to wear mirrored sunglasses that cover his somewhat light sensitive light green eyes. When practical he wears a toboggan and black and silver jacket modeled after a high school varsity jacket with a pokeball emblem on the back. Most of his gear, including his bike, is kept in a surprisingly spacious pack. He also wears a belt with his pokeballs attached.

          Personality: Gunnar is fairly quiet around those whose respect he might want to garner, at least until he gets to know you, partially due to his tendency to spend most of the time listening to music from his Pokegear. Once someone actually gets him talking there isn’t any going back, he’s frequently one to say exactly what’s on his mind especially when dealing with someone whose respect he doesn’t really care to have. Aside from working out of the mornings and evenings and the exercise he gets through traveling, he’s rather lazy, preferring to spend free time dozing on his metang, Buzz’s back or something similar.

          Gunnar is a surprisingly intelligent person and it takes quite a bit to get him genuinely mad but nothing does it quicker than seeing someone mistreat a pokemon, or worse, one of his friends. Once he has gotten truly mad his normally calm and cool demeanor vanishes and he becomes somewhat sadistic, not satisfied until his rage has been sated and the one responsible regrets whatever it was that angered him so.

          History: Originally hailing from Sootopolis City in Hoenn, Gunnar developed a relatively religious attitude toward most of the creation myths of Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza. It was here that caught his first pokemon, a zubat named Shrieker and would later leave from and return to riding his wailmer named Blu. He grew up with his mom and stepdad, the latter he never greatly cared for. He eventually left for his pokemon journey.

          Over the course of his journey he met many people and made quite a few friends, eventually collecting all the badges in the Hoenn league but losing out in the finals, sad at his loss but content with the experience. After he returned home before leaving to train so that he might do better next time, he found that his stepdad had taken to training pokemon but not treating them kindly. After some investigation on his part he discovered that his stepdad had been working for Team Aqua since had left and was attempting to gain local influence after confronting, battling, and beating him, he turned him in to the authorities. Since then he has trained locally hoping to maybe one day prove himself as the best.



          Name: Tar


          Gender: Male

          Appearance: Standard

          Personality:Very lazy, generally asleep when not being directly stimulated in some way.

          History:Gunnar found Tar while he was exploring a cave system, tripping over the sleeping pokemon in the crater it had made by eating. Tar immediately woke and fought with Gunnar’s then golbat, Shrieker, only to be caught. After taking Tar to a pokecenter it was rapidly made clear that Tar was actually very very young, and in fact was likely recently hatched.

          Name: Buzz


          Appearance: Buzz has a number of patches on his body that look like rust but can be washed off. They seem to reappear within the week though. Gunnar thinks this is done by Buzz itself.

          Personality: Buzz is the quite brooding member of Gunnar’s party only talking in any way when the other pokemon want his attention, and often sitting completely still when at rest.

          History:Gunnar caught Buzz when he was still a beldum around a fissure that had opened up due to the recent tectonic activity. After befriending the Gunnar Buzz became the center of his full force frontal offensive. After evolving he became much more contemplative and even more powerful but that hasn’t stopped him from allowing Gunnar to use him as a mode of transportation when absolutely necessary.

          Name: Blu

          Species: Wailmer

          Gender: Female

          Appearance: Blu has a number of light blue scars covering her back, likely the result of an encounter with a tentacruel when she still lived in the wild.

          Personality: Blu is a very happy pokemon, often calling cheerfully when out of her pokeball and nuzzling Gunnar when she has the chance. This has, understandably, left him somewhat dreading her becoming a wailord.

          History:Gunnar met Blu in the Sootopolis bay while swimming, eventually playing with the pokemon until they became friends. They seemed to meet every time Gunnar went swimming until the day he set out for his adventure. Seeing him leaving her, Blu followed the ferry for a day before Gunnar felt so bad about leaving her he decided to catch her.

          Name: Shrieker

          Species: Crowbat

          Gender: Female

          Appearance: Shrieker has a number of scars on her top left wing.

          Personality: As the one who has been with Gunnar the longest, she has something of a motherly attitude towards Gunnar and his other pokemon. She tends to stay very calm unless there is imminent danger that no one knows about, in which case she does her best to make sure everyone knows.

          History:Gunnar found Shrieker while she was still a zubat in the Cave of Origins. Gunnar was doing some exploring one night, eventually following a crying sound to the entrance to the Cave of Origins, even though he knewhe wasn’t technically supposed to go there. He rapidly decided he would rather deal with the inevitable reprimand than not help something that clearly needed it. He found the wounded zubat on the cave floor, crying out in pain due to its broken and lacerated wing. He took the chance and threw the one pokeball he’d been given as a gift and caught Shrieker. He then took her to the pokecenter were she was healed.

          He was eventually found out and punished for going into the cave but to this day he’ll still say it was very much worth it.
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            Name: Alex Terracosta

            Gender: Male

            Age: Fifteen

            Appearance: Alex is 5 feet 6 inches, relatively average for his height. He is about 125 pounds so Alex has a slim athletic build. Alex has brown skin but not dark enough to be considered black. He has short hair around the sides, with the front part of the top of his hair being styled up. Alex wears half-rimmed black and white glasses and typically wears dark blue jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt. During the colder days, Alex will slip on a regular black hoodie with a pokeball on the top. He wears a white fitted cap with a simple black half-pokeball on it. (The pokeball is identical to the one Ash wears during the "Advanced Generation" and "Diamond & Pearl" series.) Alex also wears regular white sneakers.

            Personality: Alex is typically laid-back, lazy and cool and very big class-clown. He will miss no opportunity to crack a joke, using any profanity or vulgar if necessary. The only thing he will EVER change his attitude towards is Pokemon and protecting them and people. He is not shy at all, and starts is willing to start a healthy conversation boldly and socially. He will only act shy around girls that he likes. Alex is quick to anger, and when he is angry, he will not care who or what he is talking to. He will say and do whatever to release his anger.

            History: Alex hails from Sunyshore City in Sinnoh, and has completed the Pokemon Gym Challenge. He stayed in Sunyshore City after his victory with Volkner, due to the fact that he was "too lazy to travel all the way to the Pokemon League." The truth was that he did not believe he was strong enough for the Elite Four yet and wanted to train more so he could defeat them with ease.

            Alex was into Pokemon from a very young age, and begged his father to let him use some of his Pokemon in a battle against each other, but his father refused because he wanted the experience of being a Pokemon trainer to be fresh for Alex when he would let him journey to Sandgem Town to receive his first Pokemon at the age of ten. When Alex was of age, His father flew both of them on his Pidgeot to Sandgem town and Alex met Professor Rowan and Lucas, his assistant. Alex picked a Chimchar because he had seen how powerful Lucas's Infernape was, and believed Chimchar to be the most powerful, and cool-looking, of the three starter Pokemon.
            Alex collected a vast variety of Pokemon, sending the ones he did not use back to his father in Sunyshore city, and finally settled on choosing 6 of them to train for the Elite Four. The rest remain in Alex's families house roaming about and helping around the house.

            One day as Alex was training, his father told him about a letter that was for him. Curious, as Alex does not receive many letters, he opened it and read the letter and was instantly excited. Alex had thought that the natural disasters were nothing more than just the atmosphere acting up and would pass... eventually. The idea of "Gods" and "Ancient Pokemon" excited him to the point that when he was asked about the Elite Four from his father, he replied, "Elite wah?" Alex chose his 3 most powerful and closest Pokemon, and prepared himself to the journey to Nebula Island Research Base.


            -Name: Infernape

            -Species: Arceus lol jk obv Infernape

            -Gender: Male

            -Appearance: Infernape is a regular Arceus (LOL XD) that always has his fire burning high and bright. His ears are always pointed up, listening carefully to his surroundings, and is very nimble and fast on his feet. Infernape has a scar running from the top-right of his face down to the bottom-left, that he received against in a battle against Galactic Admin Jupiter's Weavile in Mt. Coronet.

            -Personality: Infernape is an extremely powerful powerful and acts very cool and serious at all times. He is very mature and is very cautious and brave, ready to take on anything anyone throws at him. He deems himself above the rest of Alex's Pokemon, and his pride is something that the rest of Alex's Pokemon hate about him, but they have to put up with it because Infernape is after all the strongest and oldest Pokemon in the team.

            -History: Infernape was always the trump cared that Alex played in any Pokemon battle in which he was caught in a pinch. Infernape always proved himself worthy of the Alex's most powerful Pokemon, especially when he knocked out half of Galactic Admins pokemon with ease.


            -Name: Mega

            -Species: Garchomp

            -Gender: Male

            -Appearance: Mega is a regular Garchomp. He does not like to be groomed and has a rough, tough and dirty appearance, one that Mega adores due to Ground being his second type. Garchomp has a powerful and wise look in his eyes, one that intimidates each and every pokemon that Garchomp has been faced against.

            -Personality: Garchomp is considerably young, but acts very old and mature, almost like a wise old man. This is due to its experience in Pokemon battles and adventure. Garchomp tends to scare off people and Pokemon alike, due to his appearance, so this has caused him to live a sad life as a loner, finding comfort within his team and his owner.

            -History: Garchomp has been used in many battles alongside Infernape, and although the two don't get along very well, they are an excellent team in battle and work together to defeat any Pokemon that they are pitted against.
            It was caught while Alex was venturing in the Wayward Cave. Gible was the son of a dying Garchomp, who's last wish was to be with a Pokemon trainer, rather then live it's life alone in fear with the older and more fearsome Gabites and Garchomps.


            -Name: Ross

            -Species: Honchkrow

            -Gender: Male

            -Appearance: Ross has a tendency to look it's best no matter what. It is always seen worrying about it's appearance and always requires that someone groom it whenever there is a chance. Ross is a beautiful Pokemon, and adores the attention that it gets when people are admiring it's appearance.

            -Personality: Honchkrow thinks highly of himself and believes that he is the most popular pokemon there ever existed. He is nosy and butts his head into other Pokemons business, much to their annoyance. Ross is generally not a fighter, however once a Pokemon messes up Ross's appearance with an attack, he will stop to no end to make sure the opponent is knocked out.

            -Histoy: Being the lazy guy Alex is, he needed to catch a Pokemon that he could to fly town to town instead of using his bike. He saw Honchkrow as a Murkrow. It was the first pokemon he saw so he caught and trained it to evolve so it could grow big enough to let him ride on. Honchkrow proved not only to be a useful means of transportation, but also a very powerful pokemon that impressed Alex greatly.


            -Name: Vicky

            -Species: Toxicroak

            -Gender: Female

            -Appearance: Vicky is a Toxicroak with an usually shiny skin color. Also, all the spikey parts of Vicky are extremely sharp. She has a small throat-sack, like all female Toxicroak do.

            Personality: Vicky is mischievous, playful, and a quite a bit of a prankster. She always bugs Alex when he sees or is talking to a girl that he likes, much to his annoyance. She is very fond of her teammates, and they of her. Her energetic and bubbly personality leads her to making many new friends and allies.

            History: Found in the Great Marsh as a Croagunk, Vicky had a tendency to play pranks on passing-by trainers. One day as Alex was walking by, Vicky had played a prank on Alex by throwing Black Sludge on him. Unfortunately what Vicky did not know was that Alex's Monferno was out, and she hit him by accident. Monferno, having quite the temper, went off and attacked Vicky, knocking her out. Alex used the pokedex to find out if this was a worthwhile pokemon, and caught it. Since then Vicky has proved to be an amazing fighter, using both of her types to her advantage. She is extremely quick, and practices her speed by running away from Infernape after she plays multiple pranks on him, all of which he falls for. Vicky is the third strongest Pokemon on Alex's team, and she manages to get herself out of sticky situations with stron opponents fairly easily.
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              Well, I'm not sure if there are any spots left.. But here is my SU just in case there are.

              Name: Leo Angelus

              Gender: Male

              Age: Sixteen

              Appearance: Leo stands at six foot in height, weighing roughly 172 pounds. His skin has a pale complexion. His eyes are a deep magenta coloring, being almost violet-red in tone. His hair is a deep crimson, reaching no farther than the bottom of his jaw when worn down. Most of the time he seems to prefer it in a spiked/slicked back fashion, causing various spikes that aim backwards.

              His clothing choice usually consists of a simple attire. He wears khaki cargo shorts that drop just below where his shins meet his knees. He also dons a black, hooded sweatshirt with the sleeves torn off of it. His shoes are also a black coloring, having crimson shoe laces, as to stick out from the rest of his attire.

              Personality: Leo tends to come off with an arrogant air when first meeting people due to his high confidence in his abilities as a trainer. Some even describe him as hostile He is calm and collected most of the time, although he has quiet a temper when angered. He tends to be rather unfriendly, preferring to be alone than with people.

              History: Leo is from Mossdeep City, Hoenn region. Growing up was odd for him. His father worked nearly every day at the Space Center, while his Mother had died when he was only three. For most of his life, he had grown up without any friends or family. As all the rest of his kin lived scattered around the region, and the children at school seemed to enjoy picking on him constantly.

              As he grew older, Leo gained an interest in Pokemon. The gym in the city was a normal visit for him, watching the fights there every chance he had. At about the age of ten, he was watching a challenger face the Gym Leaders in a battle, when a strange man came through the door. Leo recognized him, as he lived next door, but did not know his name. The man took a seat right next to him. Curious to as who the man was, Leo introduced himself and told him his name. The man gave his name, Steven Stone. After introducing himself, Steven asked Leo if he loved Pokemon. Leo replying yes without hesitation. After a quick bit of thinking, Steven took him back to his house, pulling out a Pokeball, and giving Leo is first ever Pokemon. Beldum.

              After that day, Leo began to talk to Steven more and more, at least every chance he got. Learning more about Pokemon each time. Finally, after four years, Leo set out on his own journey. Challenging and defeating all the Gyms. He finally arrived at the Pokemon League. His goal. He battled through the other trainers, reaching near the top. In his last battle, the opponent did not show up.. Disappointed Leo was ready to walk way, when suddenly Steven appeared. Challenging Leo as the Champion of Hoenn. Confused and excited, Leo accepted, only to be easily defeated.

              After another two years of training, Leo heard from Professor Birch about the the group of scientists in Sinnoh. Afterwards, he wrote a letter to them, eager to take on another journey.

              Pokemon: Just as in the games and anime, you may have up to six pokemon. Pokemon are characters just as much as your human character, so please fill out the following sheet for each one.

              -Name: Meteorite

              -Species: Metagross

              -Gender: N/A

              -Appearance: Meteorite is a mutated colored variant of the rest, being silver and gold rather than blue and silver. This mutation commonly called shiny by trainers across the world. It also seems to have various scratches upon it's body from several battles.

              -Personality: Meteorite is calm, much like his trainer. Having been with him the longest, they're personalities have grown much similar. Meteorite is also quite intelligent, even for a Metagross. Being able to, at times, battle without a verbal command from Leo. A sign of the bond between the two.

              -History: Meteorite was Leo's first Pokemon. Given to him by Steven Stone when was younger. After receiving the Beldum, he nicknamed it. They're bond grew quite fast, training every chance they had, learning battle tactics from Steven, and even other Gym Leaders after having met them.

              -Name: Orbital

              -Species: Claydol

              -Gender: N/A

              -Appearance: Orbital is smallerr than most of the rest of it's species. Being four feet, four inches. As compared to the usual four foot, eleven inches. Besides for the size difference, not much else sets Orbital apart from other Pokemon.

              -Personality: Orbital is much like Meteorite, except for the fact he is much more aggressive, and enjoys a good battle. It also tends to irritate it's opponents into attacking it. Overall Orbital is quite aggressive and hostile. Especially to trainers it has never met, the same going for Pokemon.

              -History: Leo caught Orbital as a Baltoy, in the desert on Route 111 in Hoenn. The catch was by accident, attempting to capture a Trapinch, Orbital saw Leo, and being aggressive, attacked him without warning. As Orbital rushed to Leo, he threw the Pokeball, Orbital got in the way, and was caught inside of the Pokeball, instead of Trapinch.

              -Name: Fafnir

              -Species: Salamence

              -Gender: Male

              -Appearance: Fafnir is larger than most Salamence, being five foot, eleven inches. A foot taller than the average of his species. He is also covered in scars, these being there when Leo first caught him. Fafnir is also very protective of Leo, willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he goes unharmed.

              -Personality: Fafnir is quite hyerpactive and bullheaded. Taking most situations on with brute force rather than strategy. Much to Leo's dismay. He also seems to enjoy eating, making Leo feed him several Pokeblocks a day.

              -History: Found as a Shelgon in Meteorite Falls, Fafnir was severally injured and also abandoned by his previous trainer. Not knowing who the Pokemon belonged to, Leo took the Shelgon to the nearest Pokecenter. Leaving it in the care of Nurse Joy. As he left, Leo received a call from Nurse Joy, informing him that the Shelgon had left the Pokecenter, heading in the direction Leo went. Once he met up with the Shelgon, Leo found out that he had followed him because he wanted to be with the young trainer.

              -Name: Rainbow

              -Species: Milotic

              -Gender: Female

              -Appearance: Rainbow is a typical Milotic, being beautiful to levels beyond belief. The long fins on the side of her head being longer than most, even the other female's, also known for their long fins.

              -Personality: Rainbow is shy and gentle. Preferring not to battle, only when needed. She is also known to calm quarrels between Leo's Pokemon, namely Orbital and Sol. Rainbow is also quite loving, hugging Leo whenever she gets the chance.

              -History: Caught while Leo was fishing, Rainbow was found as a Feebas. Somewhat disappointed and disgusted, Leo decided to feed his Pokemon to take a break. Accidently dropping a few near the Feebas, causing it to evolve before his very eyes.

              -Name: Sol

              -Species: Blaziken

              -Gender: Male

              -Appearance: Sol is a large Blaziken, his muscles being quite developed for normal standards. Although large in size, nothing else seems to quite set Sol apart from others, save for various battle scars.

              -Personality: Sol, much like Orbital, is hostile and aggressive towards others. This causes the two to fight often, as their personalities clash constantly. Unlike Orbital, however, Sol can also be very playful, enjoying the company of other, smaller Pokemon.

              -History: Sol was given to Leo as a Torchich from Professor Birch as he set out on his journey. Just like every other beginning trainer, Leo received him as a gift, even though he already had a Pokemon.

              -Name: Kong

              -Species: Slaking

              -Gender: Male

              -Appearance: Kong is the typical Slaking, large and hulking. However, unlike most other Slakings, Kong's body is quite muscular as he prefers to move, rather than loaf around.

              -Personality: Oddly, Kong is hyperactive, an unusual trait as far as Slakings are concerned. Kong also enjoys meeting new people and Pokemon. He is friendly, and even seems to be polite and somewhat civilized.

              -History: After losing to Steven, Leo went to go train again. Ready to defeat Steven once and for all. While he was out in the region, he happened to be training in Petalburg Forest, encountering a colony of Slakoath, Vigiroth, and Slaking. The hostile Vigiroths began to attack Leo, only to be stopped by one of the few Slaking there. After the incident, Kong apologized for their behavior, and quickly grew attached to Leo.
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