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If you don't like to work with command prompt, hex editors, or tile editing programs, I suggest you turn back now. Also note: Knowledge of pointers for GBC games is required if you wish to use this program to edit graphics.

You can get Lunar Compress here

Why use Lunar Compress over AGIXP?
AGIXP doesn't work on any Windows 7 computer I have tried using it on, I've gotten all the missing files it says I'm missing, I've installed all the required run times, and I just get an error every time I try to open it.

So, why make a tutorial for Lunar Compress?
Lunar Compress is kind of difficult to figure out, and there's not a whole lot of documenting on the internet on how to use it, I was trying to look it up at first, but then I decided to figure it out myself, and I ended up being able to actually work on my Gen 2 hack again.

What are the benefits of Lunar Compress?
From what I remember, AGIXP was very limiting, you couldn't control a whole lot with it, and it didn't let you have complete control over where your graphics were being stored. I also seem to recall people telling me when they tried to replace the trainer's back sprite, they had trouble with it being too large for the game and overwriting the Dude's sprite. Using Lunar Compress and understanding how the pointers work, you can bypass this problem easily.

Lunar Compress can be used to decompress a lot of art that programs like AGIXP won't let you decompress. Such as Ho-oh/Lugia on the title screen or something like Pichu and Wooper from Crystal's intro.

Pointers (more information about Gameboy Pointers here)
in Gold and Silver the graphics pointers are located at 48000, in Crystal at 120000. These go in national Pokedex order and are stored in six bytes (three bytes for the front sprite, three for the back sprite)

The first byte is the bank that the sprite is located in, remember that banks are 4000 bytes per bank, starting with bank 0 (0000-3FFF) for more information about banks click here
IRREGULARITY In Gold and Silver and Crystal, bank 13 (4C000-4FFFF) is completely blank, there are graphics that point to this bank, but in reality, they're pointing to bank 1F. I have no idea why this is how it is.

Another Irregularity is with the Unowns, they have a separate pointer bank, which is located at 7C000 their graphics are stored in the B8000-BBFFF bank, which is pointed to with 1F...

Once you know what bank the graphics you want are in, you can properly tell the game where to load the graphics from. So you could point Bulbasaur's graphics to any Pokemon's graphics in the game that already exist, or, more realistically, you can point to new graphics you have inserted yourself, somewhere in the ROM that has free space in it.

How to use Lunar Compress
Lunar Compress comes with three tools that you can use once you bring up the command prompt, decomp.exe, recomp.exe, and sniff.exe. You will definitely use decomp.exe and recomp.exe, but sniff isn't required at any point for this tutorial. I have included what I've figured out while tinkering around in the program, however.

Now then, how exactly do you use Lunar Compress?
First, you need a copy of cmd.exe. This will save a lot of hassle with using Lunar Compress, as the entire program uses the command prompt to work. If you don't know how to find cmd.exe, do a search for it on your computer and copy and paste it into the folder Lunar Compress is in.

Second, you will need a copy of the ROM you are extracting the art from, if you aren't extracting art from the ROM (I recommend you do, just to see how the game originally stores the tiles) Name it something short and simple like Gold.gbc or test.gbc.

Included Programs and how to use them

typing decomp.exe will yield the following from Lunar Compress initially.
decomp.exe FileToDecompress FileToSaveAs OffsetToStart(h) Format Format 2
So, for a basic skeleton of how to get this to work, you would need to type in
decomp.exe Gold.gbc FILEOUT.gbc OFFSET 2 2
For the offset, you put the offset of the Pokemon you wish to decompress, in Gold and Silver, the first sprite in the game is located at 485E2, in Gold, this is Nidoking's Front Sprite, in Silver, it's Machamp's. So, to decompress this art, you would type:
decomp.exe Gold.gbc Art.gbc 485E2 2 2
Once you press enter (if you did it right) you will see this

and then you can open it up in a tile editing program like YY-CHR (my prefered program) and you'll see this (after fiddling around with parts of the program, nothing too complicated)

That's how you use decomp.exe


Now this is where it's going to get a little more complicated. Recompressing your sprite can be done one of two ways, you can have Lunar Compress attempt to put the art back in the game at a specified offset, which can be good if you don't want to fiddle around with it yourself, or, you can save the recompressed art to a new file and insert it yourself, manually. It depends on what you really want to do with your ROM hack.

if you type recomp.exe on command prompt, you'll receive the following message.
recomp.exe FileToRecompress FileToSaveAs/InsertTo OffsetToSave(h) Format1 Format2
Note: An offset of 0 will create a new file instead of inserting
which isn't a whole lot more complicated than decompressing. Now, you can tell recomp.exe to put the sprite back in at whatever offset you tell it to, but if the sprite is too big for the data you're overwriting (if you aren't just placing it in free space) It might mess up part of the data for the next picture/data set in the ROM. This is why I prefer to make a new file, but I'll give both examples for whatever suits your needs.
Making a new file with the recompressed art:
recomp.exe art.gbc art2.gbc 0 2 2 
This will put the compressed art into a new file, so you can open this file up in 
your favorite hex editor and copy the data to whichever offset you would like to put it in.

and in YYCHR it will look like this You can still KIND of see him, as gen 2's compression isn't as good as it could be, but it's certainly not bad.
Inserting into a ROM:
recomp.exe art.gbc Gold.gbc 485E2 2 2
This will reinsert the art in place of Nidoking's art, if the new art is bigger
than 2BD bytes compressed, it will overwrite part of Ho-oh's sprite (in Gold)
and Nidoking's Sprite in Silver. You can tell the game to put it in free space
as well, but I prefer using the new file method so you can see how big your
new art is before you potentially mess up anything


sniff.exe is not a required program to use with Lunar Compress, but if you wanted to know how to use it, here's what I've found, for Pokemon anyway.

Sniff.exe is used to search a ROM image for compressed data, this doesn't always give the most accurate offsets, but it can be helpful.

If you type in sniff.exe you'll be told the following
sniff.exe FileToScan OffsetToStart OffsetToEnd Flags Format Format2
In order to get sniff to actually do its job, you have to provide the file name for it to scan, what offset you want it to start and end scanning on, and provide the necessary flag and formats for the game you want to use, since we're focusing on Pokemon, the Flag should be set to 3, and the Format's are both set at 2.

sniff.exe Gold.gbc OFFSETBegin OFFSETEnd 3 2 2
Where the offsets are whatever you want to put in, when you do this you'll get progress in the command prompt, and it will dump what it finds into log.txt.

Other helpful information
Now, you hopefully know how to use Lunar Compress. I will update this later with a new post showing you how to insert custom art and point to it properly, but for now, I just wanted to get a basic tutorial for how to use Lunar Compress. If you got far enough to actually decompressing or recompressing some art, and have enough hex editor knowledge to understand everything I mentioned with pointers Data Crystal has a good article written up about how to calculate pointers on the GameBoy all you really need to know is what to add/subtract from the pointer and what bank the graphics are in.

Now then, I've documented all of the back art and front art of the Pokemon sprites in Gold, Oddly enough, these same offsets work for Silver, but they'll yield different results. Apparently when these games were being put together, they decided to put sprites of the exact same sizes at each offset, so if you're looking for something in Silver specifically, you can more than likely narrow down the correct offset with this list.

List of art offsets in Pokemon Gold

Trainer Back Pics
3F9CB - Hero back pic (3F959 - Pointer to back pic of Hero)
3FB5B - Dude back pic (3F963 - Pointer to back pic of Dude)
I don't know if you can change the bank these two are in, but, with Lunar Compress, I was able to compress the Hero back sprite to be smaller, taking up less room, and there's enough room in the bank to move the Dude's back sprite near the end of the bank in the free space.
Pokemon and Trainers
485E2 - Nidoking Front
4889F - Ho-oh Front
48B4F - Gyarados Front
48DFF - Meganium Front
490AD - Machamp Front
49359 - Feraligatr Front
495E7 - Steelix Front
49872 - Ninetales Front
49AEC - Rhydon Front
49D5B - Raikou Front
49FC5 - Tauros Front
4A22D - Nidoqueen Front
4A488 - Rapidash Front
4A6E3 - Entei Front
4A93C - Kangaskhan Front
4AB94 - Blastoise Front
4ADEB - Arbok Front
4B03E - Charizard Front
4B291 - Skarmory Front
4B4E3 - Weezing Front
4B731 - Venusaur Front
4B97F - Beedrill Front
4BBC9 - Lugia Front
4BE12 - Nidorino Front

Remember, the entire bank 13 (4C000-4FFFF) is completely blank

53A83 - Egg Graphic (not hatching) This one is odd, because there are uncompressed graphics for the player's over world fishing Sprite.

54000 - Kingdra Front
541e0 - Sandslash Front
543BC - Jumpluff Front
54597 - Smeargle Front
54770 - Exeggutor Back
54948 - Magcargo Front
54B20 - Lapras Front
54CF4 - Lickitung Front
54EC8 - Chuck
55099 - Parasect Front
55268 - Butterfree Back
55437 - Kimono Girl
55605 - Fearow Front
557D3 - Alakazam Back
559A0 - Girafarig Front
55B6B - Golbat Front
55D36 - Koffing Front
55F00 - Cloyster Back
560CA - Hitmontop Back
56294 - Drowzee front
5645E - Starmie Front
56627 - Kabutops Front
567EF - Dodrio Back
569B6 - Hitmonlee Front
56B7C - Venomoth Front
56D42 - Bayleef Front
56F07 - Juggler
570CB - Guitarist
5728E - Pokefan Female
57450 - Venomoth Back
57612 - Noctowl Front
577D3 - Clair
57994 - Pokemaniac
57B54 - Omastar Front
57D14 - Skier Female
57ED2 - Lugia Back
58000 - Graveler Front
581BD - Mr. Mime Front
58379 - Kangaskhan Back
58534 - Gligar Front
586EE - Farfetch'd Front
588A8 - Magneton Front
58A61 - Ampharos Front
58DD1 - Houndoom Front
58F87 - Jolteon Front
5913B - Nidorina Front
592EF - Gyarados back
594A2 - Raticate front
59654 - Yanma Back
59805 - Heracross Front
599B5 - Sneasel Front
59B64 - Golem Front
59D13 - Elekid Front
59EC0 - Omastar Back
5A06D - Clefable Back
5A219 - Lass
5A3C5 - Miltank Front
5A570 - Fearligatr Back
5A71B - Magneton Back
5A8C4 - Gastly Front
5AA6C - Flareon Front
5AC14 - Granbull Front
5ADBB - Suicune Back
5AF62 - Slowking Back
5B108 - Charmeleon Front
5B2AD - Wartortle Front
5B452 - Seel Front
5B5F7 - Ariados Front
5B79C - Elekid Back
5B941 - Quilava Front
5BAE6 - Celebi Back
5BC8A - Krabby Back
5BE2D - Bug Catcher
5C000 - Venusaur Back
5C1A2 - Moltres Back
5C342 - Ponyta Front
5C4E2 - Sunflora Back
5C681 - Dragonair Front
5C820 - Tyranitar Back
5C9BD - Rhydon Back
5CB5A - Seadra Back
5CCF6 - TWins
5CE92 - Poliwhirl Front
5D02E - Croconaw Front
5D1CA - Sandslash Back
5D366 - Nidoran Female Back
5D501 - Tangela Front
5D69C - Ledyba Back
5D837 - Farfetch'd Back
5D9D2 - Cyndaquil Back
5DB6C - Chansey Front
5DD06 - Magmar Back
5DEA0 - Vulpix Front
5E038 - Ninetales Back
5E1CF - Bayleef Back
5E366 - Croconaw Back
5E4FC - Rapidash Back
5E690 - Doduo Back
5E824 - Delibird Front
5E9B8 - Togetic Front
5EB4C - Espeon Front
5ECE0 - Crobat Front
5EE73 - Mankey Back
5F006 - Gloom Front
5F198 - Hypno Back
5F329 - Typhlosion Back
5F4BA - Yanma Front
5F64A - Quilava Back
5F7DA - Furret Front
5F968 - Sandshrew Back
5FAF5 - Beauty
5FC81 - Sailor
5FE0D - Zubat Back
5FF98 - Unown W Front
60000 - Shellder Back
6018B - Sunflora Front
60315 - Beedrill Back
6049F - Rocket Grunt Male
60629 - Gloom Back
607B3 - Cubone Back
6093D - Kabutops Back
60AC7 - Bellossom Front
60C51 - Goldeen Back
60DDA - Flaaffy Front
60F63 - Arcanine Back
610EC - Flareon Back
61275 - Vileplume Front
613FE - Omanyte Back
61586 - Sudowoodo Front
6170D - Scientist
61894 - Pidgey Back
61A1B - Misdreavus Front
61BA1 - Pidgeotto Front
61D27 - Qwilfish Back
61EAD - Clefable Front
62032 - Gligar Back
621B7 - Haunter Front
6233C - Charmeleon Back
624C0 - Magcargo Back
62643 - Nidoqueen Back
627C6 - Grimer Back
62949 - Electabuzz Back
62ACB - Vaporeon Front
62C4C - Piloswine Front
62DCD - Ledian Back
62F4E - Heracross Back
630CF - Steelix Back
6324F - Persian Back
633CE - Marowak Front
6354D - Lt. Surge
636CB - Teacher
63849 - Eevee Back
639C5 - Gengar Front
63B40 - Ponyta Back
63CBB - Pupitar Back
63E35 - Koffing Back
64000 - Girafarig Back
63FE1 - Bird Keeper
642F4 - Onix Back
6446E - Falkner
645E6 - Octillery Front
6475E - Togetic Back
648D6 - Miltank Back
64A4E - Karen
64BC6 - Growlithe Back
64D3D - Machoke Back
64EB4 - Koga
6502B - Raichu Back
651A2 - Tentacruel Back
65319 - Nidorina Back
65490 - Magikarp Front
65607 - Poliwrath Back
6577D - Seadra Front
658F2 - Wigglytuff Front
65A67 - Swimmer Male
65BDC - Jumpluff Back
65D51 - Flaaffy Back
65EC5 - Pinsir Back
66038 - Nidorino Back
661AB - Cooltrainer Female
6631D - Umbreon Back
6648E - Jynx Front
665FF - Ledyba Front
66770 - Sudowoodo Back
668E0 - Bugsy
66A50 - Marowak Back
66BC0 - Corsola Front
66D30 - Geodude Back
66E9F - Ledian Front
6700E - Houndoom Back
6717D - Scyther Back
672EB - Vileplume Back
67459 - Dugtrio Front
675C7 - Chinchou Front
67735 - Hitmonchan Back
678A2 - Blastoise Back
67A0D - Cooltrainer male
67B78 - Misdreavus Back
67CE2 - Scizor Back
67E4B - Smeargle Back
67FB3 - Stantler Back
68168 - Charizard Back
682D0 - Kadabra Back
68437 - Primeape Back
6859E - Pupitar Front
68705 - Wartortle Back
6886B - Furret Back
689D1 - Exeggcute Back
68B37 - Vulpix Back
68C9C - Raticate Back
68E01 - Ekans Back
68F65 - Meowth Front
690C9 - Bandit
6922D - Seaking Back
69391 - Psyduck Back
694F5 - Pikachu Back
69657 - Weepinbell Front
697B8 - Remoraid Back
69919 - Mareep Back
69A7A - Kingdra Back
69BDA - Camper Male
69D3A - Clefairy Back
69E99 - Venonat Back
69FF8 - Snubbull Front
6A156 - Proffessor Oak
6A2B4 - Mewtwo Back
6A412 - Rival
6A570 - Bellossom Back
6A6CE - Swimmer Female
6A82B - Hero Front (used in Link battles and intro)
6A988 - Officer
6AAE4 - Krabby Front
6AC40 - Ivysaur Front
6AD9B - Muk Back
6AEF6 - Delibird Back
6B051 - Lanturn Front
6B1AB - Sabrina
6B305 - Magikarp Back
6B45E - Ariados Back
6B5B7 - Tyrogue Back
6B710 - Wobuffet Front
6B869 - Hitmonchan Front
6B9C1 - Murkrow Back
6BB18 - Ivysaur Back
6BC6F - Xatu Front
6BDC6 - Slowbro Back
6BF1C - Nidoran Female Front
6C000 - Psyduck Front
6C156 - Growlithe Front
6C2AC - Psychic
6C402 - Golduck Back
6C557 - Weezing Back
6C6AB - Sneasel Back
6C7FF - Grimer Front
6C952 - Dunsparce Front
6CAA5 - Pidgeot Back
6CBF8 - Rocket Grunt Female
6CD4B - Porygon Front
6CE9D - Ho-oh Back
6CFEE - Rhyhorn Back
6D13E - Poliwhirl Back
6D28E - Mew Back
6D3DD - Abra Back
6D52C - Machop Back
6D67B - Dugtrio Back
6D7C9 - Aerodactyl Back
6D917 - Nidoran Female Back
6DA65 - Weepinbell Back
6DBB3 - Aipom Back
6DD00 - Graveler Back
6DE4D - Espeon Back
6DF9A - Cyndaquil Front
6E0E6 - Totodile Back
6E232 - Murkrow Front
6E37E - Mankey Front
6E4C9 - Snubbull back
6E614 - Kingler Back
6E75F - Gengar Back
6E8A9 - Rattata Back
6E9F2 - Cubone Front
6EB3B - Abra Front
6EC83 - Youngster
6EDCB - Will
6EF13 - School Boy
6F05A - Erika
6F19F - HootHoot Back
6F2E3 - Umbreon Front
6F427 - Janine
6F56B - Staryu Front
6F6AE - Goldeen Front
6F7F1 - Noctowl Back
6F934 - Morty
6FA77 - Kabuto Back
6FBBA - Venonat Front
6FCFD - Meganium Back
6FE3F - Mewoth Back
6FF81 - Unown Z Back
70000 - Picknicker Girl
70142 - Victreebel Back
70284 - Super Nerd
703C5 - Lickitung Back
70506 - Porygon2 Back
70646 - Haunter Back
70786 - Xatu Back
708C6 - Red
70A06 - Jasmine
70B45 - Pineco Back
70C84 - Slugma Back
70DC2 - Seel Back
70EFF - Quagsire Back
7103B - Whitney
71177 - Shellder Front
712B2 - Jolteon Back
713ED - Ekans Front
71527 - Parasect Back
71661 - Aipom Front
7179B - Magby Front
718D4 - Quagsire Front
71A0D - Granbull Back
71B45 - Hoppip Back
71C7D - Blue
71DB5 - Gentlemen
71EEB - Rocket Admin Male
72021 - Pineco Front
72156 - Magby Back
7228A - Lapras Back
723BE - Chikorita Back
724F1 - Dragonair Back
72624 - Zapdos Back
72757 - Charmander Front
7288A - Chinchou Back
729BC - Hoothoot Front
72AED - Spearow Back
72C1E - Chansey Back
72D4E - Machop Front
72E7D - Skiploom Back
72FAB - Totodile Front
730D9 - Rival 2 (
73207 - Charmander Back
73334 - Misty
73460 - Bellsprout Front
7358C - Sandshrew Front
736B8 - Blaine
737E3 - Slugma Front
7390D - Tyrogue Front
73a37 - Larvitar Back
73B61 - Sunkern Back
73C8B - Porygon Back
73DB4 - Clefairy Front
73EDD - Bulbasaur Back
74000 - Porygon2 Front
74129 - Politoed
74251 - Paras Back
74379 - Houndour Front
744A1 - Mareep Front
745C9 - Tentacool Back
746F0 - Doduo Front
74816 - Omanyte Front
7493B - Eevee Front
74A60 - Vaporeon Back
74B85 - Team Rocket Admin Female
74CA9 - Pichu Back
74DCA - Corsola Back
74EEB - Jigglypuff Front
7500C - Togepi Back
7512D - Smoochum Back
7524E - Dunsparce Back
7536E - Bellsprout Back
7548E - Marril Front
755AD - Smoochum Front
756CB - Chikorita Front
757E9 - Pikachu Front
75907 - Pidgeotto Back
75A24 - Staryu Back
75B41 - Mr. Mime Back
75C5E - Caterpie Back
75D7A - Nidoran Male Front
75E95 - Pryce
75FAF - Lanturn Back
760C8 - Brock
761E1 - Ampharos Back
762F9 - Remoraid Front
76410 - Dragonite Back
76527 - Pidgey Front
7663E - Zubat Front
76755 - Arbok Back
7686C - Entei Back (116)
76982 - Hitmonlee Back
76A98 - Paras Front
76BAE - Ursaring Back
76CC3 - Teddiursa Back
76DD7 - Monk/Sage
76EEB - Kakuna Back
76FFE - Phanpy Back
77111 - Skiploom Front
77221 - Celebi Front
7732F - Dratini Front
7743D - Wobbuffet Back
7754B - Tentacool Front
77658 - Crobat Back
77765 - Blissey Back
77871 - Larvitar Front
7797D - Starmie Back
77A88 - Igglybuff Back
77B91 - Slowpoke Front
77C9A - Electrode Front
77DA2 - Azumarill Back
77EAA - Spearow Front
77FC0 - Octillery Back
78107 - Raikou Back
7820D - Articuno Back
78313 - Hoppip Front
78419 - Mew Front
7851F - Rattata Front
78624 - Horsea Back
78729 - Sentret Back
7882E - Squirtle Front
78930 - Wigglytuff Back
78A32 - Qwilfish Front
78B33 - Teddiursa Front
78C33 - Ditto Back
78D33 - Weedle Back
78E33 - Shuckle Front
78F31 - Phanpy Front
7902F - Sentret Front
7912D - Poliwag Front
7922A - Cleffa Back
79326 - Drowzee Back
79421 - Gastly Back
7951B - Dratini Back
79614 - Fearow Back
7970D - Marill Back
79806 - Wooper Front
798FE - Houndour Back
799F5 - Kabuto Front
79AEC - Electrode Back
79BE2 - Metapod Back
79CD7 - Jigglypuff Back
79DCC - Oddish Back
79EC0 - Sunkern Front
79FB4 - Spinarak Back
7A0A7 - Skarmory Back
7A199 - Poliwag Back
7A289 - Squirtle Back
7A378 - Dewgong Back
7A464 - Shuckle Back
7A550 - Slowpoke Back
7A63B - Geodude Front
7A724 - Donphan Back
7A80D - Wooper Back
7A8F5 - Tauros Back
7A9DC - Weedle Front
7AAC2 - Cleffa Front
7ABA8 - Voltorb Back
7AC8D - Pichu Front
7AD6C - Bulbasaur Front
7AE4A - Swinub Back
7AF28 - Tangela Back
7B005 - Igglybuff Front
7B0E1 - Spinarak Front
7B1BA - Golem Back
7B293 - Mantine Back
7B36B - Horsea Front
7B442 - Piloswine Back
7B514 - Kakkuna Front
7B5E6 - Swinub Front
7B6B6 - Natu Back
7B77F - Oddish Front
7B841 - Diglett Front
7B902 - Diglett Back
7B9C1 - Unown C Front
7BA7D - Togepi Front
7BB38 - Metapod Front
7BBEF - Jynx Back
7BCA6 - Caterpie Front
7BD58 - Unown H Back
7BE08 - Golbat Front
7BEB8 - Unown G Front
7BF64 - Unown V Back
7C09C - Suicune Front
7C2E4 - Rhyhorn Front
7C52A - Tyranitar Front
7C769 - Moltres Front
7C9A8 - Zapdos Front
7CBE7 - Seaking Front
7CE20 - Muk Front
7D059 - Dragonite Front
7D290 - Alakazam Front
7D4C4 - Aerodactyl Front
7D6F7 - Typhlosion Front
7D928 - Machoke Front
7DB54 - Exeggcute Front
7DD7F - Fire Breather
7DFA7 - Scizor Front
7E1CF - Articuno Front
7E3F4 - Dodrio Front
7E619 - Butterfree Front
7E83A - Pidgeot Front
7EA5A - Persian Front
7EC79 - Dewgong Front
7EE98 - Cloyster Front
7F0B7 - Golduck Front
7F2D3 - Arcanine Front
7F4EE - Onix Front
7F705 - Lance
7F919 - Slowking Front
7FB2B - Victreebel Front
7FD3D - Black Belt
7FF4B - Unown C Back
7FFFF - Hypno Front
802D4 - Blissey Front
804E1 - Biker
806EE - Primeape Front
808F9 - Raichu Front
80B04 - Stantler Front
80D0D - Exeggutor Front
80F16 - Bruno
8111F - Foretress Front
81327 - Magmar Front
8152E - Hiker
81732 - Azumarill Front
81932 - Kingler Front
81B32 - Poliwrath Front
81D30 - Pinsir Front
81F2B - Mewtwo Front
82120 - Slowbro Front
82314 - Kadabra Front
82507 - Snorlax Front
826F9 - Medium
828E8 - Donphan Front
82AD7 - Mantine Front
82CC3 - Hitmontop Front
82EAE - Fisherman
83097 - Politoed Front
83280 - Electabuzz Front
83467 - Tentacruel Front
8364D - Nidoking Back
83832 - Pokefan Male
83A17 - Skier
83BFB - Ursaring Front
83DDE - Machamp Back Sprite
B8000 - Unown H Front
B80AB - Ditto Front
B8153 - Snorlax Back
B81F9 - Magnemite Back
B829F - Unown G
B8343 - Forretress Back
B83E3 - Natu Front
B8482 - Unown S Front
B8520 - Unown V
B85BC - Unown F Back
B8655 - Unown D Back
B86EB - Unown D Front
B877F - Unown S Back
B8811 - Unown E Front
B889E - Unown E Back
B892A - Voltorb Front
B89B5 - Magnemite Front
B8A3F - Unown Z Front
B8AC6 - Unown B Front
B8B4D - Unown F Front
B8BD1 - Unown J Back
B8C54 - Unown B Back
B8CD7 - Unown W Front
B8D59 - Unown O Back
B8DDB - Unown J Front
B8E59 - Unown W Back
B8ED7 - Unown N Front
B8F54 - Unown K Front
B8FD1 - Unown N Back
B90C7 - Unown A Front
B9141 - Unown M Back
B91BA - Unown T Front
B9233 - Unown O Front
B92AB - Unown K Back
B9320 - Unown T Back
B9394 - Unown X Back
B9405 - Unown M Front
B9474 - Unown L Back
B94E0 - Unown U Back
B954B - Unown L Front
B95B6 - Unown Y Front
B9621 - Unown X Front
B968B - Unown Q Back
B96F4 - Unown Q Front
B975B - Unown P Front
B97C2 - Unown Y Back
B9828 - Unown I Back
B9886 - Unown P Back
B98E4 - Unown I Front
B993F - Unown R Back
B9999 - Unown R Front
84E7A - Explosion
84ED9 - Ice Beam?
84F15 - Rock Moves/Strength
85009 - Poison Attacks
85077 - Grass Graphics (Razor Leaf, Leech Seed)
8515A - Pokeball
85243 - Sound Attacks (Growl/Roar/Sing Belly Drum uses a note)
8530A - Withdraw Shell and Light Beams (Moonlight/Morning Sun/Barrier)
8537A - Powder attacks
85399 - Beam Attacks/Leer
8542A - Fly/Extreme Speed/Sparkles (metoronome then stuff like Flash/Confuse Ray)
85477 - Hidden Power/Charge Solar Beam
854E7 - Agility Swagger Rapid Spin
855A9 - Swords Dance/Vine Whip/Razor Wind?
856AB - Destiny Bond/Conversion?
856C5 - Wrap Bind
856EA - Soft Boiled/Egg Bomb Smoke Ball
85767 - Mean Look
857DA - Sand Attack Mud Slap Dig
85835 - Spider Web
858B3 - Poison Gas
8594A - Megahorn Pin Missile Poison Sting?
859A5 - Petal Dance
85A05 - Metronome Spikes Kinesis Milk Drink Lock On
85B9F - Sky Attack
85D0A - Seismic Toss
85DF1 - Conversion/Defense Curl
85E93 - No clue
85FBA - Sketch/Curse Stab/Encore Hands/Heart/Shooting Star (Protect/Safe Guard)
8609A - Recover sparkles
8617A - Sweet/Lovely Kiss
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This thread is really interesting. I just don't understand why nobody replies. Besides, I've been recently quite interested in what concerns hacking gen II games and, like you, AGIXP doesn't work for me :\
So, how do youu really insert custom art on a gen II with LunarC?
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Uh... can you send it to me..?
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