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Pokemon Breeding Improved in X & Y?

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Old May 2nd, 2013 (11:48 PM). Edited May 3rd, 2013 by bennyandthejetz.
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Hey everyone,

Has there been any discussion as to whether or not we will be seeing improvements or changes to Pokemon breeding in X & Y? While I do very much enjoy breeding myself, I feel breeding could be improved a great deal & made more enjoyable.

While breeding can be fun there are times when it is downright frustrating...something I hope they address in X & Y. A great example would be my current situation where I have been attempting to breed a perfect multiscale extremespeed dragonite for 3 months. (Roughly 1.2 hours a day) & the closest I have come is 4 perfect stats on 2 separate dratini's. (I'm aware I could use Pokegen or w/e but I don't cheat). They are currently being used to breed the perfect dragonite. They both have:

31 HP
31 ATK
31 Sp.ATK
(x) DEF
(x) Sp.DEF
31 SPE

After several thousand trials I have not come any closer to breeding a perfect dratini. This is where I see a flaw. I have no problem with RNG. "However", I feel that if a player invests enough effort into breeding a pokemon given enough time he/she should succeed by minimizing the random element.

What am I suggesting? Improved genes via offspring. Let me explain. Lets say you have 2 pikachus. Their stats are:

Pikachu #1
20 HP
20 ATK
20 Sp.ATK
10 DEF
10 Sp.DEF
20 SPE

Pikachu #2
31 HP
20 ATK
31 Sp.ATK
5 Sp.DEF
10 SPE

These 2 parents breed. 3 stats are chosen at random. Lets say:

31 HP from Pikachu#2
20 SPE from Pikachu#1
31 Sp.ATK from Pikachu#2

The other 3 stats are randomized BUT instead of rolling 0-31 it starts from lowest # in said stats between the 2 parents. The remaining stats are:


The lowest scores between the 2 parents is:

ATK 20
Sp.DEF 5

Meaning when rolls are made it would look like this:

ATK 20-31
DEF 5-31
Sp.DEF 5-31

Why does this matter & how would it improve breeding? This would improve breeding because given enough time a player would eventually create a perfect pokemon because the variables would continue to decrease until they were reasonable. Right now the player has very little control over said variables & it leads to situations like I described above. It is also the reason why so many players have elected to use things such as Pokegen/Pokesav or third party program to create perfect pokemon.


Now I understand a small % may have a issue with this method as it would be difficult to breed pokemon with 0 in a specific stat like Speed for Gyro Ball etc. This could be worked around with a consumable/service that resets a specific IV to 0.


Feel free to share your thoughts or own ideas. Would love to hear if there has been any news/discussion on this issue.
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