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Old May 23rd, 2005 (12:21 PM).
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    5 Trainers race around Kanto, collecting gym badges... who will be the league champion? And what is the evil teams, Dark Alpha, Dark Beta and Dark Delta have in mind?

    The Evil Pokemon tribes has come upon us, and only the ones who choose to train the powers of Light, Cold, Heat, Nature and Energy can stand against it. The tribes are attempting to destroy humans. They have psychonic abilities, but they are dark types. Their sub-leader is E-Pika, and their commander is E-Mew. They look cute, but hell if they're nice.

    This takes place in 2200. The Pokeworld hasn't changed much, in terms of technology, there are no hovercars (or even normal cars...) or the such, it's just in the future...

    Dark Alpha, Dark Beta and Dark Delta are three teams who work together. They train dark types. They are controlled by The Evil Pokemon tribes.

    The Gym Leaders (Not characters to choose) are...

    Akako, Female, Fire, Gym of Pallet Town. Red Badge PI. Red's descendent.

    Midori, Male, Steel, Gym of Viridian City. Grey Badge PI. Blue's descendent.

    Amber, Female, Rock, Gym of Pewter City. Grey Badge PII Gem's sister. Brock's descendent.
    Gem, Female, Water, Gym of Pewter City. Blue Badge PI. Amber's sister. Brock's descendent.

    Mizuko, Female, Water, Gym of Cerulean City, Blue Badge PII. Misty's descendent.

    Azuchi, Male, Electric, Gym of Vermillion City, Yellow Badge. Ikazu's twin. These two were companions of Lt. Surge and were chosen to carry on his gym.

    Ikazu, Male, Electric, Gym of Vermillion City, Yellow Badge. Azuchi's twin. These two were companions of Lt. Surge and were chosen to carry on his gym.

    Rumiko, Female, Grass, Gym of Celadon Forest, Green Badge. The descendent of Erika.

    Hikari, Female, Psychic, Gym of Saffron City, Purple Badge. The descendent of Sabrina.
    Hugo, Male, Fighting, Gym of Saffron City, Brown Badge. The descendent of the unofficial Fighting Gym of Saffron City. It's now an official gym.

    Blaine, Male, Fire, Hidden Pokemon Gym, Fire Badge PII. The only living original Kanto gym leader. Long ago, he fused himself with the Pokemon, Mewtwo, to stop it reigning havoc. The price to pay was everlasting life.

    Hyaku, Male, Normal, Safari Pokemon Gym, White Badge. After the fusion of multiple gyms, this trainer tried out for the position of gym leader, and succeeded.

    It goes:

    Pewter Gym I
    Pewter Gym II
    Cerulean Gym
    Vermillion Gym
    Saffron Gym I
    Saffron Gym II
    Celadon Gym
    Hidden Pokemon Gym (Hidden somewhere around Celadon Forest)
    Safari Pokemon Gym (Safari is located in Celadon Forest)
    Viridian Gym
    Pallet Gym
    Pokemon League

    The Trainers have 1 type that they decided to train. Game physics are applied, although it won't be completely impossible to beat, say, an Onix, with say, a Cyndaquil. Each route has different Pokemon on it, pre-determined by myself, if anyone wants a certain Pokemon, please, request it.

    There are only 5 slots, Psychic, Water, Fire, Grass and Electric. Players choose 1 color that has not been previously chosen to represent themselves. 1 Main Type is chosen.

    (My Entry)

    Cyan Ao
    Gender: Male
    Elemental Color: Blue (You cannot have the same color that someone's already chosen)
    Type: Grass (You cannot have the same type that someone's already chosen)
    Starter: Oddish (All Pokemon have to be the same type you have chosen. You cannot start with a Hoenn or Johto Pokemon, the Pokemon cannot be evolved, and the Pokemon must evolve twice.)
    Age: 14 (Age has to be above 10, and below 28)


    I yawned, as I woke up for today, then sneezed.

    'Darn allergies,' I thought. 'Why did I agree to that stupid bet...?'

    It was a normal day in Pallet, and the local kids were watching a heated battle between Akako and her challenger. Then, we bet that we could come back to Pallet, beat Akako, then beat each other in the Pokemon League. I thought nothing of it at the time... but little did I know, the local Professor was listening in.

    And he jumped at the chance to send more people on Pokemon Journeys...

    (End Flashback)

    So, here I am. I'm on Route 1, and my starter Pokemon was an Oddish, by request. Heck if I was going out in the wilderness with a Pokemon I didn't even like...

    So far, Oddish knows Absorb, Stun Spore and Poisonpowder. I have about 7 Pokeballs, and I have no clue where the others are.

    Just great. They're probably way ahead of me...

    I sneezed again. I really need some allergy spray...

    Well, I guess it's time to get up and train Oddish a little... I wonder if I can get some decent water around here...


    Leave a little bit of RP, like that. You all come from Pallet Town, but you can start writing from Viridian, or earlier.

    Please sign up! Cyan, signing out.
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