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What game would you recommend?

Fifth Generation Black, White, Black 2, White 2

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Old August 17th, 2013 (7:06 AM).
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I have played first gen and third gen, but I stopped after that because I didn't have a DS back than. Now I have a DS and a 3DSxl and I want to get up-to-date with Pokemon for the release of X and Y. What game would you recommend me to get?

The primary thing I want to do is get a team of my favorite Pokemon together and start battling online. I will probably have to breed the Pokemon that I have for the correct nature and EVs. But the problem is, they are spread over 3 games. Is there a way to transfer my Colosseum emerald and Firered Pokemon to the DS titles? If so is there anything I require to be able to transfer these? I have played through all 3 titles 100%

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Old August 18th, 2013 (8:06 AM).
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If it were me, I would get one of either Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, and then one of either White, Black, White 2, Black 2. I'm actually catching up on White 2 at the moment.

If you make a list of your favorite pokemon and see which versions they are in, it could help you decide on which version to get. Otherwise, you'd have to transfer pokemon from Gen III to D/P/Pt, and then transfer them again to W/B/W2/B2 because you can't trade from Gen III to W/B/W2/B2.
Old August 18th, 2013 (8:52 AM).
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1. This section is about the Fifth Generation, not Pokemon X and Y.

2. Even if I move this thread into that section, you would most definitely only be told, "It's up to your own opinion." Which it really is.

3. You can transfer Pokemon from the third generation over to the fourth generation, and then you must transfer Pokemon from the Fourth Generation games to the Fifth Generation games, which is completely different from trading.

Method of transferring from Third Generation to Fourth Generation.
Method of transferring from Fourth Generation to Fifth Generation.

Closed due to being in wrong section.
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