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Old August 14th, 2013 (6:07 PM).
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    Hello everyone, im a new member to this forum and I have a few questions for some of the experts on wifi battling. First off im not a newbie to these games, ive been playing since red/blue, so im pretty familiar to the types and abilities. However its the wifi battles that leave me stumped, I don't have any friends to battle with so I mostly play random or ranked games. But I find myself losing almost every fight :/ Ive researched the best types to use and ive tried almost everything but for some reason I keep coming up short. My main problem is this, I always find myself attacking after my opponent. I sustain heavy damage out of the gate and even if I do survive the first blow, I hardly make a dent (even if I have a super effective move). When I do manage to score a win im down to my last pokemon with 5hp left. Any insight would be helpful and im open for suggestions. Like I said earlier, I usually played offline 90% of the time. I just want to be a more effective online player. Thanks!!

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    Hi there hun!

    First thing's first. I'm so happy to hear you're interested in the Fifth Generation as it is the GREATEST gen ever. c;
    But unfortunately, when it comes to battling online, this is not the section to discuss such matters. I went looking for a guide, and unfortunately couldn't find any on my own, so I will give you as much insight as possible that I possess, to answer you concern.

    Competitive battling is a lot more than just having a Pokemon with Type advantages and good attack, there are so many elements that go into it it's crazy.

    First off there's typing, which, you definitely know already.
    Then of course are base stats. These are the stats that determine a Pokemon's top potential.
    After that comes Natures. Natures are when it says "Gentle nature" or "Adamant". These Natures determine WHICH stat of your Pokemon will have the highest growth rate, (which, usually, in return will be its best stat).

    After that are Individual Values (IV), and then Effort Values (EV). Individual Values are randomly set numbers (that cannot be seen) that makes a Pokemon's stat naturally high. Effort Values are additional little bonuses to the stats gained from defeating other Pokemon (think of them like Proteins and Calciums).

    Thought his all may seem like a lot of information, I've barely even scraped the surface. You can find much more detailed info here.

    I hope this all at LEAST helps a bit, and if you have any more questions you can definitely send me a PM, and I will do my best to answer you.

    Have fun, remember to always read the rules of each section, and good luck in your battles!
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