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Team Dracous - Pokemon Radiant Crimson

Started by X-Tyranitar February 11th, 2014 4:58 PM
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Professional Rom Hacker

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Utah, United States
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Posted February 20th, 2014
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Radiant Crimson
Team Dracous
Fire Red Hack - English

Hello, my name is Tyler or X-Tyranitar! I am seeking dedicated Team Members to help me create a Pokemon rom hack. I am a very experienced hacker with many abilities, including, Mapping, Scripting, Tile Inserting, Titlescreen and Intro Editing, Overworld Sprite Editing, and a few more. Though it may seem that I would be able to create my Pokemon rom hack all on my own, it has proven to be too much of a task for one person. This is why I am creating this thread, in hopes of finding hardworking hackers who want to be a part of the next big Pokemon hacking experience. I can promise that nothing short of perfect will be tolerated in this hack. It may be harder, but If we are going to put time and energy into a job, it may as well be our best work, and something we can truly be proud of! Let's come together and make something amazing, and what I hope people will call the best rom hack of the time!

The story will open with a cutscene of yourself as a 10 year old walking through your hometown on your way to the Pokemon Acadamy. You're enjoying your walk when you come across two famous Pokemon Trainers having a Pokemon Battle! When they are finished they both come up to you and ask you what you thought. Your answer is that your dream is to train your own Pokemon and become as strong as they are! They are very nice, and just tell you that they know you will be the most powerful trainer, but also tell you that power isn't everything. They remind you to stay in school, and you will learn what they mean. 5 years go by, and you are now a 15 year old graduating from your hometown's Pokemon Acadamy! Your town's Pokemon Professor is now going to bestow on you your very own Pokemon! You have a choice of three, but which one will you choose? But first you must take your final exam! (It is a Simulator battle through technology) When you complete the test, the Professor asks you, his prize pupil, if you will go on an adventure and fill the Pokedex and learn everything there is about Pokemon! You accept, and decide to challenge all the gyms along the way to fulfill your dream and become the champion of the Eyrth Region! The idea of the game is mostly like any other Pokemon game, except it has many more features to make it more enjoyable! It also will have many different parts, that really just creates an atmospheric game where all you can think is, This is the best Pokemon Game ever!

Application Form
Preferred Name: (For credit purposes)
Skills: (What job you want to do)
Time Zone: (I want to be able to know when it would be best to contact you)
Dedication: (This will determine if I really want you or not)
Contact Info: (Email, Social Media, etc.)
Proof of Work: (How good are you?)
Other: (Anything else you would like to say)

What We Are Looking For
Tile Inserters
Music Editors
Overworld Sprite Editors
Sprite Editors
Titlescreen Creator
Advertising the Game
Etc. I'm most likely going to accept everyone who is dedicated XD I just want to create the best hack we can!

Current Team Members
(Will be updated as you are accepted)
X-Tyranitar - Leader
Circaoffire - Mapper
MusaddiqTheWarrior - OW Inserter and Mapper
Withuse - Mapper
BlackCharizard - Scripter

'Pokemon Radiant Crimson' is the only Project we will be working on to keep full dedication.

New Region (Eyrth)
Day and Night System
New Tilesets for Maps
New Animations
All New Sprites
New Leaders and Elite Four
Higher Leveled Trainers (More Challenging Game)
New Music
More Mature Scene
Texts Boxes with Faces
Etc! I want to make this game as great as I possibly can!

I hope to get many replies to this thread! I am very excited to get this all started!:)
'My Current Favorite Pokemon'


Will my hack be done soon? Probably not.

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Posted 2 Weeks Ago
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9.4 Years
Preferred Name: - Jules
Skills: Mapping
Time Zone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (+ 9:30 Hours)
Dedication: Mostly everyday (if possible)
Contact Info:
Proof of Work: My hacks (signature) + Helping megaindiancharizardX with his Johto hack. Mapped Route 2 and 3.
Other: None. Progress my be slow, as I am helping MegaIndianCharizardX with his Johto hack. So I will only be able to hack every so often.
Forza Borussia Dortmund!

Quick note, I ended up losing the IPS files for ALL my hacks in the Sideshow Showcase, I ended up factory resetting my PC before making backups. Since you can't download them because the downloads are broken, and I no longer have access to them, well, you can figure out the rest -.-


The End is Near...

Age 21
Berlín, Alemania
Seen October 31st, 2014
Posted October 17th, 2014
336 posts
5.4 Years
Preferred Name: Syn
Skills: Mapping And Tile Inserting
Timezone: (UTC-07:00)
Dedication: I can Try everyday But most of it on weekends (For Sure)
Contact: PM
Proof Of Work: Tile Inserting:


Other: I am Applying for lead Mapping :)
For tile inserting they cant be #D XD I cannot insert those ummm and if they are in 16 colors already that would be great

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