Article Pokémon Ranger re-release on Wii U eShop

Started by PokéCommunity Daily February 22nd, 2016 3:16 AM
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...would still prefer this on the 3DS eShop.

I'm quite surprised that the EU is so prompt with these things, considering we're so late with absolutely everything else. I'm guessing the Manaphy event for this isn't included, or can't be transferred if it is? It'd be wonderful if we had Guardian Signs and Shadows of Almia with the event Pokemon and Wi-Fi missions, but I'm guessing the chances of that happening are pretty slim if/when the two sequels are re-released.

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I really need to pick up a WiiU and this is more of a reason why. I quite enjoyed this game as a kid and part of me has really been wanting to play it again. Not to mention I need a WiiU for various other games...


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Oh my! Are they seriously re-releasing every spin-off game as well? I wonder when the announcement for a Conquest re-release will be.


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I wonder if North America will get these releases. I would prefer to see these on the 3DS eShop as well, as I don't own a Wii U, and this probably isn't enough to make me buy one. However, if enough other games are released that I suddenly feel compelled to pick up a Wii U (or if the system price drops a bit), I would probably buy this to try it out. Ranger is one of the few spin-off series I've never played (that and Conquest).
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Why on the WiiU? This was a handheld game. Why not on the 3DS?
Aside from the fact you can still pick those games up and insert them into your 3DS, I think the other reason (along with GBA games) is because the 3DS isn't capable of providing a full suite of Virtual Console features like the currently available titles do. You wouldn't be able to create Restore Points, or suspend the game to use built-in apps like Miiverse or the Internet Browser. (GBA games also aren't able to be put into Sleep Mode)

It would be a very sub-par experience and probably dilute the quality of the Virtual Console brand and not be what most people have expected from re-releases of old games for years.