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Old January 4th, 2013 (9:13 PM).
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Does anyone play Pokemon Stadium 2 for Nintendo 64? Nintendo 64 is ... possibly my favorite console~
Well, I started playing Stadium 2.. and I quite enjoy it, even if it makes me frustrated. One thing my brother or I have never been able to do is beat the Little Cup, I believe it's called. Battling with Lvl. 5's is apparently NOT our thing, haha. Has anyone beaten it? I've tried numerous times.
For any Cup, does anyone have a favorite team?? I've found one that's rather gamebreaking, almost. I've lost a couple times, maybe from bad luck.. My favorite type of Pokemon is flying. It beats bug, grass, and fighting. Might have missed one there.. but yeah. So, I pick 5 various flying types. Xatu, Delibird, Crobat, Charizard, and as much as I hate legendaries, I used a Zapdos. Not too bad, I suppose. I got decent type coverage. I added a Sandslash though. That did it. Now, I can pretty much deal with all types.

Anyways, what teams do you like?
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Old January 11th, 2013 (7:22 PM).
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I have played PS 2 for 64 a long time ago so I'm pulling this all from memory. Its been like 10 years since I've played it lol

I'm not 100% sure if this is what I did but I believe that I traded/bred pokemon in one of my Gameboy games (Silver Version I think it was) to get the babies to meet the lvl 5 requirement and then spent a bunch of money on TMs if the baby pokemon didn't have the moves I wanted. I know one of the pokemon I used was Pichu.

I then attached that game to my 64 and registered my lvl 5 pokemon onto my PS 2 so I could use them.

I don't have a certain team that I like. I prefer to use pokemon that are my favorites unless they don't meet the type match ups that I need. I normally try to have at least 1 grass, fire, and water types or pokemon that can use those type of abilities
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