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    I Can't Feel You

    "It was right there! I saw it!! I wasn't dreaming, seriously!"

    Those were the words that escaped my mouth that night. My friend Moto, who had been teasing me about my story, sat there cracking up at my fear. What could I do though. I mean, I couldn't help it, I hated ghost pokemon and haunted places. I just had to know what it was... Nothing in the world was going to stop me from getting a closer look at what could be real hauntings. No, not just a ghastly using lick or curse on me to cause some dreadful status ailment. A real, mysterious ghost or something. Maybe this time a ghost of a real person would be found. It was around 10:53 and me and Moto wanted to do a little exploring out in Petalburg Woods...

    "Really, you jump too easy, just relax. There's nothing to be afraid of, you probably just saw a wurmple or somethin'."

    No, a caterpie wouldn't be hovering above ground. Sheesh... it seemed like nobody believed my story. Maybe you will. Would you like to hear it? Even if you won't I'll probably tell you regardless..

    Anyways, I had gone to Petalburg Woods last Wednsday around the same time in the evening. Most kids my age are able to hang out with friends and do whatever the hell they wanted. I mean seriously, ten year olds are freaking roaming around the globe battling with pocketed monsters. I got mad and yelled at my parents that day. They told me I couldn't go on the trip to Mauville City to visit my grandmother for her 67th birthday. I hadn't cleaned my room, so like any other typical teenager I had to suffer the consequences from it. Being left behind all alone wasn't necessarily a bad thing though. I mean, that was the perfect opportunity to do whatever you wanted. So I decided to go for a little exploring out in the Petalburgh woods a bit northwest from my city.

    With any adventure, you must need a bag of tools to be of use of course. I decided to take a flashlight, a pack of matches, my X-Transceiver ( if something went wrong ) , and a couple of small chewable candies to ease my hunger when needed. Being upset and all I just wanted to get away for a little bit, somewhere where I could just walk around and feel as if I were going on an adventure. I wandered off towards the west of my boring hometown, Petalburgh City. I entered the forest. The temperature began to diminish in warmth, a thin wind rushed past my body. My body began to shiver as I walked through the tall grasses ending up inch by inch deeper in the forest. Walking deeper inside, it seemed like the trees began to become a little bit more distorted, changing shapes and sizes. I placed my hand on a tree, as I jumped over a large root that seemed to be sticking out of the ground. It was wet, and felt thin in thickness. I got scared. Turning my flashlight, I pointed the flashlight to the tree. There was blood.

    Suddenly, I felt like I wasn't the only one in the woods walking around anymore. I quickly turned off my flashlight, not wanting to attract any attention. As I jumped off of the mossy root, I stumbled on the ground momentarily before hearing a noise behind me. It sounded like the cracking of a branch or something rock hard. I froze, not sure what to do or what to think. Was it a vicious wild pokemon searching for some sort of prey to feed on? I had to see what was behind me. I turned around quickly. Everything went silent. My heart raced, and yet my blood began to lower in temperature. My voice trembled.


    No response. Something, was there. I could feel it. I began to walk forward, clumsier due to lack of bravery. Suddenly the noise happened again. In shock I turn around, tripping over the large root. My leg scraped up, a bit of blood dripping from the side of my leg. I was wounded and fell towards the ground, making a lot of noise from the crash.


    A large shadow rushed past me, it looked deformed in nature or something. Large limbs moved through, thin and sickly as if it were a human crawling about through the trees. Even though it looked to struggling to move about, it was incredibly swift and precise. Suddenly a neck-like limb tilted and cracked, a head seemingly attached to it. It was so hard to see, my eyes were going out from disbelief. The eyes, they were... watering and yellow, the pupils were red. It whispered, but it was so inhuman. It was so dark to see it fully, and yet it was still sickly from the brief image. I passed out after that, waking up about an hour later. I returned home, done with exploring for one day.

    Nobody believed that story no matter who I told it to...

    Well... at least Moto was helping me look for that damned thing...

    I just know it's here, man..."

    Moto was gone. Where did he go? I must have relived my story for a little too long. I tend to get wound up easily about these things it seems like. I readjust my stance, arms out a bit as I lowered my stature. I looked about, wondering where he might've left off to, but the grass was so thick it would be hard to find his tracks. I walked in a random direction, searching for him as best as I could. How, could he just disappear so fast like that? Suddenly, I felt chilly... I was getting nervous. I looked around, now getting worried. Where did that goofball go?


    After a moment of silence I began to get flashbacks about that terrible thing in the forest. He couldn't have gotten taken away by that creature, I would've noticed that. Quickly, I thrust myself past a couple of isolated vines dangling from a more tropical-like tree. I must be getting near the coastline on the western side of the forest. Reassuring myself I turn around, but the feeling... I didn't feel alone anymore. A twig snapped right behind me.


    Suddenly, large, cold paw-like hands snapped right on my shoulders. A large gasp escaped my breath. I began to lose it. I felt as if my bones had given out on my, my eyes were shut, I stood there frozen in astonishment. Arceus help me...

    "Dude it's just me. Get ahold of yourself..."

    It was Moto. A quick shake and a friendly pat on the shoulders was given to me after that scare tactic. I sighed in relief, that annoying basterd. But, I was really scared, what if it really did try to kill one of us. I didn't feel safe in these woods, it was too much of a risk. I've never felt this way whenever I have gone exploring at night until now. I know it was real. After taking a step away from Moto, I looked at him carefully, noting that he had a big grin on his face. That was definitely not funny...

    "Why won't you believe me, it was really in the woods."

    "Yeah, it was me just now, I fooled you!"

    "You idiot, it really does exist!! I'm telling you!!"

    "Well then, where's the proof?"

    I pulled up my jean shorts a bit, showing the scar that ran down my leg for a couple of inches.

    "Is that proof enough?!"

    "You just fell, like the baby you are..."

    "Don't blame me if you come back here and it's there RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!!"

    "So? What if it does... it probably didn't have anything to do with you... so it won't for me either. Whatever it is, It left you alone didn't it?"

    I sighed. He obviously didn't get it. But then again, maybe he was right. It could've been all in my head. I just needed, a break...

    "Fine, I'm going home."

    I walked through a thick patch of grass and bushes, leaving Moto there by himself. If he was so confident, he would be perfectly fine getting out of the woods. But he could be right. We haven't found any other leads on to what that creature could've been or if it had even existed in the first place. But the blood was real and it was stained on my hand when I got back home. That was real. And the strange noise was definitely coming from right behind me. I wasn't sure anymore. I walked through the grass. But...

    "Moto, hey man... I'm-"

    Of course... when I got back, he wasn't there anymore. It was probably the stupid joke again. If he even dares tries to pull that stupid joke again... ugh, whatever. I shrugged it off and walked a couple of feet forward, standing right in front of the bushes. Upset and annoyed by his irritating behavior, I set in my mind that he was doing a joke again.

    "Seriously Moto, come out..."

    No response. Typical, but he wasn't tricky.

    [color=orange]"Moto... I know what you're doing. Stop playing childish games..."[/orange]

    No...frigging...response.... I was tired of this. At the top of my lungs this time...


    A branch was heard from behind a couple of twisted looking trees. I sighed, seeing that he would finally compromise. I walked past the trees, now seeing a familiar spot. I found small cave that had been dug into the ground underneath the tree stump I had tripped over a couple of days ago. Was that even there before? I decided to take a look, it didn't look like it would take long before I caught up to Moto. It was dark inside and it smelled funny. My shirt began to get a little damp as I scraped past the muddy walls. I felt cold again... but not just any kind of breeze... that...same...chill. I walked inside seeing a shadow ahead of me. It looked to be Moto.

    "Dude what are you-"

    I grabbed his shoulder turning him around. But then, I was shocked to find out what I had saw. His eye was gashed out of his socket, bleeding tremendously from it. A black button seemingly being glued there. There were threads around his mouth, pierced painfully through his lips. They were sown shut. His other eye, now bloodshot and red, tears running down his face. I looked about the cave room, examining what I could throughout the darkness. There were just buttons, different types of ribbons and strings, bottles of glue were everywhere. However, there was something that caught my eye. It was a small figurine sitting in the corner, but I couldn't quite hint out what it could be. It looked to be small enough to be placed in a little girls cupboard. It was so dark though, I couldn't really make out what it was. I looked back to Moto. He was struggling to stay alive...

    Hands slid onto my shoulders from behind me, cold and sickly as they playfully tapped on me. I froze, unable to move. They were dark, blood dried on them. A small whisper was heard from in front of me.


    but I will soon..."




    Name: Moto
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19

    Job: Pokemon Trainer
    Personality: Moto is a very relaxed and laid back character, he is the typical lazy and hungry kind of character. However, he cares dearly about his friend and his pokemon.
    Quote: "Eh~? How did I end up here…"

    Important Information: Moto has always been considered lazy and they seemed to have classified him almost as if he shouldn't belong in their family. He has always thought his parents hated him for being who he was. Moto was born in Petalburgh City where his family lives.


    Credit goes to PaperJoey
    BW2 Champions


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