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Old June 16th, 2012 (1:42 AM).
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Whitney meets a World-Wide Soccer Player.

Goldenrod City. It was the biggest place in the Johto region. All of those big towers and the radio station. It was virtually a smaller New York. The gym leader there was 18. She had Pink hair with 2 pigtails coming out the back and worked a second job has a farmer at a Miltank ranch. Her name was Whitney. Also Living in Goldenrod City was a world-class trouble maker of a soccer player. His name was Joey Barton or just Joey. Joey had been banned from soccer in England because of a string of bad behaviour on and off the pitch. Joey signed with the Goldenrod Hornets in the newfound Johto Soccer League or JSL. The next few days however will change their lives but they do not it yet. They both will face challenges and bad times. Will they make it out of it? Find out.

Whitney was walking her way for an interview with DJ Mary, The host of Let’s Talk! Unlike most places in Goldenrod she could easily not get lost on the way because she knew it on the back of her palm. During the way, her Clefairy ran right into the head of a human being knocking him to the ground.

“Umm are you alright” Asked Whitney awkwardly. She thought the person she was looking at was the cutest man in existence. “Yeah I’m alright thank you. It wasn’t your fault. Say what is that thing that ran into me anyway?” “It’s a Clefairy. I always keep it around me while I walk around. Say what is your name anyways? I find you really physically hot…”

“My name is Joey Barton. And thanks for that compliment! I find you really cute aswell!” “Naww thanks Joey!” Whitney said in those innocent kinds of ways. “You want to go to the Radio Station with me? I’m doing an interview with the host of the Radio Show, Let’s Talk!” “Yeah sure I’ll tag along No one knows me right? Since I’m British and all…” “No they shouldn’t. We don`t know people from out of the Pokémon World.”

“This is a world?” Joey said. “I thought this was just one of the many places in Japan with native creatures!” “Really we are a part of a Country?” “Yes. Now let’s go to the Radio Station before this gets too awkward…” “Yeah we should probably do that.” Whitney said.

So that concludes the Prologue. Don’t worry the chapters will be a lot longer then this. I just wanted to just do a short Introduction to the characters and there personality’s. I hoped you guys enjoyed this.

BTW This was so not made for fanboys and fangirls to dream about…
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