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Posted December 31st, 2018
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Hey all, given the lack of proper scripting support in Generation 5, I created a macro system for event scripting in the DS generation of Pokémon games.
It can be found here.

Note: this only supports Black 2 and White 2 at the moment, and not all script commands from those games are in.

To set it up, you will need:
Utilizing it:
  • To start, make sure this is included at the top of your file:
    .align 2
    .include "include/commands/(GAME_OF_CHOICE).s"

  • Once you do that, make a label for the script you are writing:
    	# script goes here

  • Then, add a new label at the top, and add pointers to your script like so:
         script <script label>

  • Then, compile it using the Python script:
    python build
  • Once you do all of that, add the script to your game by finding the corresponding script NARC (in B2W2, it is a0/5/6), and replacing the script container that you want to (in SDSME, you can find a list of them, under the “script” section in the Map Headers tab).
  • Profit!
An example of a script in action can be seen here:

If you are lost, there is an example script in the scripts folder which you can follow. I will make a more comprehensive tutorial later on.

Happy scripting!