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It appears as though, later this week, a new Research mechanic will be introduced, that can be the key to unlocking Mew. What do you think of this new Research mechanic?

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I like that they are doing quests for the mythicals. I just hope these are obtainable by single players. Like I hope you don’t have to complete level 3,4 or 5 raids just to get a pass to possibly have the chance to get it.

Also you have to find Pokemon in the wild? What if its Miltank or Aerodactyl. I can’t drive around looking for a Pokemon. Hopefully the Pokemon are relatively easy to find. And will there be a time limit? Hope not. Hope its more of once you get it you unlock the next step. Though it would suck if I encountered Miltank during a quest where I didn’t need it then needed it for the next one.



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Aaah, this seems fun! I like the research aspect. Though, like the above post, I hope they're able to be completed by ppl who can't drive all over to play, and don't do many raids. Some of us live in very limited areas. I hope it's still fun in that sort of way.

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