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Old May 14th, 2013 (12:03 PM). Edited July 7th, 2013 by soulryu.
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HELLO! My name is Soulryu and I need help creating a game.
I been wanting to create a game since i was a little kid around grade 6 when I saw Pokemon shiny gold & Naranja. I'm gonna try to create a game based where i'm from just like the original Pokemon game.
I'm gonna work 100% hard on this game and nothing will distract me to complete this hack. I have already started with mapping and tile inserting.

The story will take place in a tropical island with four different seasons. The player has recently move to a family friend's cottage for vacation and want to explore the place and it weird habitat. the professor is on a research somewhere on the island and hasn't return for a while. You are asked to help look for him, but during your adventure you will come across many events that plays a major part to the story. No major bad guys on teams like "Team Rocket" but there will be different antagonist.The story is not the same as the current Pokemon games (think as it takes place in another universe) Example, no reference to any Pokemon game, Countries do exist because tourist vacation on the island, original character and more as you play.

Help Needed:
- Spriting
- Music inserting
- Scripting
- Tile Screen
- If I didn't add something in which you could me in please still apply (No "I can help with story" don't want the story to change or it's not mine anymore the story, I have had this problem before)

Team Member:
- Soulryu (Tile inserting,Mapping,Story)

Submission Form:
What are you applying for (specify which aspect of a job you can do):
Other skills you have:
How long have you been hacking:
Other hacks you may have worked on:
Proof of previous work:
How often you visit Pokecommunity (provide timezone as well):
Primary Contact (AIM, MSN, Skype, etc):

Relevant Advertising!

Old June 24th, 2013 (2:13 PM).
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Hey dude I guess I could help you...
This is a pokemon game right?
I don't think many people will want to work on this
Old July 6th, 2013 (3:01 PM).
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Skill(s): Sprites
Proof of Work: Pm if you want the link
Past Experience: Currently working on spriting for Pokemon scarlet red
Contact Information (Preferably Skype): email: [email protected]
Time Zone: Eastern time Canada

Pls pm if I am Accepted!!
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