FireRed Pokémon Crystallos (WIP)

Started by Markusfer47 May 8th, 2018 9:09 PM
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ROM: Fire Red USA 1.0

Hello, this my first post in the Community and it's mostly to share what I've been working on, I've been having a lot of free time so I decided to start this little project.

It's not very complicated, just a simple lighthearted Romhack.

You're a kid raised in a far away island, but your adventure into the Ninguit Region starts with a little request from Professor Prudens, he found a particular frozen feather that can't be defrosted. As you make your way through different towns and cities to find out the origins of said feather you have the adventure of your life, as you're finally able to leave that isolated island.

There's nothing really impressive, there's a new Region called Ninguit, with their respectives Gym Leaders, Trainers, and the like, Pokemon from the First Gen to the Third Gen will be available, and I plan on making a nice postgame to go with.
I also want the game to have plenty of mysteries, similar to the Regi Trio in Hoenn, I want every legendary to have similar elements, make them fun to search and catch.


Calls Project
Furs The Fox

If you see any of your work here please let me know so I can give you proper credit, it might have slip my mind and I'm sorry in advance.

I will leave a little Alpha IPS patch for you people to play and see what I have done, hopefully it will be nice enough for you to look forward to it.

If there's any issue please let me know, I'm not used to this kind of thing.


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Hey there! Quoting you so you know I moved your thread over here.

Anyways - I'm really liking the combination of tiles you're using, especially the snowy mountains. I don't see those too often, so it's pretty refreshing. Also, some of those maps are looking pretty cool. Can't wait to see more, my dude
The screenshots look great! So what's available in the alpha?
You can play up to the first gym and some maps are reachable but there's nothing in them.
Also expect plenty of unfinished content, I will be improving everything for a Beta

Intresting I must say.. u should also create a discord .. it will be better
I've been working alone so far so I don't really have much to talk about with other people, I only have a guy that helps me with the writing so we talk in direct messages.