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Old February 13th, 2005 (5:54 PM). Edited December 1st, 2008 by Drifloon.
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Be sure to read the Community Rules before posting as well.
The full version of this FAQ can be found HERE

Q. How do I get a picture next to my name?
A. This is called an avatar. You can either upload a picture from your computer, or use one of our pre-set avatars. Click the "usercp" link near the top of the forum on your navbar. Then on the left hand side, click "change avatar" Now you can either choose from our gallery, or click the "browse" button and upload an image from your computer. The image can be no larger than 130x130 pixels, and be sure it's a clean image in compliance with the rules.

Q. How do I get pictures into my signature?
A. First you will need the image you want hosted on the internet. You can use Imageshack (you don't have to sign-up for this), or you can use Photobucket (you have to sign-up, but it's better if you're uploading a lot of images).
Once you do, it's simple (remove the stars):
Normal image: [*img]url of image[*/img]
Image linking to a site/thread: [*url=url of site/thread][*img]url of image[*/img][*/url]
Side note: to create your own great looking signature images, try this guide

Q. I can't log out! Can you help me?
A. There is something funky going on the cookies at the moment, so there are two methods you can use to log out. You can either use and then close all browsers (restarting will do this) and then try to get back on. You should be logged out. If you aren't, try clearing your cookies and cache manually. Search Google if you don't know how to do that. On most computers in order to clear out cookies you run Disk Clean-up:
> Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup
If even after clearing out your cookies you are unable to log out, then feel free to start a thread.

Q. I want it to 'Remember me' but it still logs me out every time. Why?
A. Make sure that you have cookies enabled on your browser -it's cookies that save log-in information etc. so they need to be enabled. On Internet Explorer, go into Tools > Options > Privacy tab and make sure that the slider isn't set higher than Medium (any higher and most cookies are blocked). Alternatively, if you only want cookies from PC to be allowed and continue to block from other sites, click the Sites button and enter then click Allow.

Q. How do I become a moderator?
A. When we need moderators, we'll generally look for people we believe both want to and will do a good job in the area we think needs moderating. Please don't request it, we'll come to you. The best thing you can do is be polite, read all the rules and follow them, and just be a good member.

Q. Who started the Pokécommunity?
A. Master Kwesi Nkromah! He's the community founder.

Q. What are referrals?
A. The referral count in your profile indicates how many users you have informed about the board who signed up.
When a new member signs up, they have two options. Firstly, when they sign up there is a box to type in the username of the member who referred them. The other is that you give them a link that, if they join once clicking it, it automatically puts you as the referrer. The link is
(where usernumber is your usernumber. It's the last number on the link to your profile, like mine is 31) Also see: PC Buttons Page for ways to link to PC.

Q. Some of the images are broken?
A. If you are running Norton Internet Security 2003, please try disabling it and checking again. If this resolves the problem, it's built in image blocking is the problem. I do not know why it decides to block our site's images, and upon reading the help file all I discovered is that it blocks images that are "inappropriate". I have found no way to disable that function, so it will be up to you if you want to change firewalls or research to see if it can be disabled. I do recommend you don't just shut it off while visiting our community, as it can open up your computer to a world of trouble.

Q. What's with the + signs next to member names on the Who's Online box?
A. When you add someone to your Buddy List (in your UserCP) a plus sign "+" will appear next to their names, making it easier to find them.

Q. How do I get paired up?
A. Check this thread.

Q. When are we gonna get a real slogan?
A. "We are STILL looking for a better slogan" is our slogan. O.o

Q. How do I link my website to PC?
A. Check PC Buttons Page and follow the instructions given.

Q. What do the positions at PC mean? Such as Moderator or Administrator?
A. The following part of the FAQ explains the different positions at PC: Click Here

Q. Why can I only post in a few forums?
A. When you signed up you should have got a page that looked like this. Check your email and in the inbox you should have email from PC (if not in the inbox check the junk mail box), there's a link in there that you click to activate your account.
If you didn't get the email then just send a Staff Administrator or Assistant Admin a PM and they'll
activate your account for you.

Q. How do I make a blog on PC?
A. To make a blog on PC, you have to have at least 5,000 posts or be a tier 2 donor. (More information about donating can be found here.) There may be times when the staff of PC sees a dedicated and active member who would benefit from having a blog, but doesn't meet the requirements. In those cases we may pick people to have blogs regardless of post count or donation status.

Also check out some of the user-written guides for topics here:

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