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How to Schedule your PCL Battle

This thread will serve as a guide for being proactive in scheduling and completing your PCL matches, and it is expected that you follow the procedure here. To put it more concretely, when I adjudicate activity decisions, I will check to see if the procedure here was followed, and if it wasn't an activity win is not guaranteed. Here are the guidelines:
  • During the PCL Championship, actively check the PCL sub-forum for weekly pairings to be posted. Your clan heads should remind you, but it is ultimately your responsibility.
  • For other events, you are responsible for checking for new match-ups in events you've entered and contacting opponents. The event host should send reminders, but they are not your babysitter. If you sign up for an event, check back on it frequently for updates.
  • Once you see your match-up, VM or PM your opponent immediately. VMs are preferred, as they make it much easier to adjudicate activity decisions and for clan heads to make sure that their members have been active contacting opponents.
  • If you are sending the initial message, offer a variety of timeframes that can work for you, preferably over two or more days. Time zones can be found in the Clan Directory, but it doesn't hurt to include yours when VMing for scheduling if only to save your opponent the hassle of looking it up.
  • If you are receiving the initial message, say which times within the window given work for you. Offer a specific time within that window if you know your week's schedule in advance. If you cannot, make sure to finalize a time 24 hours in advance.
  • If no times do work, try to contort if possible. If you cannot get on at the same time, contact the event host (or wolf, Castform, or Anti if it is a PCL Championships match) immediately and one of them will sort out the conflict and potentially change the matchup.
  • You can find a link to your opponent's profile in the Clan Directory.
  • Again, be sure to actually schedule a specific time. "I'm on the server often, just find me" is NOT how you schedule a match. Do not expect an activity win if you don't schedule a time.
  • You are expected to be prompt sending out and replying to match scheduling messages. Waiting three days to reply to someone is grounds for an activity loss.
  • On that note, being active on the forum is really important. Server activity matters a lot in PCL, but you need to log onto your account every day just to be sure that relevant scheduling is being communicated.
  • When the scheduled time comes around, give your opponent wiggle room (about a half hour's time) to show up. Real life has a way of intervening at inconvenient times, so don't show up for a 1:00 match and leave at 1:03 because "my opponent no-showed." If it's 1:30 and they still haven't arrived, then you can make an activity post.
  • Show up to your match. If you forget, that's on you, and you will get an activity loss if you cannot reschedule in time.
  • Remember that you can and should use the event thread or (for the PCL Championships) the weekly match-up thread to keep the event host/PCL leadership updated on the progression of your scheduling, and ultimately, your match. If there are any problems, remember that we are here to help.
  • There will not be any extensions, so don't count on it. Be active with scheduling and try to avoid last-minute matches. That will also allow for rescheduling in case something comes up.
  • Activity decisions will all be made promptly after deadlines. If you have any questions about them, contact wolf, Castform, and Anti and they can provide an explanation. For the PCL Championships, they will be made jointly to avoid bias in the decisions.
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