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Old June 16th, 2005 (2:52 PM).
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    I have spent a lot of time playing a lot of SW games... so I just have decided to make this.

    A few minutes ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

    Star Wars

    A New Era

    Since Luke Skywalker defeated the Empire, there has been times of peace. A new Republic has born, and a new Jedi Council has been created. The Repulic has now a new loyal army if the Jedi can't hold a massive attack from the Sith.

    Indeed, the Sith Lords have returned. New ones, more powerful, and more intelligent than before. But that's just a lie... at least that's what the Jedi Council say. But there has been an attack to Tatooine. The Sith are trying to recover what they once lost.

    The Jedi Council is still investigating this attack... and finally tried to accept that the Sith have returned. While the Jedi Council was investigating in Tatooine, there is another massive attack in Naboo. The attack it's been fought in space, in land and in sea. The Sith have returned with a new army too; another droid army.

    Some Jedi are still in Coruscant, and will help Naboo against the Sith attack. But then, they discovered that that will take a while. So the Jedi Council sent the Jedi that weren't in Tatooine and weren't so busy to Naboo with parts of the Republic's Army.

    This is when you enter. You can be whatever you want, and will fight in the attack of Naboo... which ,as I said before, will be fought in space, in land and, in sea. This is the form... if you have trouble making it, try to "learn" from mine:

    Age: (OPTIONAL)
    Race: (this is if you're not a normal person ,like Luke, etc)
    Personality: (OPTIONAL)
    Occupation: (Jedi, Soldier, Sith, etc)
    If Jedi or Sith, your position: (Padawan, Knight, Master, Lord, etc)
    If you're not Padawan, do you have one?: (yes or no, you can have a padawan made by you, or it can be some mother member)
    Lightsaber: (only Jedi and Sith can have lightsabers)
    Lightsaber Color:
    Special abilities with the Force: (like Force Heal, or Force Grasp, etc)
    History: (OPTIONAL)

    This is my sign-up form:

    Name: Max Hunter
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Normal ((I don't know if the normal persons are still called humans))
    Personality: (OPTIONAL)
    Description: Blue eyes and black hair. Wears blue and black clothes. The cape is also black, and wears gloves... also black.
    Homeplanet: Coruscant
    Occupation: Jedi
    If Jedi or Sith, your position: Jedi Master
    If you're not Padawan, do you have one?: Yes
    Lightsaber: Yes
    Lightsaber Color: Blue
    Special abilities with the Force: Force Heal (can heal himself with help of the Force), and Force Lightning (learned by a Sith who is dead now).
    History: (OPTIONAL)

    Name: Deirs Carscant
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Normal
    Persoanlity: (OPTIONAL)
    Description: Brown eyes and dark brown hair. Wears brown clothes completely.
    Homeplanet: Tatooine
    Occupation: Jedi
    If Jedi or Sith, your position: Padawan
    If you're not Padawan, do you have one?: No
    Lightsaber: Yes
    Lightsaber Color: Blue
    Special abilities with the Force: Force Heal
    History: (OPTIONAL)

    Even I have a padawan made by me... but if anyone wants, someone can be my padawan. And if you want to ask to another member to be his/her padawan or master, PM please. Stick with PC and RP rules and have fun!!! XD.
    LOOK AT ME!!!!! Good! now... leave me alone! XD
    Go for it, kid!

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