Pokemon: League Masters: Fire and Ice Version

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This is a collaboration project between me and ShadowRaikou. I am the idea developer and he would be the game creator and programmer

Table of Contents
1. Introduction- Geography
2. Cities and Towns

3 Gym Leaders
4. Items and TMs
5. Fakemon
6. People of Importance

The titles in bold mean that they are completed

[size=large]Part One: Introduction and Geography[/size]
The Gildor Region is one of the two regions that share a continent in the Southeastern section of the Pokémon World. The Virdon Region is located to the west while Gildor occupies the east. The Gildor Region has a diverse geography that differs around the region. The Kinleaf Forest is the largest geographical area in Gildor. This vast and mainly unexplored forest is home to many types of Pokemon. It runs from the northeast section of the Gildor to the southwest across the coast. The Boulderon Mountains dominate northern Gildor and run across the northern coast of the continent before sloping down and forming a natural border between the regions. It is mainly uninhabited, save for two cities.

Another geographical area would be the southern ocean where two mysterious islands are present: Glastron and Embryon Islands. Glastron is kept at unusual freezing temperatures while Embryon is relatively hot all year. There are many myths surrounding the islands but many scientists believe that Embryon is only kept heated due to the inactive volcano below it. Finally, there is Glastron Plains, which somewhat serves as a connection between the forest and the mountains. The plains start where the forest ends and ends where the mountains are. This area is where most cities and towns are located.

[size=large]Part Two: Cities and Towns[/size]

There are a total of 7 major cities and 3 major towns located within the Gildor Region. They are as follows:

Isen Town-
This town is located within the Kinleaf Forest near the southeast area. It is relatively close to the seashore, so as such, this is usually the first stop for trainers who are either continuing their journey or migrating to the Gildor. It’s a relatively small town situated in a clearing. The main building in the town would be the Gildor League Registry Office where trainers either from Isen or another region may stop by and get registered in the League and choose a starter Pokemon from the three available. The standard set of Gildor starters would be Cacnea, Houndour, or Corphish. However, at times, these starters may be replaced by other starters as per approval of the League Masters.

Kinleaf Town-
Located just on the edge of Kinleaf Forest, this town is a little bit larger than Isen Town. It is mostly surrounded by the forest but the Plains lie just beyond town as well as a path leading to the first city. Kinleaf Town has more content than Isen. It has the only herb shop in the region as well as the Battle Garden. The Garden is the main stop for trainers looking to battle some other beginner trainers as well as their first battle against the gym leader Flora, who specializes in grass. Other than that, there is not much in Kinleaf.

Rogueport City
Rogueport is a seaside city located just beyond the forest and near the coastline. The Glastron Plains extend all around and ships come in and out hourly from the harbor. Apart from being the home for the fighting-type gym leader Faust, Rogueport is also the only place that has the Seaside Market. This market specializes in rare and hard-to-find items that they sell to experienced trainers. They also distribute the finest fishing rods to trainers who take an interest in water type Pokemon. Also, every year in Rogueport, there is the annual Ninja Tournament, where many fighting-type trainers go to compete and face off against other trainers in contests of speed, style, and power. The winner of each tournament will then learn from Faust himself on how to raise their Pokemon.

Glastron City
The only way to get into Glastron City is by taking a boat from Rogueport because the air is too cold for any plane or flying type Pokemon. The city itself is coated in snow year round and is home to many exotic Pokemon that have grown adaptable to the cold. Glastron City is one of the two cities run directly by the League Masters Association. The League General in charge of the city is named Artice and he also resides as the gym leader in Glastron. Glastron City allows trainers to explore the rest of the Island only if they are accompanied by an experienced trainer. There are many ice-type Pokemon among other types and there is a high chance that encountering a new Pokemon species while exploring the snow-covered terrain.

Embryon City
To get to Embryon, you will need to get a boat from either Glastron, Rogueport, or Volterra City. This city is situated on an island with an inactive volcano below the sea. As such, it is heated throughout the year and never snows. The city itself is quite small, but outside of the city is Embryon Pass, which is home to a variety of rock and fire type Pokemon not found on the mainland. Embryon is also run directly by the League Master Association and the head of the city is Flare who, like Artice, serves as a fire-type gym leader.There is a myth that states that a fire dragon called Flarix resides within Embryon Pass, but only Flare has any claims on seeing it.

Volterra City
Volterra City is a seaside city much like Rogueport, but on the western edge of the Gildor. The mountains surround the western side of the city, while the desert is towards the east. The entire city is run on electricity and the powerplant is where Strike, the electric gym leader, runs his gym. Many electric Pokemon reside there and it is one of the two only safe havens for electric Pokemon. There is also a seaside market here and the Fossil Cavern is not far from the city. The Arcade is also run by Strike where trainers may compete in various Arcade games.

Psychrona City
Psychrona City provides a midpoint rest between Volterra and Boulderon. It is protected by an energy field and a trainer must have completed 5 gym badges to enter. Psychrona City is a city filled with legends. The gym leader himself, Auron, is a specialist when it comes to legends. Other than a rest stop and a place to obtain the sixth gym badge, Psychrona is not much to behold.

Boulderon City
Boulderon is the northern most city in the Gildor. The only way to get to it is by journeying from Volterra and up the Bouderon Pass. This city is built inside a mountain and as such has to be blocked off because rock type Pokemon might attack. The city is made entirely of rocks.Sandra is the gym leader of Boulderon and she conducts her battles in the Underground.Apart from the gym battle, there are plenty of high-leveled Pokemon found in the underground and the Boulderon League Masters base is situated to the north of the city. Also, if you want to revive a fossil you found in Fossil Cavern, you can do so at Sandra's gym.

Descara Town
Only accessible from the Underground in Boulderon, this town is always in pitch black. Unless you have a Pokemon that knows Flash, it will be impossible to navigate in the town. It is the home of Shadelle, the strongest trainer in the entire region second to the League masters. You may comete for the final gym badge here or catch some rare ghost and dark type Pokemon. Be warned though. Some things in Descara Town are not what they seem. The Haunted Mansion is one of the creepiest places in the Gildor and is rumored to contain the prison of a legendary Pokemon.

Isen City
Isen City is the most western city in the Gildor and provides the link between the Gildor and Virdon Regions. The League Masters Main Base is located here and if you have all eight gym badges, you may challenge the League Masters and see if you can become one. If you manage to pass, you will be accepted into their ranks and become a League Master yourself. Apart from the base, this city has a lot of other places of interest. Professor Thorne’s brother, Gingko, has his lab here. Also, the Trainer Market is located here and it sells items from both regions as well as Pokemon.