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Old December 26th, 2012 (5:50 AM). Edited December 28th, 2012 by CharmingAngel30.
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    ::.Link Artes Exhibition::.
    Symphony of The Graces

    Some word from me
    (really not make sense, don't look at it!)
    Well, okay -__-"
    This is my first ever roleplay in Pokecommunity, i am a expert in role-play in indonesian language, but i'll do the best for this RP.
    You see? I'm really a maniac of tales and pokemon story, so this RP is one of my favorite one~


    Once upon a time,
    There's a secret jewel that been protected by Girantina somewhere in Distoration World. But that jewel named, Seraphic Amethyst, made a 'Mark of Destiny' to limited person, the person that got it will got the power of Artes. Artes is a fighting power that been had by human.
    The Hero of Sinnoh, Dia, got Spade mark in his arms. He met Fransisco, Seraphic Amethyst spirit.
    Fransisco tell Dia to go and ring six bells, that bell is,
    Bell of Devil, Bell of Diamond, Bell of Heart, Bell of Angel, Bell of Spade and Bell of Clover. That six bells rung and open the gate of Aselia the world that full of artes, Aselia now absorbing all power from Pokemon World.
    Dia then call upon all heroes to unite Aselia, they agree and then make a bridge called Root of Palmestic to control Mana, source of power in Aselia, and fusion it with pokemon world power.
    The Seraphic Amethyst flied to the bridge and that gem shine to make a pact with summon spirits in Aselia.
    Because of that massive power of Seraphic Amethyst that absorb all the heroes power, all of the heroes died and became the Guardian Spirits to all human in Aselia and Pokemon World. Five years after the story, many human possessed the power of artes, they made a link artes, power to link human artes with pokemon attack. Pokemon immigration to Aselia sometimes too! Aselia and Pokemon World now became one..
    But...You know the bell that been rung by Dia? What's happen to that bell?

    Power of the bell suddenly down, the balance of Mana between Aselia and Pokemon World is broke. Many people who can use Artes died, the guardian of hearts than manage to seal of mana and made the guardian to bless him with power. Angel of Derris-Kharlan is helping to balance the mana within the two world,
    The Guardian then became worry because of the angel made all of the bell rusty, only the chosen, someone with the mark of bell can purufy the bell.
    Aselia and Pokemon World became once again, but the source power of Pokemon World, Seraphic Amethyst, is going to become ash by the fake mana from the angel.
    The gem than chooses 9 person from Aselia to save the Pokemon World, the people who been choosen was get one mark. There are 5 mark,
    Mark of Heart, Mark of Clover, Mark of Spade, Mark of Angel and Mark of Diamond. So..Is you chosen by the holy gem?

    You are one of the chosen, one mark is used by 2 chosen. You lived in a country of Sylvarant, you are all different than other chosen.
    (i can't totally describe this, but..okay -__-")
    You're had a parents that died by the darkness mana from the angel, you'll live either with someone or alone and in a journey.

    Power as Chosen One
    ♥ Chosen one
    Heart Chosen one got Crystal Heart Bow, you can attack with your bow and using healing spell. You can only make Link Artes with Normal and Fire type pokemon.
    Here is the Heart Chosen moves : here

    Chosen One
    Spade Chosen One got a Giant Blue Brush, you can use magic too! You can link artes with all type pokemon.
    Here is the Spade chosen one moves : here

    ♣ Chosen One
    Clover Chosen one got a small but deadly dagger, you can attack with it fiercely and use healing spell and some magic. You can only link artes with grass, bug, water and ground type pokemon.
    Here is the Clover Chosen One moves : here

    ♦ Chosen One
    Diamond Chosen One got a mini-staff that will summon star by just swinging it, it had no move but just use to summon and attack with a star. You can only got damage by light elemental magic and not got damage from any attack and magic from other than light. You can link artes with any cute pokemon.

    Angel Chosen One (no image..sorry..)
    Angel Chosen one got a pairs of chakram, it can attack long-ranged and got some angel power magic. You can only link artes with psychic pokemon.
    Here is Angel Chosen One Moves : here

    (I'll add more later!)

    About Link Artes
    Link Artes is a move that combine Pokemon Moves and Artes..You can name the link artes and make the effect as long it's not godly powerful! Something like..
    When a Marill Use Bubblebeam and you use Raptors Prey, you can name it as Raptor Bubble and then make an effect of that!
    There's going to be Mystic Artes that is artes when combine with pokemon move will be godly powerfull!! But ask me if you want to use that!

    Sign Up form
    Character Name :

    Character Age :

    Character History :
    (min 100 word)

    Character Personality :
    (min 50 word)

    Character Appearance :
    (can use image with a little description)

    Pokemon and some detail
    (like move and ect): (MAX 2)

    Mary Sue / Gary stu point :
    (click here to take the test)

    Mark of Chosen One : (Heart/Diamond/Spade/Clover/Angel)

    1. This is a teen roleplay. There is going to be some romance and many violence.
    2. No bunnying and else, i will alow you to borrow anyone else character with they permission.
    3. Please just ask question here!
    4. You can only go to a place if i told you all!
    5. Just keep asking me in PM if there any question!
    6. Be creative in the battle.
    7. Mary Sue point is max 36

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    Old December 28th, 2012 (12:59 AM).
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      This place is going to be some update place.
      So its reserved!
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