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how to make a 2nd screen like the nds in a sidescroll game(or 3-4d games)

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Old June 19th, 2005 (12:35 PM).
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things you need to know:
passwords(if you want your 2nd screen to be a map.)
Things you need:
Map chips and regular chips in your chipsets(if you want your 2nd screen to be a map.)
To be using 1 of my 2 sidescroll tutorials

to make the actual screen make it out of chips or use the show picture command)

okay first if your screen 2nd is going to be a map:
make a charset of your hero looking like he you want him to (like in zelda:oot or zelda:MM)(or like in my game in the works the 1st screen may run from left to right or visa-virsa where if your walking the right way your 2nd screen charector will will walk nourth) on the 2nd screen and set it to continue with stepping auto start under event commands put:

change variabl:001(set t0 zero)
set password:001(make sure you can only use arrow keys unless you wnat optoins)
now if a hero steps in a directoin such as right in your commands make a fork that if the varible equals the right arrow key to:
move event:this event:start jump:step(the direction you want right to equal on your map.)end jump
end cycle.

if you want to use the optoin of an extra angle you can make a shooting system(where if an enemy appers on the 2nd screen you can hit a key and shoot it.) or even 3 and 4d games but Ill type those later
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