Release Pokemon Zeta/Omicron

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Hey everyone!

I'm not exactly an avid Pokecommunity poster, but I have this account from ages ago.

I've been working on a Pokemon Essentials project for nearly a year now (11 months!), but a lot of you may not of heard of it because it's mostly Reddit-based (my username on there is /u/thesuzerain)

We've just recently released the latest update (1.3.0) which includes a couple new second-region Gyms and a bunch of Mega-Evolution related activity, and it occured to me that I've never posted here: the place where all start-up Essentials games and RomHacks are supposed to post :P

Until I get a feel for how to do all those fancy image overlays and stuff in this board, I'm going to do a topic layout similar to Reborn's (hope you don't mind, Amethyst!).

So! Let's get started!



Team Rocket: stole a few Pokemon, tried to revive some fossils.
Team Aqua/Magma: attempted to change the ecosystem to better support certain species of Pokemon.
Team Plasma: tried to capture a legendary Pokemon to force trainers to release their Pokemon.

But we're nothing like that.
Team Asgard. Team Olympus. Whatever name we're called.
We don't fight for freedom. We don't fight so that others may benefit.

Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.” - 1984, George Orwell

We will blow up cities. We will sacrifice those who oppose us. We will be victorious.

Bring it on.


Decided to write that little thing from the bad guys point of view.

Zeta/Omicron take place in the Vesryn Region. However, when Team Asgard (Zeta) and Olympus (Omicron) begin their relentless assault on the region, taking over cities and capturing legendaries, the gauntlet falls to the young son/daughter of one of the most well-known Champion of the world.

Explore the Vesryn and Aroma Regions, meeting already known characters such as Oak, N, Cyrus and Red in an epic battle for supremecy and mortal deification. Will you rise to the challenge?


- Multiple Save Files
- All 649 Pokemon as well as 27 ones from XY (though not all are available in the current patch)
- All Mega Evolutions from XY as well as 8 custom ones (though not all are available in the current patch)
- 2 1/2 regions
- A "Custom Move"- a move that you get to choose the name and type for, and acts as a physical Hidden Power!
- Custom Gym! Lead it yourself, choose your own type and so on! (this won't be available until the Battle Frontier)
- A new take on the Secret Base, with upgrades galore! Including: a trader, gen2-5 starters, mining, EV resetters, people to train against, Costume vendors and much more!
- Pokemon Followers! The first 'mon in your party follows you around!
- Online Trading and Battling
- Randomizer Mode
- Fancy-shmancy Nuzlocke Mode
- Delta Pokemon a-la-TCG. Why don't you find yourself a Grass-type Snorlax, a Steel/Fairy Jirachi or a Ice/Steel Aggron?
- Shadow Pokemon (inc. weather trio, and yes Miror B has his music), Triple Triad and all those awesome Essentials features.
- HM Items! HMs are still in the game, but you can also find items to replace them after you get them. For example: after getting Strength, try looking in a nearby cave for the Dolly!
- Mac Support, though music is at-times a bit buggy
- IV Changers, who at the cost of a certain rare items can help fix your Pokemon's genetic traits.
- Fun new moves!
- Fun Mystery Gift events such as Missingno!
- A lot of default problems with other Essentials games- EXP problems, Illusion and some other abilities, Life Orb fixed.



Download & other links

Pokemon Zeta/Omicron 1.3.28 Download

Frequently Asked Questions. Read this if you have any basic questions.

Website: includes catch rates and more, but it is a bit outdated. We're working on updating it soon!
"Where do I get this Pokemon" list. Has not, at the time of this post, been updated for 1.3.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the thread, the subreddit, or in the IRC! (##pokemonzetaomicron)


Here's a list of people I couldn't do it without! If you're not mentioned here, please let me know!
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This looks awesome, I'll give it a try soon! What's the average play time?
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This looks awesome, I'll give it a try soon! What's the average play time?

I've had speedrunners get to the first gym in around an hour, and people have beaten the 1st region in around 80hrs. I don't know how long it would take to beat what's in the second region though.
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Hello, is the DL down for this?? takes me to the reddit page but no links are provided?? is there a problem with 1.3.9? because i see a post for 1.3.8 and may jsut use that.

Also i am getting a "error 0x80070057: the parameter is incorrect" message during installation, Any clue as to why this is happening ??


I don't know who I am either.

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Why would the teams have a different name depending on the version? Especially two names referring to separate mythologies that have very little in common? Your introduction from the point of view of these villains seems to imply that these two teams are one and the same, just known by different names, but wouldn't this be a lot of work for very little payoff if that is the case?

I'm also a little confused by your concept for Mega Bisharp - I get the concept, that of a knight, but the implementation of that concept is a little strange. It looks like Bisharp with some small changes made and the back of a horse crudely photoshopped on.
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It doesn't use an emulator! :) It runs on its own, just use the app if you're on the Mac.


Yeah, 1.3.9 was taken down temporarily due to an issue with the download, it'll be up again in half an hour. What do you mean you get that error when installing? There isn't really an installation process- just download, extract and click Game.exe.


I really wanted to have two games, there were multiple reasons (I can't remember all the reasons at this point because it was a while ago), and there would have to be enough differences between the two versions to justify having two. For example, the only real difference between Black and White is the version mascot, but in Ruby Sapphire you had slightly different plotlines and different teams and (I felt, anyways) that it provided a much stronger justification for two versions then just money. The use of legendaries and motivations do differ slightly between the game as well, in a similar way Ruby/Sapphire does.

Also, I'm not the spriter for the game, so I only came up with the idea there should be a Mega-Bisharp rather than the concept for it. I wasn't a huge fan of how Mega-Bisharp turned out but its starting to grow on me. And in his defense, Mega-Ampharos is just an Ampharos with fabulous hair, Mega-Aerodactyl has a goatee- Mega Evolutions often are just edited versions of the original with a slightly different concept. While it is, admittedly an edited sprite of the original, its still an interesting design that keeps a similar concept while changing it up. As for the crudely photoshopped bit, you're entitled to your opinion :P

Thank you for the reply! :)
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im sorry, i meant during the "extract" phase. comes up with a error. it doesnt seem to effect the game as of now other than not having animated sprites. Just wanted to know if anyone knew what it could be. [=

This is what im getting. the screenshot with the "characters folder" on it doesnt appear until around 98% complete, the other on the left appears around mid point, but i am able to click try again and it goes away.
Any help would be much appreciated [=