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Gaming Media Want to showcase yourself playing a game? Want to write a guide on how to beat the hardest levels of a game? Or maybe you want to give your review of a game you have? If so, this is the place for you!

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Let's Plays, Guides and Reviews: Thread Index

In an effort to try and help to encourage members to view and complete active Let's Plays, take a look at some guides, and some reviews, this thread was simply created as a directory for all of the Let's Plays, Guides and Reviews that are currently active over the past two months. However, it stands to reason that the rules of this board still apply, and you shouldn't bump threads that have a latest post that were more than a month old, unless you're the thread creator.

Anyway, I hope that this will be as service to all of you who take the time to update on all of the work you do in this sub-board. :3

Let's Plays!
LoZ Ocarina of Time :D <3 - by DestinyGamer [new this week!]
[Minecraft Pixelmon] Pokemon: Iron & Coal - by Satiel
Let's Play Pokemon Volt-White Nuzlocke Randomier! - by KogaNuzlocke
Pokémon Colosseum [Rated M] - by GameboyLuke
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - by SupremeSeeker
Pokemon Snakewood: Achieving Greatness! - by Soar
Pokemon Liquid Crystal (720p HD 30 Min Episodes) - by -GaNg-
Pokemon Brown Nuzlocke - by Nefashu [/size]
Pokémon Fire Red Let's Play! - by Sonkitts
Pokemon Dark Rising - by Goldenhand
Pokemon Red version - by zortac
Pokemon Storm Silver & Sacred Gold! (Nuzlocke) - by daaparty
Pokemon Emerald - Road to Glory - by Sargas006
Pokemon SnakeWood Version Nuzlocke Challenge Playthrough - by PheonixDeath1
Pokemon Black 2 - by JawDane
deliciouscinnamon digs too deep - by milkymew
Pokemon Light Platinum New LP!!! - by MJT1990
Crystal Saga MMORPG The Series - by BladeofLight
PokeMMO (Co-Op) - by JawDane
Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness - Mt. Battle Challenge - by ZachLMedia
Pokémon HeartGold Randomizer Nuzlocke - by Wiilio
How Far In One Hour - by DrDeeAblo
Pokemon Liquid Crystal - by DrDeeAblo
Pokemon FireRed N Challnge - by StormVentus
Pokemon Rose Playthrough - by StormVentus
[Let's Play] Pokemon Liquid Crystal [Rated T] - by vanillagfx
Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness! (A youtube series) - by Renemesis
Let's Play Pokemon Emerald - by AshleyKetchum
Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke rock concert challenge - by zypher634
AllyJacqui Plays, Amnesia The Dark Decent! - by AllyJacqui
Pokemon Brown Nuzlocke! - by Soar
Pokemon Ash's quest - by Jampatino
Blaze Black 2 Nuzlocke Roulette - by OPSdoesLPs
Pokemon 3D Let's Play - by Stupidmuffin64
The Bridge - by Brane
Explorers of Sky Let's Play - by TheHitAndKill
Zen Plays Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team (Blind)! - by zennyboiz
Pokemon FireRed! - by ZePokemonGuy
Pokemon Liquid Crystal - by Nefashu
Pokemon Colosseum - by Nefashu
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - by ilovedeino15
Kingdom Hearts Blind! - by obiwan362
Pokemon Lets Play: LG & FR! PokeDraft!! - by rliberto2
Black 2 Let's Play and Explorers of Sky - by TheHitAndKill
Spyro the Dragon (BLIND!) - by Kenpokid
Pokemon Raptor EX Nuzlocke - by OPSdoesLPs
Let's Play Fire Red Not New 380 Subs. - by TheHitAndKill
Pokemon Fire-Red Omega Nuzlocke [Hack] - by KogaNuzlocke
LightFangX-Pokemon Dark Rising Nuzlocke - by SuperNintenGamer
Pokemon - Ruby Lets Play! - by DrDeeAblo
Pokemon Dark Rising (FireRed Hack) Let's Play by OPSdoesLPs
Pokemon Light Platinum by zypher634
Pokemon Lets Play: LG & FR - by rliberto2
Emerald Nuzlocke Randomizer Race! - by Craftymango
★ Azalea's NFE SoulSilver Challenge ★ - by AzaleaLightning
Pokemon White 2 - by Ninetales
逆転検事2 (Ace Attorney Investigations 2) - by Miss Doronjo
The horribly translated Pokemon Green! - by brane
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - by KingCharizard
Pokemon Emerald Randomizer Nuzlocke Lets Play! - by Mojo2100
Apollo Justice Voice Acted LP! - by Tyranee
999 LP w/Voice Acting! - by Tyranee
Let's Play Pokemon Quartz! - by Tyranee
Crystal Nuzlocke! - by Craftymango
Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer Nuzlocke!!! - by TwoFacedGaming2013
Pokemon 'Diamond' - Keitai Denjuu Telefang (2.0) - by bobandbill
Let's Play(s) from Pokemon73lp! - by Pokemon73
PokéMMO Alpha: Cooperative Playthrough with Teanji & Teckiies [HD] - by Teanji
Player 2 Press Start - Let's Play Pokémon FireRed - by Player 2 Press Start


Official POKéMON Dark Cry The Legend of Giratina Guide - by mitchel1


Touhou - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - by machomuu
Sonic Generations - by Classic Sonic

And that's the end of the thread!
If you think there's a thread that I've missed putting on here, feel free to VM or PM me, and I'll add it as soon as possible! Thank you, and enjoy. :3

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