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    Note: I’m just going to go ahead and rate this PG-13, simply because there might be possible death and obviously violence in it.

    Awakening of the Golden Sun

    Chapter 1

    Aria nearly tripped when she was running down the steps of her stairway, her heart pounding in excitement and anxiety, altogether in one uncomfortable bunch. After so long, could it be…?! She nearly fell down the last step, landing on the floorboard, in one solid “thump”. She could hear talking, the sound of her mother and a man at the front door...her mother, Ella, turned around, greeting Aria with a mother’s warmth –
    “Aria! Good morning dear…my!” Ella was quickly interrupted by her daughter when she was shoved aside, revealing a man at the door, with an awkward smile on his face.
    “Is something wrong little girl?” Aria’s earlier excitement cleared away, replaced by a dull depression. “N-no…I apologize. I thought you were someone else…my bad.”
    Aria walked away, and sat down at the kitchen table, in a cold silence. So it wasn’t him…*sighs*…why do I even hope? Aria looked outside, the morning sun’s rays shadowing the house in beautiful array.
    “No…thank you, thank you very much. Bye!” The door was shut, followed by a troubled quiet.
    Aria felt her mother’s arms wrap around her, in a loving manner, kissing her head, hugging her tightly. “I know, Aria…you thought it was him. Sweetie, I miss him too…but I don’t know where he is, if he’ll ever come back. We’ll just have to move on…” Aria burst in tears, sobbing pitifully in her mother’s shoulder, allowing her emotions to flow.
    “…I miss him so much…I just wish he would come back. Today was his Birthday, too... he’s supposed to be-“
    32…Aaron was supposed to be 32.” Ella sighed, and kissed her daughter once more. Aria snuffled a little, and gently broke through her mom’s embrace, and looked out the window again, at the shimmering lake, and the Pidgey flying by.
    “I just wish Dad could be here. I wish he never left.” Ella gave a thoughtful smile. “It was his dream to become a Pokemon Master.” Aria just nodded, slowly turning towards her mom. Her sniffling was completely over now, and she suddenly heard her stomach rumble. At that moment, despite the sad atmosphere, Aria and Ella laughed, lightening the mood.
    “Well, I can’t argue with a hungry daughter. I’m hungry myself…do you want me to make some pancakes?”Aria smiled for the first time since the small discussion, allowing herself to drift back to normality. “Yeah, pancakes sound good.” Ella nodded, and got out her pans, and heated up the stove, humming a small tune.
    Aria walked to the fridge, and pulled out a glass bottle of Miltank milk, and eagerly began drinking it, as she sat the table. Aria was watching the playing pidgey, when something on the table suddenly caught her eye – a box, most likely the one the mailman had in his hands. Did he have a box? Aria couldn’t remember.
    “Hey mom…what’s in that box on the table?” Ella looked at the box for a moment, and she responded with haste, forcing a casual tone.
    “Oh, just a Pokemon the professor sent us. It’s to help us if we ever need to travel somewhere, mostly to prevent any burglaries or attacks. Just for safety.” Aria gave a muffled “oh”, through the milk she was chugging down. Aria began to toy with a thought, a thought that began to bug her after hearing this recent explanation. Maybe…just maybe…I could search for him. Who knows, I might find him!
    “Mom…I want to leave. I want to be a trainer…and who knows, maybe I co-“Aria was immediately disrupted by the sound of crashing pans against the floor, and her mom swore, something she never did, trying to pick up the mess. She then turned to Aria, with a serious expression.
    “Don’t you ever say that again. You are not going to leave for some crazy adventure, and you are not going to look for dad. Aria…you could be killed! I’ve already lost my husband… and I don’t want to lose you.” Aria was stunned by the harsh tone her mother used, never in her life had she heard talk like that.
    “But mom…at least think about it...”
    “I don’t need to think about it. You’re not going. You’re staying here, and that’s that.”
    Ella then sharply turned back around, and began cleaning again. Aria ran to her room, and slammed the door. She stuffed her face in her pillow, sobbing with devastation and anger. I can’t stay here though…I’ve got to find dad! Aria wiped her face, and then began formulating a plan…she was going to leave, no matter what her mom said.

    ...Well, that's the first chapter. Let me know what you think of it! Constructive Critiscm is welcome!
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