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Old October 22nd, 2013 (10:15 AM).
mzmingle mzmingle is offline
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Hello! It is I, mzmingle. This is a roleplay that I posted back in 2011, and it proved popular. And by that, I mean it had 50 something posts before it died out. Which is popular for me, since my roleplays suck.

The Basics

A pokémon called Jirachi founded a guild many, many years ago. It was to the north of a large island, located inside a sandcastle - typed structure on a warm beach. He called this guild the Wish of the Sun.

At the same time, another pokémon, called Darkrai founded another guild. He placed it to the south of the island, in a dark rainforest. The guild was situated inside of the tallest tree in the forest. It was named Spark of Midnight

All was well between these two guilds. They had created a rule that went for them both. Jirachi must never let his recruits explore at night, and Darkrai's guild at daytime. Generally, this rule was followed. There were a select few who broke that rule.

Your mission

There are two criminals on the loose. Xerneas and Yveltal. This dastardly duo is roaming around the island, trying to find the ten portal shards. These are items that, when all put together, will create a portal to a world that you create.

They want to create a world where humans and pokémon can live together. Sounds nice, right? It isn't. The humans will capture you. They will torture you by forcing you into battles and constantly breeding you with others to get their perfect pokémon. No one knows why the two want to do this.

If they get the shards, they can do that. This is why we need to stop them. We can get the shards together and make a new world where humans and pokémon can live in harmony.

How can you join the guild?

"We have application forms." - Jirachi
"Yes, but join my guild." - Darkrai
"No, join mine!" - Jirachi

Nickname: (If any.)
Personality: (At least six sentences.)
Appearance: (Not much needed, but are you shiny? Do you look different to the other pokémon of your type?)
Team: (You can explore on your own or with a friend. This friend can be controlled by you or they can be another person on the forums.)
Guild: Wish of the Sun or Spark of Midnight?


- This is an OOC thread. No posting RP material.
- All normal PC rules apply.
- No bunnying (controlling someone else)


Summer Beach - A beach where the weather is eternally warm. A great place for the daytime recruits to relax.

Moonlight Forest - A forest where the moonlight seeps through the leaves. Trees for adventurous pokémon to climb.

Snow Clearing - A clearing to the east of the island. Both guilds meet there for important meetings.

Current Caves

Shining Pool / Water types / Easy / Small
Giant Volcano / Fire and Ground types / Fairly easy / Medium
Sunny Forest / Grass and Bug types / Easy / Medium
Moonlight Cave / Dark and Psychic types / Normal / Medium
Abandoned Guild / Ghost types / Normal / Medium
Windy Desert / Ground and Stone types / Normal / Medium


Nickname / Pokémon / Level / Moves


- I will be playing main characters, like Darkrai.
- If you have any questions, ask on this thread.
- The rating is K+


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Old October 29th, 2013 (10:50 PM). Edited October 29th, 2013 by «Chuckles».
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«Chuckles» «Chuckles» is offline
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Pokémon: Litleo

Nickname: Chuckles

Personality: Chuckles is a laid-back fun loving dude (yes I did just use the word dude this is a one off). He has a bad habit of subordination i.e. disobeying his superiors. Chuckles doesn't like show offs or people who are too cocky (up themselves). He likes to hear good jokes and enjoys food as much as a Snorlax(geddit). He dislikes water (hence being a fire type) and hates Occa berries. When put on the spot Chuckles tends to become very shy especially when lots of people are listening in. Chuckles also doesn't leave his friends behind even if he needs to check behind the corner.

Appearance: Average Litleo. Has a slightly longer mane than average Litleo's.


Guild: Spark of Midnight

Moves if I may:
Wild Charge
Dark Pulse
Old December 9th, 2013 (11:17 AM).
✎ BlueFoxCreations's Avatar
✎ BlueFoxCreations ✎ BlueFoxCreations is offline
Developing Pokémon Alibi
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Pokémon: Eevee
Nickname: Selene
Personality: Selene is at most times, calm and quite, she likes to work independently and rarely works with others, only if it's for treasure. Often she watches the sun set, bit knows in her mind she belongs in the sun, in he warmth. Selene has her mind set on becoming a Espeon, far away from her counter part Umbreon.

Guild: Wish of the Sun

I shall revive this if I may?

Jake - Spirit - King - Rocky - Dotty - Mothra
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Old December 10th, 2013 (1:28 AM).
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Reviving after a month of inactivity by a member is not allowed. The only way this is bypassable, is before 2 months of inactivity, where the game master can revive it. After these 2 months are up, the roleplay is considered dead and must be reposted or revamped to be revived.

Therefore, this thread is closed.
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