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Welcome to Beach City, where the weather is great and humanoid gem warriors (and a half gem-half human boy) keep the world safe from eldritch abominations and their prior planet turned enemy: Homeworld. Youll be forming your team around the quirky world that is SU.


Allowed Games...
Mainline series generations 1-7 are allowed. Hacks are allowed if they are complete (must have an E4 and Hall of Fame).


You must complete your game (or series of games) having built a team using any one of following clauses...

Diamond Authority
Each diamond has gems below them that share their attributes. You must have a Mon that is a Diamond and the rest of the team must be built around similarities to that Diamond.
For ex. If my chosen Diamond is Charizard, then 1 Mon should be fire type. 1 Mon should be flying or dragon type. 1 Mon should be red. 1 Mon should be in the monster egg group. 1 Mon should be in the dragon egg group. (note, in cases where Mons only have a single egg group, you may use another Mon thats not in the egg group, but is a similar animal)
Resulting team: Charizard, Ninetales, Fearow/Dragonite, Parasect, Nidoking, Seadra

Crystal Gems
The Crystal Gems are all a little unique and have areas where they excel. You may create a team based around a single Gem or all 4*. NOTE: for the sake of brevity, I will not be including Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, or Bismuth.

Garnet: Tag Team

Garnet is a working combination of 2 gems that are polar opposites. You must have a team of 6 Mons that Have types that are weak/strong against each other (Fire and Water, or Fairy and Poison for ex.), have colors that are capable of combining (red + blue, yellow + red, black + white), and have 2 mons in the same egg group.

Amethyst: Famethyst

Use Mons from the same egg group of your choosing. Amethyst is considered small/defective for her class of Gem, so your Mons must never be EV trained or given/fed boosting items (berries, iron, rare candy, etc.). You may not use Pokmon Amie, Pok Pelago, the Haircut bros, etc. They may not be given TMs or Megastones and must rely on their natural move pools (HMs are allowed unless you want/need dedicated HM slaves). Exp. Share must be turned off at all times.

Pearl: Do it for Them

Pearl will always put others before herself. You may only shift your party when you enter a towns Pokmon Center. You must run your team on SET. For each Mon in your party, they must have 3 support moves and 1 STAB damaging move where possible. You may only have the following combinations of types: Ground, Grass, Bug, Ice, and Steel or Water, Electric, Steel, Ghost, and Psychic (you may use Rock or Fighting to replace Steel types in Gen 1).b

Steven: First for Everything

Your starter is your "Steven." You must catch the first Mon you encounter as soon as Pok balls are available to you. In battle, that Mon is your Connie Stevens first friend and the sword of duo. That Mon must always go before your Steven and may only be switched out upon fainting, HP below 50% + status (poison/paralysis/freeze/burn/etc.), or switching out moves (Baton Pass, Parting Shot, U-turn, Volt Switch). You must breed your Connie and Steven at the daycare center if they are of compatible egg groups and opposing genders. If incompatible, then you may chain breed, but the final resulting egg must share ancestry between your starter and 2nd Mon. The resulting egg will take over the Stevonnie role. Stevonnie must go first and fight until fainting no matter what, followed by Connie and your Steven. In games without daycares, you may catch a Mon thats in the same egg group as Connie (no dupes). Mons 4, 5, and 6 will be your Lars, Sadie, and Onion. Lars must be a tank (high Def or high Sp.Def). Sadie must have sound/wave based moves and use them first. Onion must have Self Destruct, Explosion, or any other move that causes recoil damage. Lars, Sadie, and Onion may be battled in any order after Steven faints.

*We are the Crystal Gems!*

This is a combination of all 4 Gems. You must have a dedicated Tag Team (opposing colors or typings) of 2, an Amethyst thats of a separate egg group and type of the tag team (no TMs/HMs/Megastones/etc.), a Pearl thats in a support role (3 status, 1 STAB), a Connie (must not switch out when in battle unless below 50% HP + status, fainting, or switch out move), and a Steven (starter).

FAQ: Do I really have to use my starter?
A: No. Before you get your first badge, you are allowed to Wondertrade, GTS, or trade over local wifi for the Mon you want to use if it's not available early, but it must be low leveled/freshly hatched, non-legendary, and legal (no impossible abilities and movesets). If you lack the means to trade, then you may hack in a lvl 5 mon of your choosing (non-legendary/non-event, legal movesets and abilities).

FAQ: What about Fairy/Dark/Steel for us in Gen1/2?
A: You may use Normal in place of Fairy (Gens 1-5), Poison or Ghost in place of Dark (Gen 1), and Rock or Electric in place of Steel (Gen 1).

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Username: Sooyun
Game(s): Pokemon Throwback
Clause: Diamond Authority
Ultimate?: No


Specialty: Rare types & UU/NU

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Finally got around to starting this challenge with Diamond Authority clause.
My name: Rose
Rival name: River
Starter chosen: Bulbasaur

Clause rules: Pokemon must share starter attributes. The Bulbasaur line has the following attributes: Grass/Poison typing, Green color, Monster and Grass egg groups, Quadruped body type.

Started the game, going through the motions til I got access to Poke Balls. Caught a Weedle. Battled him up to a Beedrill. Took down Brock with ease. Made it through Mt Moon, and battled all the trainers up to the cape. Caught a Bellsprout and took down Misty. Overall, this run is going without issue.

Current roster:
Ivysaur (Diamond)
Weepinbell (Green)
Beedrill (Poison)