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    A constant struggle envelopes the beautiful land of Velora. Its' winding rivers tainted red with the blood of fallen warriors, the lush forests reduced to cinders, the very earth ravaged by war. For centuries the stout, magic wielding elven-kind have battled with the fiercest warriors of humanity. The people of Velora live in constant fear of attack, and life is usually short and brutal.

    To the south are the southern deserts, scorching hot sands cover the ancient temples and relics that scatter this deserted wasteland. Few live in the southern deserts, human and elf alike, but the region is always busy with researchers and archaeologists scouring the sandy ruins.

    To the west is the Trolix Coast, and off the coast are the aptly named Trolix Islands. Rich landowners live out in these tropics, enjoying relaxation that they believe they have earned. These tropics are among the only places in Velora that have not been affected by war.

    To the north is the snowy human kingdom of Witerom, where the human scholars make new discoveries almost every day, and train themselves in arcane magic. The great libraries of Witerom are truly a sight to behold.

    To the east are the forest kingdoms of the elves: Sham'trol, Shin'zes and Zano'ray being the three most important elven regions. Sham'trol is the westernmost elven kingdom, and their main military stronghold. To the northeast is Shin'zes, where most of the elven population love. South from there is Zano'ray, who's inhabitants have recently locked themselves from the outside world for an unknown reason. Most elves now only live to the age of thirty-five.

    However, the people of the human kingdoms of Faradon in the centre of Velora are the most short lived. It is here a perimeter is held to stop the advancing elven armies, and the people of Faradon are always ready to fight. The elves struggle to secure Faradon, in hopes of defending their nearby forest communities. This has caused Faradon to become a constant battleground, and a central location in the war.

    During this constant skirmish, the Humans from the southern deserts had uncovered an artifact referred to simply as a 'Key'. Legend has it there was seven of these keys that, when brought together, granted the bearer incomprehensible power. Elven-kind apparently used these keys to found their forest kingdoms, but lost the Seven Keys when their struggle against the humans began. The humans believed finding one of these keys was of great importance, and so a human courier was ordered to deliver this first key to Witerom. The journey north through Faradon was perilous, and risky. But it was a necessary risk, as securing a key would give the humans a great advantage in the war.

    And so the courier went, stopping off at various town across Faradon on the way to Witerom. It was at the border of these two great kingdoms that an event took place that ushered in a new chapter of war and violence across the land of Velora...
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    Old January 19th, 2013 (11:42 AM). Edited January 19th, 2013 by Dragovian98.
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      Chapter 1- Postage Problems

      After journeying across Velora for two weeks, William Nor was only a few miles away from Witerom, where he was to deliver a package of 'great importance'. He would be glad to be done with this job, which had seemed suspicious from the very beginning. William hadn't been told what the package he had actually was, and why it was so important.

      William figured this was none of his business, however, and so he continued to trundle down the forest path, admiring the picturesque sights. With Spring in full swing, the flowers were blooming and the birds sung songs of joy. Having grown up in Southern Faradon, where open plains replaced the foliage, William was not used to such scenes.

      He began to do some calculations. If he continued down this path, he should reach Witerom by night, and would surely find an inn for the night. Then it would only be one or two days more until he reached Witerom's capital city, Flakith. But right now it was mid-afternoon, and he reckoned it was time for lunch. William separated from the path and into the forest for a peaceful break.

      William sat down in a clearing and brought out some food from his backpack. Sandwiches were all he had left after the long journey, and so he ate slowly, savouring every bite. When he had finished he rummaged through the backpack for more to eat, when his hands touched the package he was to deliver.

      William's curiosity had gotten the better of him, and he pulled it out his rucksack. He looked around nervously, laughing to himself when he realised there was nobody around. Just one look couldn't hurt, and so William began to rip open the seal, and as he slipped out the contents he heard something in the bushes nearby.

      He was being watched.

      William pulled out his only weapon, a small pocket knife, and stood up. His eyes darted around the clearing, looking for the source of the noise. The rustling grew gradually louder, faint whispers being exchanged.

      "I know you're there!"William shouted, after which all was silent again. Then noise began again, this time a crackling noise, almost as if..

      William realised what the noise was too late, as a fireball spell shot out the bushes, smacking him in the face and burning right through his skin. William's hands clutched his face, as he fell to the ground in agony. Footsteps, voices, paper rustling. The package, they had the package!

      William removed his hands from his face as adrenaline coursed though his veins, he clutched his pocket knife, as he sighted the culprits. Two hooded figures were next to his package. They emptied the contents onto the forest floor. A golden orb rolled about, a faint light radiating off of it. William couldn't stop looking, it had a certain allure that he couldn't put his finger on. His gaze was broke when the hooded figures turned to face him.

      "We'll deliver this package for you, if you don't mind."one of the figures explained, to which the other figure chuckled heartily. William's nerves took hold of him, he was rooted to the spot. He stood his ground.

      "No, I'm not okay with that"he retaliated bravely, readying himself for another fireball. The two hooded figures laughed hysterically.

      "Listen, I don't understand how you survived the first fireball, but we can arrange more if you want"

      William shook his head, he even attempted to speak but the words wouldn't leave his mouth. The other figure began to speak.

      "Too late, we already made up our mind human"

      The two figures readied their fireballs, and unleashed both of them at once. William's lifeless body wa sent flying to the ground, and in a grand display of bright flame, William Nor's life was extinguished.
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