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Draconius GO
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Old August 13th, 2012 (11:53 PM).
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    Greetings. For my first ever LP, I've decided for a match of Civ4, or more specifically, the ever-so-popular RFC mod. Before I begin, I'd like to say beforehand that this will be a screenshot-and-text LP due to circumstances, as I fear my voice may be incomprehensible due to my accent and stuttering. Not to mention that for some reason, there is an insane lag between turns, which will likely dull this LP to oblivion, if it were video-based, of course. I do not claim to be an expert on RFC, as it's been years since I've last played it, this is why I decided to play on the Monarch difficulty(Which is normal.) So let's begin!

    The title screen. It's been quite a while since I've seen it. So as said above, I'll choose Russia, which means I'll pick the game starting at 600 AD.

    After waiting a few turns, I begin in 860 AD. Even though a completely unified Russia would only appear after the Mongol Invasions, this date was chosen likely due to Kievan Rus'. So now that the game finally started, I get to build 4 cities and begin developing them. The only problems I may face now are an early plague or sticking to paganism due to lack of organized religion.

    At around the 10th century, progress seems to be going well. I've already established Moscow, Kiev, Novgorod, and Stavropol, and I'm sending a horseman to Arabia and another one to China in order to allow trading technology. I shouldn't worry much about the Holy Roman Empire, as not only are they quite passive, but their stability simply sucks, and thus they may not last through the Renaissance, they may even fall during the medieval era. Still no plague and no Christianity, though.

    So, apparently, the Arabs still haven't taken Samarkand from the Barbarians. The fog of war blocks my view of Merv, so I can't tell what the Arabs are doing right now. I plan to just leave these Silk Route cities alone so I won't have to assemble a defensive force if the Mongols get too aggressive, and of course, they will once the calendar hits the 13th century. Speaking of calendar, I need to research it as soon as possible, otherwise I'll have no clue about the spawning dates.

    An update in the Central-Asian situation. Or as I call it, the central situasian. Puns aside, it seems like Merv was razed by Barbarians, and that Bactria and Pashtunistan are under the control of independent states. Since right now I'm currently focused in developing my own nation rather than empire-building, then I'll ignore them... for now.

    As I've predicted, the HRE is beginning to destabilize, which is good for me considering that if the HRE falls into civil war, then their cities will become defenseless. Another piece of new here are the Arabs. I've established contact with the Caliphate of Arabia and not only have they failed to conquer the western portions of South Asia, but they've also haven't even built a city in Mesopotamia yet. They seem to be struggling with the Byzantines, however. This is sort of bad, considering that if they stagnate, then there will be no other Middle Eastern state to keep the Ottomans in check.

    1050 AD: So now that I've gotten the calendar from the Chinese, I can finally post which year the events happen. After taking a better look at the Middle East, I've taken notice how the Arabs haven't even taken the whole peninsula yet. And of course, the HRE is still unstable, and likely heading for a fall.

    1080 AD: Met the Japanese, I've recently bribed the HRE to adopt Serfdom. For those that do not play neither Civilization or RFC, changing policies causes a period of anarchy, which in RFC causes instability. Which means the HRE are one step closer to total collapse. And the Arabs still haven't conquered any territory other than Palestine, Hejaz, or Egypt.

    1100 AD: Some news. It seems that Russia at the moment is the third largest state, which is decent considering I haven't been focusing on territorial expansion as of late. And a wave of plague did come early. But thankfully, it hit the Arabs. So as long it doesn't go through Byzantium and later to my nation, then I'm good. Development is going slow, but at least it's going forward.

    600 AD-1100 AD
    This should be all for this page. I'll put the remaining game on the next.

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    Old August 17th, 2012 (4:22 AM).
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      1140: I'm back! Four turns have passed and nothing changed much. I did meet the Khmer and researched paper. Unfortunately nobody wants to sell me their maps. Above you can see all the places that I've revealed, which are Central Asia, China, the Arabian Peninsula, much of Siberia and Russia proper.

      1160 AD: Incans rising, Khmer's war with China, plague in Arabia, unstable Holy Romans, Russian money problem. We didn't start the fire... okay, turning off silly mode. Anyway, as said before there seems to be conflict brewing in east Asia, odds are that the Chinese will subjugate the Khmer, and I'm pretty sure the Mongols are going to appear soon. Arabia remains diseased, and the HRE is still unstable. And of course, I need to find a way to increase my money output. Possibly via a market in Moscow.

      1200 AD: Russia's grown by a few squares... and still remains pagan...
      Anyways, I see Viking territory to the northwest. Seems like they're not focusing on territorial expansion in this play-through. Which is good, since this means I won't have to worry about territorial squabbles due to Finland.

      1240 AD: Seems like I can finally convert Russia to Christianity.
      Took it long enough. Anyway, since temples and monasteries will give a small culture and production boost, I'll be able to expand my empire in a faster manner. Not to mention that I'll be getting a boost in relations with the unstable HRE, but because of this, the Islamic Arabs and Confucian Chinese will hate me.

      1260 AD: As predicted, the Mongols have appeared and they are doing... Mongol stuff, like pillaging China. If they actually manage to conquer China then there will be one less superpower... unless they manage to rise in the rank of nations and then the game will have one overly aggressive superpower.

      1270 AD: Yeah...

      1310 AD: China falls and I've got a new neighbor...
      Not pictured here: I've exchanged a few technologies and bough a few maps, so now all of Europe is revealed on my screen, and I'm above the Dutch, score-wise.

      1360 AD: Nothing much changed. A few wonders were built by other nations. Now that my nation is quite developed, I shall start empire-building. At the moment, I plan to settle on both Finland and Crimea. I just hope the Vikings nor the Ottomans end up declaring war on me because of this.

      1100 AD-1360 AD
      This should be all for this page. I'll put the remaining game on the next.
      Old August 18th, 2012 (9:09 AM).
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        1390 AD: Greetings, again. Seems like the plague has been gone, and the HRE remains unstable to the point that this is becoming a running gag. But yeah, as you can see, I've taken Helsinki (And for some reason, the Vikings do not seem to mind.) But something bugs me. Why hasn't Persia been settled yet? I am not sure whether this is because it's too early in-game or because the AI players are being incompetent.

        1410 AD: Things seem to be heating up, conflict-wise. And now I noticed that that Vikings seem to be at war against England (Possibly due to their cooking) Mali also has declared war on Spain, which is also at war against Arabia. If this ends up as a Christian vs. Muslim crusade then count me out! Oh, did I mention the HRE is still unstable?

        1430 AD: The Vikings seem to be encroaching up in Finland and there are Ottomans in Central Asia. Seems like war may be coming sooner than expected. If I can skillfully manipulate Mongol-Turkic relations, I may end up giving myself an upper hand at both Siberia and Central Asia.
        Did I mention the HRE is still unstable?

        1435 AD: What an eventful 5 years were these! The HRE finally collapse, as predicted. So now that running gag will just have to go away. But anyway, though more technological trades, I've managed to catapult myself to the second ranking, score-wise. The only problem here is the growing Ottoman Empire.

        1465 AD: Recently, the game has been growing somewhat uneventful, except for a few odd twists such as the French capturing Berlin (It's usually the opposite, though) or the Vikings becoming a technological power (They usually stagnate and fall.)

        1505 AD: Seems like all of Europe's other powers are cannibalizing the crushed state's carcass by conquering its cities. Yay, alliteration! Anyway, this is where the game gets interesting. I've recently researched liberalism, which allows me to gain one free technology. Adding this to a new city I've built, I'm now at the top of the ranking. With my rival, the Ottomans at second. Who shall be the victor of this Black Sea rivalry? Stay tuned until the next update of Ach's LP. Find out who shall be the victor, how will this result be acheived, and why Ach is acting so overly dramatic and talking in third person! Stay tuned, faithful viewers, stay tuned!

        1360 AD-1505 AD
        This should be all for this page. I'll put the remaining game on the next.

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