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    As I only recently started back up in the Trading Card Game and have only just gotten a new collection started (since I sold my old collection except for a single Ninetails EX from EX Hidden Legends, Ninetails being my favorite pokemon of all time ever), I have decided to build a Fire/Water Reshiram EX Deck. However the deck is still in the beginning stages of being built.

    The deck is purely a casual deck at the moment. And as such it is not the most powerful deck and is likely not going to be something I use for tournaments. Though I do kind of want to have a bit of fun with it when and where I can. So let me know what you think of the deck.

    The following is what the deck currently looks like, not what I want it to look like when it is finished. Please give me input based on its current form only, and let me know what I can do to improve its current form. Also no suggestions to add Darkrai or other similar cards that do not conform to the Fire/Water Theme or which are over 25 dollar cards as I simply cannot afford such cards at the current time. Thanks.

    Fire Pokemon
    1x Reshiram EX (BW36)
    1x Chandelure (Next Destinies 20)
    2x Lampent (Next Destinies 19)
    4x Litwick (Next Destinies 18)
    1x Arcanine (Next Destinies 12)
    1x Arcanine (Next Destinies 13)
    4x Growlithe (Next Destinies 11)
    1x Reshiram (Next Destinies 21)
    1x Darumaka (Next Destinies 17)
    1x Heatmor (Noble Victories 18)

    Water Pokemon
    1x Jellicent (Noble Victories 31)
    1x Frillish (Noble Victories 30)
    1x Vanilish (Next Destinies 32)
    2x Vanillite (Next Destinies 31)
    1x Beartic (Next Destinies 37)
    2x Cubchoo (Next Destinies 36)
    1x Basculin (Next Destinies 30)

    Normal Pokemon
    1x Minccino (Next Destinies 84)
    1x Audino (Emerging Powers 83)
    1x Audino (Noble Victories 85)

    1x Skyarrow Bridge (Next Destinies 91)
    1x Bianca (Emerging Powers 90)
    1x N (Noble Victories 92)
    2x Cilan (Next Destinies 86)
    2x Energy Retrieval (Base Set 81)
    2x Energy Search (Base Set 93)
    2x Pokemon Communication (Base Set 99)
    2x Heavy Ball (Next Destinies 88)

    1x Prism Energy (Next Destinies 93)
    11x Fire Energy
    6x Water Energy

    I realize that this deck is basically the same as the Reshiram Starter Deck from Next Destinies. However I have made some changes to the list, such as the inclusion of Reshiram EX in the deck. There are a few other changes, but that is one of the largest changes. Any suggestions would be welcome, but keep in mind I don't want anything over 25 dollars and I would prefer to keep purchases towards this deck to cards that are under 5 dollars a piece if possible as this is purely a casual deck. The largest purchase I want to be making for this deck is in the form of a second Reshiram EX.


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      You have WAY too much going on here. With so many Pokémon and so little numbers of them, you're never going to get em all set up.

      Do you have a strategy that you use for this deck?


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