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Old March 2nd, 2013 (1:55 AM).
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    so as must of you know, in pokemon, there are several status conditions that will affect a battle, burn will hurt the target each turn and lower the attack, sleep and frozen prevent any action, and there are several more i won't name. in X and Y, what new status conditions would you like to see? i'm hoping for one like burn that instead of attack, lowers special attack. in addition to that, what about status conditions not directly on pokemon, but more on stopping communication between the trainer and pokemon. a psychic pokemon could use a move that confuses humans rather then pokemon, a trainer might not call orders out right and the pokemon will attack the wrong target or use the wrong move. or making a trainer timid so they can't call any attacks that are over a certain power, say, 90. a move that makes all pokemon do the move in the position of what the other trainer told their pokemon to do maybe, like if you wanted lucario to do aura sphere which is the top left move, instead he does dragon pulse because the opposite trainer wanted to use fly which was in the bottom left position, but instead had to use close combat because you chose aura sphere.

    the last move doesn't seem likely but still cool.

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    Old March 2nd, 2013 (7:31 AM).
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      I have come up with a few and I hope you all like them, I even came up with in-game descriptions!!

      Soul Harvest:
      "The user summons a portal to the spirit world, this sinister aura slowly steals the targets life force". Soooo we have a move that slowly diminishes the pokemon's soul until it is an empty being, that's kinda dark for a kids game. Anyway, this is a ghost type will-o-wisp, it deals the same damage as a burn (1/8 per turn) except it halves the targets special attack stat as oppose to its attack stat. This move has no effect on ghosties.
      This condition can be cured by a 'soul heal', full heal/lum berry, full restore, or a 'Respim berry'.
      Accuracy: 75%
      PP: 20/20

      Tangle: While not as original as soul harvest, It could still be very useful. "The user wraps the target with strong vines which inhibit mobility". Ahhh, I love the vocabulary I use in my move descriptions. Tangle is a grass move (as you might have guessed), and works similar to sleep in which it is only active for a certain number of turns. This status ailment lasts for 4 - 5 turns. When the status ailment wears off, it will say in-game: "_____ broke free from the vines!" This move has no effect on grass types and flying types get pulled to the ground, allowing them to be hit by ground moves. However it has decreased accuracy against flying types.
      This condition can be cured by a 'poison spray', full heal etc, or an 'Eugot berry', or if hit by a poison move.
      Accuracy: 75%
      PP: 20/20

      Radiation: "The user emits fallout from it's disgusting body, effecting everything on the battlefield with radiation poisoning". If in a double/triple, this move hits everything on the battlefield including your teammates. It is another will-o-wisp like move. It deals 1/8 damage each turn and decreases both the target's attack and special attack by 25%. This move has no effect on poison types, however it does effect steel types. The condition can be healed by all the same items as poison, so a poison heal will cure radiation poisoning.
      Accuracy: 80%
      PP: 10/10

      Sorry, I can't think of anything else. Hope u like!!!
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