In-Game Team Help Can't defeat the Elite Four with your current team? Well then, this is your place! Ask for team help concerning in-game play. Any teams meant for battling other people must be posted in the Battle Center's main forum instead.
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Welcome to the In-Game Team Help sub-forum! If you have any questions, feel free to ask awolffromspace.
  • The prefixes
    [XY]: X & Y; [B2W2]: Black 2 & White 2; [BW]: Black & White; [HGSS]: HeartGold & SoulSilver; [DPP]: Diamond, Pearl & Platinum; [FRLG]: FireRed & LeafGreen; [RSE]: Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald; [GSC]: Gold, Silver & Crystal; [RBGY]: Red, Blue, Green & Yellow; and [Other]: any other games that do not fit under the previously mentioned prefixes, such as Colosseum, XD: Gale of Darkness, and fan-made games.

  • Submitting team help threads

    • The In-Game Team Help sub-forum only accepts team help intended for PvE (Player versus Environment) or in-game play. PvP (Player versus Player) team help should be posted in the Battle Center's main forum instead.
    • Team help that would not incite much discussion should be posted in the Simple Questions & Answers thread (i.e. set requests). Otherwise, team help belongs in individual threads (i.e. "Rate My Team" threads).
    • Try to include descriptions on your team and its Pokémon. What is the team's goal? What are the roles for each of your Pokémon? What does your team have trouble with?
    • Remember that your thread is meant for team help first and foremost. Be willing to take constructive criticism and consider all suggestions.
    • Use a clear and readable format like the one below. A staff member holds the right to edit your thread in order for it to follow these guidelines more closely.

      Pokémon @ Item
      Ability (if required)
      - Move 1
      - Move 2
      - Move 3
      - Move 4
  • Posting in team help threads

    • Remember that you should be helping the original poster. Fix the problems with the team; do not simply point them out.
    • Explain your suggestions. Why should the original poster consider them? What are the pros and cons to using them?
    • Try to stay within the original poster's criteria. i.e. If the original poster would like to keep certain Pokémon, abide by their request and only consider improving upon said Pokémon.

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