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Draconius GO
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Old June 27th, 2012 (1:13 AM). Edited July 5th, 2012 by Fort PokePower.
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    Rated T

    For those of you who were in the original Gladiators, some changes have been made so before joining you may want to read over this post.

    Once every 1,000 years, the space separating this world from Dialga's grows thin, especially in the Ilex forest in the Johto Region. Due to this, Dialga's power sometimes leaks into this world, causing events to occur out of their time. To prevent this, Celebi, the protector of Ilex Forest, battles Dialga during this time so that the keeper of time doesn't have any extra power that could possibly leak out and cause a world wide catastrophe. This method has worked since the beginning of time, but during one of these battles, something goes terribly wrong. A hole in time is created when two of Celebi and Dialga's attacks meet, and 7 Pokemon are sucked into it. They are thrown into a world where Pokemon are made to fight to the death in specially made arenas that are impervious to any attacks and have high roofs to prevent Pokemon from simply flying away. This is ancient Johto, 2,000 years from now.
    Was it really mere chance that these Pokemon were sent back to this time of gladiators? Or is there someone behind the scenes who is pulling the strings?

    You are one of the Pokemon sent back in time, and now you must survive in a world so different from today's while also searching for a way to get back to your own time. You must evade the capture by humans, survive in the arena, and avoid being devoured by other Pokemon. As time goes on you may start to wonder, was this really all by chance?
    Since the arrival of the Pokemon from the future, a strange group made up of an assortment of Pokemon has made itself known. They pillage human towns and travelers, freeing any Pokemon they find. The freed Pokemon are given a choice: join them, or die. Needless to say, none have refused to join. There are many rumors as to who the leader is with many believing that it is a human controlling all of the Pokemon as few believe that Pokemon are capable of much thought. Any wild Pokemon keep their distance as they don't want to be forced to join the group.

    Ancient Johto
    There are no paved roads, cars, or any other technology in this time. For transport and hard labor, people use well trained and broken Pokemon. Arenas, as well as the cages Pokemon are held in, are made out of a special type of metallic alloy that deflects any attacks and prevent Pokemon from escaping. Pokemon gladiators are the main form of entertainment and income, with bets being placed on who the winner will be. There is no such thing as bonds between Pokemon and master, except for that of hate. Humans use many different methods to capture Pokemon, mostly consisting of poisoned darts, nets, and sleeping powder extracted from grass-type Pokemon.


    Aqua Arena: Arena where Water-types fight. It is filled with water, with small islands dotting the landscape.
    Forest Arena: Arena where Bug, Grass, and Poison-types fight.
    Sky Arena: Arena where Flying and Dragon-types fight.
    Mountain Arena: Arena where Electric, Fire, Ground, Fighting, and Rock-types fight.
    Supernatural Arena: Arena where Psychic, Dark and Ghost-types fight.
    Master Arena: Arena where pokemon go after they have defeated a certain number of pokemon. None have ever returned from it.
    Lake Town: A market town where items and pokemon are bought and sold.
    Prison Town: Town where pokemon are taken before the arena they are sent to is decided.
    Golden Town: Town where rich people live.
    Common Town: Town where lower class and poor people live.
    Ghost Isles: Cluster of islands surrounded by whirlpools. At night they're covered in a heavy mist and it's said that if you listen, you can hear screams coming from them. Everyone avoids these islands.

    • Follow all of the PC rules.
    • No god-modding/bunnying.
    • This is a violent roleplay, so there is bound to be some blood, but make sure to keep it within the rating.
    • Romance is allowed, but nothing to intimate. Again, keep it within the rating.
    • Keep cussing to a minimum and censor any and all cussing.
    • Stay in the mapped area. The only areas outside of the map you may go to are Mount Silver and the Lake of Rage.
    • In a battle, I am the one who will decide the winner.
    • In arena battles, I will control your opponent, unless your opponent is another person in the RP.
    • Only one SU per person.
    • Pay attention to my posts. They could hold important information about that plot that you will need.
    • I am helping riley / sir aaron learn how to RP literately, so please try to be patient with him.
    SU Form
    Appearance (at least one paragraph or a picture):
    Personality (at least on paragraph):
    History (at least two paragraphs):
    Move-set (10 max):
    Roleplay Sample:

    1. riley / sir aaron as Ardikado the Lucario
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    Old July 4th, 2012 (2:22 AM). Edited July 9th, 2012 by Ryolu.
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      Name: Ardikado

      Age: 19

      Gender: Male

      Species: Lucario

      Appearance (at least one paragraph or a picture):
      Ardikado looks like a regular Lucario. He has a scar (that his brother gave him) that he wears a wristband to cover. He doesn't want to be reminded of the day he got the scar.

      Personality (at least on paragraph): Ardikado gets lonely, and with his history, he has a hard time trusting and befriending others. He specializes in self defense and fighting. If someone asks for help, he'll protect them till he dies. He is intuitively defensive, cautious, protective, and helpful. At night sometimes he talks about his brother if some things are troubling him.

      History (at least two paragraphs):

      Ardikado was abandoned by his family as a young Riolu. Most of his friends are spiteful and they betrayed him which left him with one friend a Charizard named Charlie. His brother, Zenn, is a jerk, the bully of the family. Zenn thought Ardikado was the worst Pokemon on the planet and wanted him out of his life. Zenn went to go get Ardikado's best, and most trusted friend. Zenn lied and tricked Charlie into thinking that Ardikado had something against him. That he had stolen something of value from Charlie. Zenn and Charlie chased Ardikado out of Mount Silver. Charlie burned Ardikado with Flamethrower, and left Ardikado scarred. Because of the looming threat, it has made Ardikado someone who has a hard time being socially comfortable.

      Trusting others does not come easily with Ardikado, since he has a hard time making friends. When Ardikado evolved into a Lucario, he intensely trained himself on attacks and how to effectively fight and dodge. He studies the science of natural medicine, adaptive first aid and hunting, to become more self-reliant. He is prepared for anything that time has to throw at him.

      He likes to guard and protect others when they need it, and is willing to lay his life on the line for his friends. He would die protecting them. He has strong beliefs in a "better me then you" kind of philosophy. He is currently in a den, in the heart of
      the Ilex Forest, thinking about his brother and Charlie. Thinking of a way he can get his revenge on the ones he once knew and liked before he was betrayed, forgotten, and abandoned.

      Move-set (10 max):Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Double Team, Close Combat, Bone Rush, Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse, Brick Break, Iron tail, and Focus Blast

      Other: Has the ability to sense others Aura and to determine if there good or bad

      Roleplay Sample:N/A
      Somewhere in Elwynn Forest I am needed, My friends and I pledged to King Varian Wrynn Ill do my best to help the alliance win the war against the horde. And as a result if I am to die to protect the people of the alliance from the dreaded horde then make it so. shield against shield sword against sword, No matter what I lay my life on the line of war. For the alliance!

      My RP character:Mikhash
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      Old July 5th, 2012 (8:52 PM).
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        You are accepted. Welcome back, Riley :D
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