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    World War Three: SI


    The year is 2023 and things have gone straight to hell. After the global economy collapsed ten years earlier and poverty became the worldwide state extremist political parties and factions on both sides fought their way to power and founded a new age of oppression. The United States and Europe once thought to be the pinnacles of freedom and civilization have degenerated into military run dictatorships in lite of Augusto Pinochet’s Chile while in Asia radical communism has risen again starting with the communist revolution in Japan. Communist Japan, China, North Korea, and Vietnam merged together into one fighting force and proceeded to conquer the rest of Asia founding the union known as the U.S.S.A (United Socialist States of Asia.) Once the U.S.S.A was done with Asia they set their sights on Europe and invaded Russia. The invasion led to world war three when Russia called in its fellow nationalist allies and the battle began. Now you’re probably wondering where you come in… You in this roleplay play yourself ten years into the future. You are a member of the Allied powers (U.S, Europe, parts of South America, Middle East, and Africa) and while you may or may not necessarily agree with the allies, it really ceases to matter because you’ve been drafted into war, lucky you.

    Your first battle doesn’t go well though and you end up in a POW camp in Burma where a bar code is seared into your skin and you’re marked for death or biological experimentation. Lucky for you, you’re in the same cell as the leader of the democratic rebellion, and his militia the FRA (Freedom Resistance Army) attacks the camp and springs you out. The leader of the rebellion then gives you the chance of a lifetime. He gives you a chance to join his fight to restore freedom, democracy, and order to the world and break your bonds to the tyrannical governments that have been pulling your strings. It won’t be easy however; the U.S.S.A is a powerful force and Asia has become a strange place. Due to unfiltered biological experimentation many monstrosities walk the lands of Asia. Failed super soldier attempts such as reanimated dead, beastmen, giant animals, and honest to goodness dinosaurs stalk the countryside ready to kill you if you aren’t vigilant. But it’s all worth it to stop the dystopian future that lies ahead of us.


    The setting of this roleplay will be in Asia starting with the country of Burma. Burma is known for its thick jungles, monsoon rainforests, sandy beaches, vast swamps, diverse wildlife, and now it’s victimization by the communist government. During the invasion of the U.S.S.A, many of Burma’s cities were burned to the ground. Anything that had anything to do with religion or rightist policies were destroyed and replaced with communist memorabilia. New cities have been raised in a matter of weeks to house the vast population of Myanmar and the powerful military forces of the U.S.S.A. The jungles are being used to house prisoners and to conduct biological experiments and thus horrid creatures now roam the jungle. The country is also home to one of the most militant wings of the
    FRA, the Monsoon Army.


    The World at War

    On December 21st 2013 the world as we knew it ended. On that day the United States of America’s economy finally collapsed under the weight of its own debt and caused a chain reaction that swallowed the world whole. What followed was a time of economic hardship that made the great depression look like a joke. In these dark times the disparity between the rich and the poor hit an all-time high and people began to turn to the most extreme voices among them to be their savior. In the USA martial law was declared by president Obama in a vain attempt to keep the peace among its citizens. This event triggered a civil war in the United States between the right wing militias who had gained considerable support after the collapse, and the forces of the president who was blamed for the collapse. The battle hardened militias easily overthrew the president in a year, dragged him through the streets, and executed him in a bloody display of power. They replaced the president’s dictatorship with one of their own led by a man named Gabriel Alexander. Gabriel Alexander’s policies were that of the nationalist far right instating a pure market economy, a militia run state, outlawing abortion under the penalty of death, sending the police to raid crime ridden neighborhoods, banning all social programs, and downgrading dependency on foreign exports such as foreign oil. His economic policies of privatization worked well and came to be called the Miracle of the West. Europe’s rightist parties followed suite and soon Europe was under the same form of militaristic nationalist rule.

    Asia went a completely different direction. Following the economic collapse Japan’s poor rallied under the banner of Marxist communism and its people reformed the long dead communist terrorist militia known as the Japanese Red Army. Under the leadership of a mysterious woman known as Aka Ryu (red dragon) and backed by the red Chinese they overthrew the Japanese government and formed the Japanese Socialist Republic. The People’s Republic of China had become more tyrannical as time went on in order to keep their power and thus had committed democide against millions of dissidents. China, Japan, Vietnam, and North Korea quickly merged together under an allied union (similar to the European Union) in an attempt to pool their resources and began a campaign to spread communism throughout the world. They started with the rest of Asia and conquered Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, South Korea, Singapore, rebellious Taiwan, Burma, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The fires of war had forged the socialist union now called the U.S.S.A (United Socialist States of Asia) into a superpower that was primed to take over the rest of the world. The U.S.S.A then made the move that would cause world war three. On June 6 2023 the U.S.S.A invaded Russia with the help of the Middle East now controlled completely by the Muslim Brotherhood. Russia, now a nationalist dictatorship called on its allies in Europe and the U.S to come to its aid and world war three began. This war is a war of dangerous extremes with both sides equally matched in power. The biggest fear in most people’s hearts however is the fact that both sides have nukes and may start a nuclear holocaust at the end of the war.

    Status of Important Countries



    The U.S government is under militia rule. There is a counsel of ten people on a committee all militia leaders and they are led by the standing dictator Gabriel Alexander. The military class of the United States rules completely with soldiers having lax rules on what they can and cannot do. The U.S dictatorship presides over Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and other countries in South America.

    South America

    South America is in a state of civil war at the moment due to the actions of Gabriel Alexander. Gabriel believes that the communist tendencies of South America are a direct threat to his country and must be snuffed out. He also believes that South America has a lot of potential and that he can make it great. Support for Gabriel is strong in South America but so is support for the U.S.S.A. The Northern part of South America belongs to Gabriel while the Southern part is U.S.S.A territory.


    After the global economy collapsed Europe was forced to rethink the process of liberalization that it had gone through in the past. People began turning to the most extreme populist and nationalist parties for salvation. One by one Europe became a nationalist continent.


    All of Asia is under the rule of the communist U.S.S.A. Leading the U.S.S.A is the Japanese dictator Kasumi Takahashi also known as Aka Ryu.

    Middle East

    The Middle East is now run by the Muslim Brotherhood and sides with the U.S.S.A in their mission to destroy the west.


    Africa is in the same boat as South America with some countries supporting the U.S.S.A and others supporting the Allies. North Africa supports the U.S.S.A and South Africa supports the allies.


    Name: (You play yourself in this RP but you don’t have to use your real name.)
    Age in 2023: (Be honest)
    Country: (where do you live?)
    Appearance: (One Paragraph)
    Personality: (One paragraph, be honest)
    History: (Two paragraphs, don’t give out any personal information if you don’t want to. Be sure to include a fictional history from 2013-2023.)


    1. All forum rules apply to this.
    2. What I say goes.
    3. Don’t God Mode; yes you will grow into a badarse overtime but no killing a T-Rex with your bare hands.
    4. You can make up small fictional cities and towns as you go along because as I said, Burma’s cities are different. However please keep everything relative to the setting; there are no Polar bears in Burma.
    5. Really, I can’t think of anything else but to follow the story. Burma is a massive sandbox but there is still an overarching story that needs to be followed. The good thing about it though is that you can progress through this story anyway you want to. If you want to join the Communists later, go for it. You want to stay loyal to your country, do that too. If you want to be a mercenary or an assassin for a drug cartel knock yourself out, but follow the story.
    6. Oh, and the RP is rated M so knock yourself out with everything except the overt sex scenes.
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