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    Before we begin, I'd like you to know that I made these myself. xD You'll probably know as soon as you read 'em, they aren't that good and all but still... made with love? <3

    By the way, these are all %100 mine and if you find any use whatsoever of them and you'd like to borrow them then please contact me first and I'll consider it~

    I use a lot of the same words, I know, but it's about someone who I love in my dreams, in my imagination who is inside me throughout it all. Someone who kept me strong... so... enjoy. ♥

    ~Save It~

    Telling me I’m okay,
    You don’t know half of my pain,
    Am I really a human?
    I feel so alone.
    Embrace the rage,
    Don’t be ashamed of those tears,
    Why can no one listen?
    Why can no one hear?
    It’s a crazy sensation,
    It’s totally maddening,
    But baby, I’m still alive.

    Can you feel me?
    Are the mirrors the only thing that can reflect me?
    Am I really so far gone?
    Can’t I be saved?
    I just want a friend.
    I just want a diamond.
    I just want a lover.
    I just want a life.
    I want a lifetime of happiness.
    A whole planet of sunshine.

    Can you see me?
    Can you try and be me?
    Put yourself in my shoes,
    You’ll find you’ve got nothing to lose.
    Am I really such a sinner?
    Am I so far gone?
    I could have sworn
    I was a human.
    But I guess I’m just another demon.

    I just want a friend.
    I just want a diamond.
    I just want a lover.
    I just want a life.
    I want a lifetime of happiness.
    A whole planet of sunshine.
    I want understanding,
    Someone to hold me tight,
    Someone to tell it’s alright.
    I know I seem mean
    But I just don’t know what to be.
    I feel so strange,
    I feel so deranged…

    But hey,
    I’m still here~

    ~Lost in Infinity~

    Deep in my decay,
    I feel like a butterfly,
    At the end of its life.
    The beauty of it all
    Just seems so small.
    My vision begins to fade.
    I begin to disappear.
    Not even a trace…

    Where am I?
    Who am I?
    Where could I be?
    Who are you?
    Why are you here?
    To see me die?
    Or to see me thrive?
    I don’t know anymore.
    I know its cra-zay,
    But I’m just so alone.
    So baby, throw me a bone.

    Can’t you see?
    My wings can’t fly,
    I’m a broken butterfly.
    See me fall,
    See my tears hit the ground,
    I’m just a little nothing,
    How can anything remember me,
    When I don’t remember myself?

    My broken wings,
    My broken mind,
    My broken tears,
    My broken heart.
    Am I really so far beyond?
    Can’t we fix me,
    Can’t we repair our bond?
    Can’t we be friends again?

    Can’t you save me?

    ~That Feeling~

    That pain,
    Washed away
    By your smile.
    You make my life seem so worthwhile.
    I feel like I’m in heaven,
    I feel like I’m alive again.
    Like I’ve got a meaning on earth,
    Like I’m the last girl standing.
    So wonderful,
    So fantastical,
    So magical…
    A dream?
    A melody?
    A ritual?
    A nightmare?

    Stuck in this infinite dream,
    I never wanna wake up ever again.
    Why, when you’re so
    Damn special?
    So radiant?
    So wonderful?
    I know it’s selfish
    To leave all of my pain behind.
    I know it won’t last,
    But I’m here now.
    Living for the life
    I’m living today.

    Will it end?
    Will we have to say goodbye?
    I’ll die before I do any of that.
    I’m just so in love.
    I’m just so alive.

    I know you’re not real,
    But it feels like you’re been here forever,
    By my side.
    Watching me dream.
    I know I’ll never be alone,
    If I have you…

    So crazy,
    Am I insane?
    I hope so,
    I just love you like crazy.
    I know it’s selfish.
    I know it’s strange.
    But this is my imagination, baby~

    ~Endless Romance~

    Keep me going,
    Keep me sane.
    I know I’m so beyond saving,
    But you make me feel…
    Like a human being.
    Something worth meaning.
    Something alive.
    Something that will learn, that will thrive.
    Like I’m flying through the sky.
    Like hell will I say goodbye.
    This moment in its infinity
    Is beyond capability.

    Don’t let me go,
    Let’s hold hands
    Til we pass the rainbow.
    Let’s dance under the stars,
    Let’s sing on the moon,
    Let’s lie together on the sun.
    Burning up, just burning up.
    Like a beautiful flame,
    Let’s never part again.

    My smile
    With your laugh,
    It’s so magical,
    Let’s never say goodbye.
    We’ll hold hands,
    We’ll dance,
    We’ll sing.
    We’ll bring so much happiness,
    But only together.
    The night will never end.
    The stars will never fall.
    The sea will never wash away.
    The sky will never disappear.
    So let’s live.
    So let’s kiss.
    So let’s embrace this miracle.
    Love, or my imagination?
    Hell, it’s my creation.

    Dancing into infinity,
    Just loving you,
    You’re just loving me,
    This eternal moment,
    This eternal dream,
    So wonderful,
    So strange,
    So fantastical,
    So magical.

    Hey, never say never,
    Together we’re under the stars forever.
    We’ll lie on the sun,
    Burning up,
    Just burning up
    All the way.

    Don’t let go of my hand,
    This never has to end,
    Yeah, it never has to end~

    ~Little Deviant~

    Listening to this eternal rhythm,
    I feel my heart thrive.
    Listening to these beats,
    I feel alive.
    Not sure if this is a dream
    Or a nightmare in disguise,
    But I never wanna wake up.
    I can live here forever.
    Don’t come out of your dreams
    If life is so ugly,
    Don’t let go of your imagination
    If it means facing the world
    In its entirety.
    Why not lie here with me?

    Such a little poet,
    Such a little deviant.
    By life,
    By trade.
    Ima demon,
    Born this way.
    Born this waay.
    Born this waaay.
    Born this waaay.
    So crazy,
    So insane.
    I know,
    I know I’m just so deranged.
    But yo, it’s fun,
    But it takes courage,
    To look in that mirror every day.
    I feel the rage
    I feel the pain,
    I feel the anger
    Tingling in my veins.

    But I’ll survive.
    But I’ll live on.
    Because hey, I’m still alive.
    I was born a deviant,
    I was a born a liar,
    I was born a meanie,
    I was born to kill.
    Born to break hearts.
    Born to break people.
    Born to kill.

    Stare into my eyes,
    In the iris, there’s the prize.
    A little sanity
    Within me.
    I don’t know how to reach it…
    Can you help me?
    Can you show me how?
    I know I’m evil,
    But how about a hand?
    To help me grow?

    I’m such a deviant.

    ~Nature is Possessive~

    Look at the stars,
    The universe,
    The moon,
    The sun,
    I feel so alive.
    I feel like I’m having fun.
    Embrace the breeze,
    Feel your feet under the soft soil,
    Feel the moonlight
    Reflect in your eyes.
    See the tree’s sway
    And the flowers bloom.

    The rain is pouring down,
    But I don’t care.
    The heavens is shooting lightning,
    But I just don’t give a damn.
    Feel the cold,
    Feel your veins pulse.
    Your heart beat,
    Your brain throb,
    It’s so crazy.

    The melody of the birds,
    See the butterflies?
    Ever admire,
    How a bird flies?
    Ever admire
    The way the world lies?
    The wind
    In my hair.
    I’m just without a care.
    I feel so strange.
    So unique.
    The world is calling me
    To jump in the sea.
    Do I answer it’s call?
    And join the fishies?
    Or do I stand on the land,
    United with the humans?

    No, I’m one with nature.
    One with the tree’s.
    I’m one who never had time
    For anything else besides the birds and the bees.
    So c’mon,
    Join me under the stars,
    We’ll dance,
    The breeze,
    The moon,
    The sun.
    I feel so alive.
    So strange.
    So unique.
    So join me.
    So join me…

    Hear my siren call~

    ~Can You Stay Here Forever?~

    Never noticed you before.
    You new here?
    In my memory?
    In my dreams?
    But you seem familiar…
    Are you here?
    Are you alive?
    Do you exist?
    Can I touch you?
    Feel your warmth?
    Brush away your tears?

    Care to be my friend?
    Or just guide me until heaven.
    You seem almost impossible
    With your radiant ways.
    You always manage to make me smile….
    To make me laugh~
    You’re just in my head,
    But I love you to death.

    Care to dance with me?
    Care to sing?
    Care to have some fun
    With me?
    I know I’m a little bit insane,
    But hey, so are you.
    We’re perfection…
    We’re fantastical…
    We’re wonderful…
    We’re magical.
    And so are you~

    Feel the melody
    Sweep us away,
    Don’t wake up, my dear,
    Don’t wake up.

    Don’t let go,
    Don’t say don’t,
    But I refuse to stop loving you.
    Don’t stop the beats,
    Don’t stop this lovely nightmare,
    Don’t stop this invincible dream.
    Heehee, I love you, baby.

    Don’t be frightened,
    I’m just your friend.
    And if you don’t love me,
    I love you.
    I’m still in heaven~
    Turn your gaze towards me
    I wanna see the stars sparkle in your eyes,
    I wanna see if you’re happy,
    I wanna see if your love is all a disguise.
    But I don’t care,
    Because we’re perfection,
    We can fight all day,
    But I’ll love you anyway,
    All damn day~

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    Some nice lyrics's you got there, not my style But I like it
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    Timeghoul is absolute Awesomnes!
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      Thanks Manga, and yeah, I do tend to go over the top but with those creative moments... party, I guess~ cx
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