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Monotype Challenge

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Old August 20th, 2012 (9:23 AM).
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hey people

i`ve been of like forever and when i get back in the forum i see everything changed

well, today i bring you a challenge. a monotype lv 100 VGC battle. im testing my monotype team for a group im part of (wont tell my team`s type till you see it xD)

Standard clauses + no same item (not sure if it is already in the standard ones lol) AND drizzle complex clause. anything else works.

ohh, and to make it more interesting, i have some 3G move-tutored pokemon i can gove away if you win

wanna take the challenge?


Diamond FC:1719-2198-5393.
Platinum FC:3395-0270-3626
HeartGold FC: 4297-5796-7530

Check out my battles and comment please xP:

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