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Old May 18th, 2012 (9:51 AM). Edited May 20th, 2012 by pokeman10000.
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Pokemon – Team Akuma Rises
Thepokeman10000 and プリンセスサファイア

5 years before the events of Pokemon Black and White, A new threat has surfaced. In the newfound Heliopolis area in Unova, just off the south coast, A secret team known only as the Team Akuma are threatening to take over the region. Team Akuma plans to resurrect the almighty Arceus,Giratina, Reyquaza, Mewtwo, Ho-oh, Lugia, Rehiram and Zekrom to take over the world. You are one of 16 of the chosen trainers, a descendant of one of the 16 sacred sages, those who founded the Unova region alongside the original Trainer. You will overcome the 8 sacred trials set by the Champion himself and will defeat the Gym-leaders in the Process. The trials will be revealed to you as and when the time comes. The leaders have much stronger Pokemon so the level cap has been raised to 140 and your starter will be much stronger! You shall achieve greatness known only to a select few and you shall face the greatest Pokemon master of all time… Ash Ketchum, the only trainer to triumph in all 5 Elite 4's, beat all of the Champions and defeat the most powerful Pokemon, Arceus. All this and more is waiting for you - as soon as you get out of bed and meet the Prof!

Name: (First last, middle optional)
Nickname: (Optional)
Age: (13-16)
Gender: (male or Female)
Appearance: (can be a picture or a description, the description must be at least one full paragraph)
Personality: (at least one full paragraph)
History: (at least one full paragraph)

Species: (from the starters)
Nickname: (Optional)
Level: (50-60)
Moves: (maximum of 6, TM, and egg moves are allowed.)

This RP is rated PG-14
NO Godmodding, Bunnying or strong language, but damn, crap, bugger, sh*t and bastard are allowed (but use only when appropriate)
Not too much romance
All regular PC rules apply
Your character can be special, but not the best
プリンセスサファイア and I will play team Akuma

Starters (ONLY 1 EACH)
Lillipup (normal)

I am king of forgetting account details!
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Old May 20th, 2012 (2:09 AM). Edited May 25th, 2012 by pokeman10000.
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Gender: Male
Nature: Serious
Posts: 200
The Rp will start when at least 3 more people have signed up, the crossed out pokemon are taken/reserved. I will post my SU soon.Done!

Name: Jack N Jones

Nickname: Leftie

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: Leftie is extremely intelligent, he loves to play intellectual games such as chess and is a master strategist due to some earlier childhood trauma. He is mysterious and quite secluded, but when you get to know him his every move is very predictable, though... does he want you to think that? He loves his Snivy and would gladly give his own life to ensure the safety of his Pokemon. He doesn't like to reveal much as he is an orphaned child and doesn't like to get too close to people, for fear that he will loose them.

History(I HATE histories, UGH): He was abandoned in the wild and so was raised by a family of Grass type Pokemon for the first 7 years of his life, before a kind family took him in, only to leave their foster child alone when they all died in a tragic plane accident some 5 years later. After that he entered a downward spiral of self-neglect and self-hatred, blaming himself for what happened to his family, until a Snivy came along, wounded and alone, unconscious at his doorstep. He took the Pokemon in and they soon became inseparable. To deal with the loss that he suffered he turned to various strategy games and, once concentrated so hard he suffered a cardiac arrest and was in hospital in the form of a coma for three and a half months, when he recovered he returned to school and concentrated on his studies until the fateful day when he was called to Prof. Nicholson's lab at 5:30 in the morning, along with 4 others, in a group of 5, one of 3 units in the plan to take down team Akuma...

Species: Snivy
Nickname: Link
Level: 55
Moves: Magical Leaf, Leaf Blade, Leaf Tornado, Giga Drain, Solar Beam and Frenzy Plant(?)

hope thats a good start for the SU's

(if you're wandering why there is such a small minimum its because they all start at different dates defending on there skill, the quicker you start the more skilful you are! )

Oh, and the 16th trainer, well... you'll see!

you know... an SU would be great right about now...
I am king of forgetting account details!
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