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Animal Crossing New Leaf - The Beautiful Homes Contest!

Ah! It's so nice of you to come, mayor! Er... mayors... My name is Isabelle (but I think you knew that already). Now, if you're visiting this thread, it can only mean one thing! You're interested in what is being held here, right? Er... right? I-In any case mayor, alongside my brother Digby, and Mayor LGDArm (Miss Doronjo) as organized something special today! You've spent countless bells trying to improve your home, right? (And Tom Nook says it's cheap... yeesh) Well now, you'll be able to have the opportunity to show off your home! Yes, this thread will host the Beautiful Homes Contest!

Joining is simple, mayors! All you have to do is make a photo of your home in your Animal Crossing: New Leaf video game on your 3Ds, upload it to your computer, and paste it here as your entry! All sorts of entries are welcome! But, be sure to showcase your entire home, if you have more than one floor in your home, okay? Once again, all sorts of entries are welcome, big, weird, small, or just insanely silly! You'll have around two weeks to post your home as an entry! So, that would be today, from Monday July 15th, to two weeks from now, which will be Monday July 29th. I really hope that will be plenty of time to submit your entries!

O-Oh! But, um... I think it's understandable that perhaps that while you may want to enter this contest, you'd probably don't know how to upload your pictures from Animal Crossing to here, in the internet. But don't worry, it's actually pretty simple! First, while you're playing your Animal Crossing New Leaf game on your 3Ds, you press the L and R buttons together to capture the current screen on where you are (which in this case would be various places in your home). Next, you open up the Internet Browser from the Home Menu and on the address, go to and punch in https://i.nintendo.net/. You can then upload the pictures on any image storing website; like tumblr, photobucket, or maybe you can upload it to your twitter! Then, you can transfer it to this thread, and make it your entry! If you want to learn more about it, you can visit here, here, or watch this video! But of course, if you have any questions about it, you can ask in this thread too.

Now then, after the entry phase is over, the voting stage will come the day after the deadline! People will be able to publicly vote on their favourite homes for about three days! So therefore, the official winner will be picked on August 1st! Keep in mind that if you're entering, please don't vote for yourself, okay? I-I mean, just to be fair! The winner will receive a shiny emblem and bragging rights! The runner-up will receive something cool too! And, to give the contestants something special, all members who entered will receive an participant emblem! So, I really hope that you mayors will show off your home-making creativity! Good Luck to you all!

How to sign up!

Basically, if you want to enter, follow the sign-up sheet:

Name in Animal Crossing: New Leaf:
Inside (All floors)

When you're presenting your house, you'll have to take a picture of your house from the outside, as well as all of the floors you have inside. I'll give you an example:

Username: Someone
Name in Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Mayor Lady



Inside (all floors)

Yeah, I... hope you get the jist of it. But please remember to showcase your home, and not someone else's, okay? That will be in ill taste. But, yes, I really hope you'll have fun in this contest, and I'm really looking forward to your entries! :3


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